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There is only one way to get your ex-boyfriend back from his new girlfriend.  And with the pain it’s causing you, I would suggest that you set yourself a little meditation session before reading the rest of this article. Nothing is worse… and I mean, nothing… than seeing the guy that you love hooking up with another woman.  Believe me… It has happened to me and I don’t wish it on my worst enemies. Now, I know that your situation might be different, but here are some steps that can kick start your relationship back. Guys who are on the rebound are usually just happy to be free that they tend to be attracted to anything that moves.  And you will use that as an ADVANTAGE.

Tell him that he could do better than her and that you can introduce him to someone better… Compliment him that she’s pretty… Ask him if there are wedding bells in the near future… whatever it is, I don’t want you to sound hurt or broken by the whole thing.
In essence, you’re doing OPPOSITE of what most dating coaches will tell you.  This will confuse your ex big time…  it is a simple trick that only a few people use. So basically, as long as it takes… but the catch here is that you’re not going to WAIT for him. But as long as you know it might take a few months, you might as well live with it instead of trying to guess when he’s going to contact you.

This little trick will get your ex wondering about you… and this is just the first of many steps you need to take to getting him back from his new “girlfriend”. Enter Your Email and Get Instant Access to some personal coaching and even more crazy psychological tricks to winning him back.

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