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Anyway, before I can submit all these paperwork to Thean Hou Temple, I had to get the most basic requirement fulfilled first. Again, more procedures had to be completed, I had to get a lawyer to verify my records are true before I could submit the form to the National Registration Department.
Immediately after getting the lawyer's signature, we then immediately rushed to the JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara). Our turn came up fairly quick, and with a few clicks of the keyboard, the officer looked at my future wife and smiled. A few chops here and there, plus signature signed, and I was happy to say that one more step has been completed in this long journey to getting married. Next step would be to submit this form to Thean Hou Temple in KL and get the ROM date finalized.
Every day in the city has become a rush from one location to another, to work and work some more.
A small package, laced with enthusiasm and goodness, embeds Trullo as the jewel in the crown of Islington.
I take all the photos myself, so I’m not looking for another photographer, but thanks for the offer. Omar Infante hit everything in sight today, and looks to have pulled himself out of his spring training funk with a 3-for-3 day.
Manny Acosta, who promptly coughed up two back-to-back homeruns -- and they weren't cheap homeruns either, they were both crushed. Jonny Venters got in the game and looked fantastic about 90% of the time -- the other 10% he looked pretty wild, but that's a big improvement for him.

The reason being I planned to settle the first phase towards getting that marriage certificate. To keep it simple, we got it done at this Commissioner for Oath office nearby my girlfriend's house. Our incredible offers for blazer for sale and blazers for women are accessible at reasonable prices with best quality. If you liked offense, then this was the day for you as both teams pounded out a combined 30 hits, and Brian McCann had two homeruns.
From left to right are Eric Duncan, Robby Hefflinger, Mycal Jones, Matt Kennelly, some unknown player, and Donnell Linares. Hefflinger was another guy without his name on the uniform, and I was remarking at who the big guy was when this older man sitting behind me said, "that's my son." I struck up a nice conversation throughout the game with Robby Hefflinger's father and girlfriend, who were both thrilled to watch their son get a hit. Of course, that inning was helped along by a Donnell Linares Buckner-esque error on the first batter, then an infield single.
I didn't take any pictures of Nate McLouth, but he looked downright awful in his at-bats, putting down a bad bunt and then striking out twice and looking totally over-matched. I believe he corkscrewed himself into the ground on this one, of course, he could have been in pain, as you can see the ball about to hit off his foot.
I'll be at the minor league fields tomorrow morning, and then at the game in Viera tomorrow night. In layman's term, it's the procedure to confirm both of us are single and never married before in the eyes of the law.
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I love this shot because of all the high uniform numbers -- truly something you only see at spring training. That's where the role of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Registration Department) come in. The officer then proceeded to explain that if my status were to turn up "married" on his computer screen, then there will be a very tedious process to change it back to single before I was allowed to marry, again. I didn't want to waste time getting the the checks done in KL, so I decided to get it over and done with in Penang. Or those documents are only to be submitted together with the KCO2 form to the Thean Hou temple? Bear in mind, i did the marriage registration in Thean Hou Temple KL, but submitted the forms for statutory verification at JPN Jawi Penang. You can submit the documents to Thean Hou Temple, but they will request you to get the stamping and commissioner of oaths signature yourself at JPN. Since me and my gf will be in Penang this coming Friday (I am from Penang), so I am planning to have the oath taking and JPN verification done in Penang.
The problem is my gf is not able to get the witness's IC and her birth certificate ready by then. So I am curious if it is possible to carry on with the Commissioner of Oath and JPN verification without those documents.

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