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These feelings are only some of the things you have to deal with when you’re in a long distance relationship. You can handle a long distance relationship with your boyfriend a€“ With the same confidence as you would he was right here, right now. The hard truth is that bottom line, you can’t prevent your boyfriend from falling for someone else or cheating on you. This a picture of me and my boyfriend that we took while he was on his 2 weeks leave from Afghanistan.

We're having plumbing problems, so my whole house smells like a dirty fish tank, rodents, and pure sh** all at the same time.
To have the relationship of your dreams a€“ When you always worry that he is slipping away?
John is in the Army reserves and he has been away since October 2011 :( We met 2 and a half years ago on a stupid website called Zoosk. We started texting and when I told him one night that I didn’t have a date to a dance at my college he immediately got on a bus and traveled a few hours to come meet me for the first time and be my date.

We spent the whole weekend together, and two days after meeting, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
This created alot of issues, and unfortunately some of them still linger because of my insecurity.

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