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Csaba Csere: If Drivers Aren't Allowed to Watch TV in Cars, Why are Texting and E-mailing Legal?
And it turns out that there are other electronic distractions that make the debate about how you talk on your phone seem like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.At a recent General Motors meeting where I was learning about the benefits of the newest version of OnStar, a journalist asked if the system could read e-mails or text messages to the driver or even use voice recognition to write them. The journalist said he’d really like to see that feature, as he did e-mail on his BlackBerry while driving and mentioned that his teenage daughters texted all the time while behind the wheel. I’ve known this person, who shall go nameless, for a long time and have generally regarded him as reasonably sane, but I was flabbergasted by his matter-of-fact admissions. Given their inexperience, they should focus their limited powers of concentration on the driving task for their first few years behind the wheel.Reading or writing e-mails is obviously way more distracting than simply talking on the phone, as it requires the driver to focus on a tiny screen and try to accurately hit corn-kernel-size buttons with one or both hands while both driver and electronic device are bouncing around.
It’s a terrific device, functioning as a decent cell phone, providing an e-mail connection, and performing several other useful functions.

When the Pearl’s red light blinks, signaling the arrival of a new e-mail, my hand moves automatically toward the device. But I resist the impulse to pick it up because the distraction of using the thing is so overwhelmingly obvious. Not surprisingly, given their infatuation with electronic gadgetry, young drivers text even more often. But if you do get into an accident while intoxicated, or your bullet accidentally hits someone, the justice system holds you accountable because you should have anticipated the possibility that your activity could result in a disastrous outcome.Not so with texting. Twelve states have complete or partial bans on using hand-held cell phones, and 18 of them restrict cell-phone use among young drivers.
For a state to prohibit talking on a cell phone that a person holds in one hand while driving yet allow text messaging on that same phone, a procedure that can require two hands and both eyes, is absurd.

One problem is that drivers who text are often not observed in the act because the phone is held much lower in the car.
And if we do and injure someone in the process, doing hard time strikes me as an appropriate punishment.

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