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Once we go through a breakup, we feel that our whole world has collapsed around us and there is no reason for living. Did you provoke her to such an extent that she had no choice but to walk out on you?  Did you take her for granted? These thoughts are going to spin around in your head and you will have to lie awake at night and think hard. You require some looking after and she did all those things for you.  Are you really in love with her or just angry that she let you down.
If you feel that she was not really in love with you and just using you, you should let her go.
Once you decide to take her back, you will have to work to cementing that love and friendship and are you ready for that? Once you examine all the answers, you will know in your heart that you genuinely loved her and want her back desperately (See also Should I get back together with my ex girlfriend). Do not look on this as the end of the world once you have decided you cannot do without her and want her back. She has gone all out to hurt you badly and try to prove to herself that there is nothing wrong with her. Soon, she will start find fault with him and realize that he was just using her while the going was good. She will be ready to jump out of that relationship when she has even a slight hope of getting back to you. After giving her the silent treatment for at least two months, you can send her a casual text message or call her. Tell her you were planning to visit the mall and pick up a few shirts and ask her if she would help you out.
You know she wants you back when she leans forward and listens intently or allows you to touch her hand or push back that lock of hair from her face.
The next time you date, take her flowers or a little gift and ask her if she would like to get back into a relationship. This entry was posted in Get Her Back and tagged get her back, get your ex girlfriend back on August 16, 2014 by Alex J.
Your ex may have walked out on you in anger or despair and you are now wondering if you are still in the doghouse.
She will be unpredictable because she is hurting inside and is probably wondering how to make you suffer for making her feel this way. You may have enjoyed a beautiful relationship and suddenly the rug has been pulled out from under your feet! She may send out feelers through her girlfriends or make statements on her status in Facebook that she is missing you.
You should make up your mind about getting back with your ex girlfriend or beginning a new chapter. Once you have decided that you need her and wish to give her a second chance, you can start calling her and talking to her. You may have provoked her into saying or doing the things she said or did.  How to know if your girlfriend wants you back is no longer the issue now.
Once you are with her, make sure to discuss your feelings and let her know that you are willing to give your relationship another chances. She will display signs of wanting to be alone with you and apologize for the hurt caused to you. Let her pour out her fears and deep feelings for you and then let her know that you missed her and would like to get into a relationship again.
Once you decode how to know if your ex girlfriend wants you back, you should move forward to get back together with her. Both of you should be able to use this breakup as a lesson and refrain from behaving badly again. Making up is the sweetest thing to do and once you are together you should make every effort to make your girlfriend feel special and loved and not give her cause for pain. Incoming search terms:how do you know that your ex girlfriend is interested with you again? This entry was posted in Know Your Ex and tagged signs she wants you back on August 13, 2014 by Alex J.
Your ex may have left you for a reason and you feel like a fish floundering in a tank that has very little water.
Though it requires a lot of stamina, you have to learn how to stop getting agitated and control yourself so that you are able to get over the crisis. You may need to use some psychological tricks to get your ex back but there is no reason to fear that this will not happen. Stay focused on your need to get back to your ex and you will be able to achieve this over a period. When news gets around that you are looking great and creating a stir in your circle, your ex is going to start chewing their nails!
Don’t pick up that phone to call her as you will end up crying or trying to explain the reasons for the breakup. Do not invite trouble by sending text messages as this may make your ex want to punish you further by jumping into the arms of someone else. Do not threaten to end your life or stop eating till your ex comes back to you – this draws them further away from you and you will be the one to suffer. If you dumped your ex and now feeling remorse, do not fail to understand that you are now acting this way because you are guilty. Time is the best healer so use this space to introspect, come to terms with your reactions and know that you behaved badly.
This is also a good time to carefully review the situation and see if you want your ex back. You need to equip yourself with some of these tricks to start working on your ex again as enough time has elapsed. Do not be gushy or sound “holier than thou.” Listen as you will learn more rather than trying to explain your actions. Your ex may be seeing someone else but the chances are that after a long period of silence from your end, they may be feeling insecure and dying to hear from you.
Girls will move further away if you try to get their attraction and it may only make matters worse if she jumps into the arms of someone else on the rebound! Did she ever tell you that she was not too pleased with your wardrobe or harped on a particular quirk that you displayed?
She may want to teach you a lesson for the way you behaved but she may not want to lose you.
If you realize that yours has not been up to the mark till now, here’s a good time to improve. Once your girlfriend finds out that you are not pining for her and moving around openly with other females, she will start to worry. Her friends may report to her about the “improved you” and tell her that you were looking better than when they saw you with her.  This is not going to go down well with her.
She will start thinking incessantly of you and may be reaching out for that phone several times and yet hesitating to make the first move. When it comes to learning how to win back your ex girlfriend you should know how to take the right decision in the right time. Call her up and tell her you would like to meet up and chat with her without any expectations from your side.
How do you think she will respond?  She will be definitely curious and wonder why you are not showing interest in her as a girlfriend.
Let her know that you realized your mistake and tell her that you have been working on your behavior and faults. You will know when she leans closer to you or touches you inadvertently when talking that she still cares for you. If you are certain that this is what you want, you can talk about getting back together and tell her that you both need to work on the relationship.
Once she realizes that you are sorry for what you did and will try to change she will feel confident enough to come back to you. If she was the one who was wrong she will apologize profusely and tell you that she will never make you unhappy again.
This time both of you should make a conscious effort to be there and love one another for always.

This entry was posted in Get Her Back and tagged get her back, win her back on August 10, 2014 by Alex J.
Here I am about to share an email of a teen who was seeking guidance for her troublesome relationship with her ex boyfriend. I am very unhappy as I want to see him and explain that I am not the possessive and demanding girl that he thinks I am.
Wait awhile and you will slowly find that your feelings towards your boyfriend are not as intense as before. The counselor will help you get over your relationship by pointing out the negative qualities of your boyfriend and help you look at life with enthusiasm again.
This entry was posted in Relationship FAQs and tagged boyfriend back, get him back, relationship faqs on June 17, 2014 by Alex J. It is impossible to fathom living when your ex walks out on you and you are left alone and miserable. The heartache and loneliness makes you miserable and you are wondering what to say to get your ex boyfriend back. In the meantime, if you realize that you have acted hastily, this will help you to understand the repercussions and you will only emerge the wiser in future. Be positive and self-confident that you can overcome his faults and give him another chance. This is not to make him jealous but to make him realize what he is missing by not being in your company. Tell him that you are trying to change your outlook on life and this may set off warning bells in his mind. He should feel comfortable when he admits that he cannot live without you and want you back in his life. The words should just pour naturally and once you have decided to reconcile, make it sweet and ensure that you two have a great relationship. This entry was posted in Relationship FAQs and tagged get your ex boyfriend back, what to say to your ex on June 15, 2014 by Alex J. Psychologists are spending a lot of time researching on the topic of relationships as many people are in a quandary on the subject especially when they are involved in one. There is no doubt that they want to meet up with you and clear the air between the two of you. If your ex tries to convince you that they are learning to behave in a better manner, you will know that they are trying to do everything possible to get you back in their lives. Emotions build up during a long relationship and it is harder for either to try and let go.
Even if you have had a whirlwind relationship, the bonding makes it hard for you to forget the happy times. You have to be positive and confident that your ex will want you back simply because he or she remembers the good times and knows that there can never be another you. This will let them know that you are wary about getting back into a relationship even if they want you back. You will know if your ex is considering reconciliation when they discuss their future and include you in it. If he or she wishes to talk about what went wrong, you should be able to discuss the matter without getting into an argument or letting the topic flare up.
If your ex tries to give you the cold shoulder one moment and then is gushing and apologetic the next, remember that they are confused and hurt.
They miss you and may try to hurt you by telling you that they are interested in getting into a new relationship. Read between the lines and you will know that your ex is actually trying to reach out to you and expecting you to make the first move.
If you have decided to meet over coffee, you will be able to tell if your ex wants you back by their body language.
If they reach out to you and try to caress you gently, then it is a sure sign that they miss touching you and being with you.
This entry was posted in Know Your Ex and tagged ex wants you back, tell if your ex wants you back on June 13, 2014 by Alex J. You have just broken up with your boyfriend and you feel the whole world crumbling around you. Do not feel disheartened as you can learn how to win back your ex boyfriend and enjoy a new relationship. Once you have given the above questions some thought and realize that you truly love your boyfriend, it is right to give it another shot.
They will enjoy having you around especially when you have had no time for them ever since you were caught up in the relationship. If he reaches out for you and caresses your cheek or pushes back a tendril, you will know that he still cares for you. He may wish to make you jealous or he may just want to talk to another girl about his behavior.
Try not to get agitated but you may be pleasantly surprised when he realized his faults and tries to get back with you again. As long as you do not let him see you are jealous, he will slowly find that you are the only person that he ever wanted and will try his best to seek you again.
Be calm and confident and when you finally get back together again you will realize that your attempts on how to win back your ex boyfriend were not in vain. The next time around, you will tread carefully with each other’s feelings as you never want to be separated again.
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You may be at that stage in your life when you are ready to get into a relationship with someone that attracts you. Psychology plays an important part and there are various techniques that you can follow if you find yourself head over heels in love with someone you have just met. Our mind controls our feelings to a large extent and it is necessary to understand the logic behind the operation to be able to make someone fall in love with you. You may find you are attracted to this beautiful brunette and feel this indescribable urge to want to protect her.
You may be a very confident and assertive person and you notice that she is someone who lacks self-confidence.
You are instinctively drawn towards her and you feel that you can take care of her and be of great assistance to her. She may not have your skin colour or the colour of her hair may be different which may be the reasons for being drawn towards her. If you know that he or she prefers a positive and confident person rather than a weakling hold yourself well and let them see that you can hold your own in any situation. Pamper them with gifts if you find that they are addicted to certain cosmetics or foodstuff.
This is a bad trait especially when you are trying to found out how to make anyone fall in love with you. You will only find him or her moving away from you when you start talking about your accomplishments and trying to convince people that you are their best bet!
You could spend your time trying to find out what impresses them and then set out to be your charming best in that direction. Scour the internet and you will find many books that give you great tips on how to impress the person with whom you are developing a strong attraction. Learn more about their hobbies and interests as this will stand you in good stead when you are trying to keep up a conversation. You will find that they will continue to turn to you and soon find that they cannot live without you. Your relationship will flourish and you will be ecstatic as you have found the person of your dreams. This entry was posted in Love Psychology and tagged advice on love, love psychology, make someone fall in love on June 9, 2014 by Alex J. Many of us tend to let ourselves go at this time by either going on a binge or drinking spree. You can send a funny or cute message if you feel sorry about something you may or may not have done. Your ex should know that you are around and this is best done by sending short text messages enquiring after their health.

Let him or her know that you are great fun to be with and do not bring up the topic of the breakup unless they want to trash it out. These are salient top ten ways to get your ex back to adopt when you wish to get them back after a breakup.
This entry was posted in Get My Ex Back and tagged get your ex back, ways to get your ex back on June 8, 2014 by Alex J. WordsOnImages is where users Discover & Share Inspiring Pictures & Famous quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Success, Happiness and various other topics. Here are some salient tips you can use when you are wondering how to get your ex girlfriend back from another guy. There must have been many tell-tale signs that warned you of an impending break-up (See more How to tell if your ex wants you back)?
These are questions that you have to ask yourself sincerely and come up with great answers. Men who take advantage soon realize that they are attractive as long as she starts feeling better about herself.
Once she gets over this phase, she will start making comparative notes in her head about her new guy. Tell her that you have given the matter thought and that you both could try and work it out. Love her like you never did before and maintain a beautiful relationship once you have learned how to get your ex girlfriend back from another guy. If your ex girlfriend tries to make contact by sending you text messages or calling you on the phone, you know that she still cares for you. She may not be doing this openly but will send messages that only you can decipher as you know the underlying meaning. She may call you late at night after attending a wild party where she has had one too many drinks and starts laughing, crying, threatening and telling you she is in love with another. She lets you know that she is taking steps to improve herself by seeing a counselor. If you are annoyed at the idea of her gaining all those pounds, she will be sure to let you know that she has joined a gym and is working out every day to ensure that she looks as attractive as when you first met her. Your ex girlfriend will talk to you about the plans she has for the future and will include you in it. If she asks about your hobby or particular interest that you have been occupied with for the last few months, you know that she genuinely cares about you. You need this time to prove to yourself that you are still the same person you were and that your actions or reactions were genuine.
On the other hand you can make a voluntary movement towards her and caress her on her cheek. You will be more wary when you get together again as you will not want to be separated again.
Your ex may have caused a feeling of great wrath that prompted you to say things and act mean. You need some breathing space which will help dispel the bad feelings that have caused the relationship to suffer. If they hang on to your every word, try to touch you at the least opportunity or regale you with non-stop stories, then they are missing you equally. If your ex apologizes and brings up the topic, you can listen carefully before you make any comments or offer suggestions. You will be pleased when they tell you that they would like to pursue the relationship and wish to give it another chance. Use these psychological tricks to get your ex back successfully and enjoy life to the fullest again.
Here are some tips on how to win back your ex girlfriend and make sure you do not commit the same mistakes again.
Take time out and meet up with your friends (See more Things to avoid while getting an ex back). You will see things in a different light when you are away from the place where the troubles began.
Here is a golden opportunity to get things back to perspective and work at improving your ways. When she sees you next (and she will) make sure she notices a difference in the way you dress or look. When she notices the cold silence, something within her is going to send out warning bells to her. If she felt that you could not do without her, her ego will take a beating when you continue to remain aloof.
You can floor her by sending her a beautiful rose with a note telling her that you still love her and always will! Let her tell you her views on the subject and how she thinks life will change once you get back together. Once you learn how to win back your ex girlfriend, your life will be exciting, secure and happy again. He may be hurting over something you said or worried that you may not let him lead a stress-free life.
This is the best time to sit back and think of all the things that went wrong in your relationship.
While you are stewing, he too is feeling miserable and thinking of ways to get back to you.
Listen intently and you will know if he plans to return to you when he includes you in his future plans. Start by examining the signs which will indicate if you can expect a reunion with your ex at some point or not.
This is a good sign and if you play your cards right, you will find your ex coming back to you.
Act casual and let them know that you are willing to give them another chance but you are not sure that you wish to get back with your ex.
It is very important to understand that your culture, background and present situation have a lot to do with finding the right match.
Your subconscious mind tells you that you both would make a great couple and enjoy a wonderful relationship.
On the other hand, if you can hold your own in a room full of people, you are bound to get noticed by the girl of your dreams. Your ex will be piqued to note you are going out with friends instead of brooding or sulking at home. Maintain a positive attitude throughout and let them know that you are confident that you can resolve the situation and get back with your ex. Thanks for viewing "Uplifting quotes about love uplifting picture quotes ".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. This is because she is angry, hurt and confused and unsure of how to make you feel the same. By asking the right questions you will know that she has confided in a friend and asked her to help bring you two together again. He may try to get even, go out on a date to make you feel jealous or get into a drinking spree. Be seen in public with friends and make sure your boyfriend hears that you are having a great time. Do you miss him or just worried about the fact that you are going to be alone?  These are questions only you can answer. Let him brood over his mistakes and learn how to overcome them before he gets back with you again.
They will help you get over your blues and give you friendly advice which will help you cope with your feelings. Let people know that you respect each other’s feelings and guard against being emotional or spiteful. Do not rush into making amends as you need this time alone to sort out your feelings and get over the heartache.
If you try to communicate with you ex, you will end up saying the wrong things and make the situation worse.

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