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When I update my PATH using either the built-in Environment Variables dialog, or something like Path Editor, and then open up a command-prompt, the changes to my PATH will not register with the console, depending on where the command-prompt was started from. I've tried running the command prompt from a shortcut on the desktop and it works fine; I then copy that exact same shortcut to a sub-folder on the desktop, and I get the non-updating PATH problem.
I realise this is quite hard to explain, so I created a screencast to show this issue in action. When you start a new process (such as a new command line), it will pick up the environment variables from the process that is starting it. However, the main explorer process will detect environment changes in Registry (the dialog box belongs to rundll32) and update its own environment automatically. Rowland, this provided me with enough information to troubleshoot exactly why this was happening, although it didn't answer my question entirely.
As Rowland suggests, when starting a new process, it will read the environment variables from the process that is starting it.
By turning-off the 'Launch folder windows in a separate process' option, new explorer.exe processes aren't created under FARR, which solves my problem. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged windows windows-vista command-line path or ask your own question.

Are Catholic priests allowed by church law to provide professional counseling and referrals to penitents who come to them to confess? Before playing the game you have to create a color fix file and place it in the game folder.
Double click to open the 'Roadrash' registry file and add Roadrash entries in the Windows registry. If you think Administrator has the largest privileges onto the computer, then you are wrong.
Description: Includes step by step tutorials, hacking tips,computer hacking software and tools and how to guides . Therefore, when starting a command-prompt from the Start Menu or the Desktop, it reads the environment variables from explorer.exe which, as grawity suggests, detects changes to environment settings in the registry and thus I see my new PATH in command-prompts started from the Desktop or Start Menu. FARR doesn't automatically detect environment changes and so, child processes spawned from it do not pick up the new PATH.
However, I also launch console windows and other things directly from FARR; these also get the old environment settings.
The Road Rash game features 5 stages or levels namely The City, The Peninsula, Napa Valley, Sierra Nevada and The Pacific Highway.

In this tutorial I will teach you how you can play Road Rash (1995) on Windows 7 64 bit and Windows 8. If you do not perform this step then you will get an error 'You need to install the before you can play it'. I also had 'Launch folder windows in a separate process' option set in Explorer which means that all explorer.exe windows I opened subsequent to the initial one opened by FARR where also children of FARR. The Road Rash game is completely not supported on Windows 7 64 bit, because the game is too old to be run on newer Windows OS like windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1. If you open windows task manager (press ctrl+alt and delete) you will see that System User controls several processes.
When this game is run on these Windows OS then we will get a Road Rash color problem in which everything looks like a 16 bit bitmap image in which game graphics are not visible, instead we see some random colors on screen while playing Road Rash.

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