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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. In the name of immersive documentary-making, I’ve drunk myself into oblivion and given birth on camera.
The thought of even a day without shaving made me worry that Roly, my husband, would find my stubbly arms and legs a turn-off.
Mas gracas a fotografa californiana Lindsey Villatoro, a menina de apenas 11 anos teve a chance de “realizar” este sonho, que com certeza ela jamais esquecera.Jim, pai de Josie, tem 62 anos e sofre de cancer no pancreas. So when my producer challenged me to stop shaving my legs and armpits (and everywhere else) for four weeks before filming an episode for my new series, Can Your Looks Change Your Life?, I didn’t think it would be a problem.
Por conta disso, decidiu, junto com a sua esposa, Grace, procurar pela fotografa da “Love Song Photography”. But when it came to it, Roly was very supportive (probably because he knew it was for the sake of the show; had I proclaimed that this was something I was planning to do for ever, he might have turned green) and so razors, hair removal creams, tweezers and epilators were banned for four weeks. Ha dois anos, Lindsay comecou a oferecer sessoes de fotos para clientes em estagio terminal ou com doencas graves, que desejavam registrar alguns momentos especiais de suas jornadas.
And for the show I’d be interviewing a woman with tattoos all over her body and a sunbed obsessive.
Lindsay foi entao a casa do casal para a sessao de fotos e se ofereceu para fotografar tambem a pequena Josie.

Assim que saiu de la, postou sobre a familia em seu site e aproveitou para pedir doacoes de presentes para a filha. A menina comemoraria o seu ultimo aniversario ao lado do pai em alguns dias e a fotografa queria que o momento fosse inesquecivel. Mas foi ai que Lindsay decidiu fazer da surpresa algo maior e teve a ideia de organizar um casamento para filha do casal – com flores, sobremesas, anel de compromisso e vestido de noiva – para que o pai pudesse ter a chance de leva-la ao altar.“Fui ao encontro de Josie [no dia do casamento]”, contou Lindsay. I hated the thought that people might assume I was unkempt, or unclean, or trying to make some kind of aggressive feminist statement.
I followed the example of older girls at school and women in my family and started waxing my legs before I’d ever started growing hair on them.
I tell you, you have to take on a punchy persona to carry off a pair of hairy armpits on public transport in Britain. Todos se reuniram entao para o casamento e Lindsay capturou todos os detalhes para criar o video “Walk me down the Aisle Daddy".O acontecimento foi tao especial, que emocionou a todos e foi logo viralizado por varios sites e redes locais. Now, as a relatively sane 31-year-old, I know this is ridiculous and that it’s only natural for women to grow body hair.
Por isso, fazer com que os outros vejam este momento especial e se conectem com a familia e muito importante para eles. I’m ashamed to say that after two months I wimped out of certain parts of the challenge.

Muitos focam na morte e nao na beleza da pessoa com quem eles viveram e nas memorias que deixaram”. Surprisingly, the hair that’s remained adorns the most intimate part of my body where, rather than repulsing me, it makes me feel womanly, sexy and gorgeous. I also started waxing my arms again because my paranoia about them is so deeply ingrained that I can’t stop. I’ve seen how brave you have to be to go against the grain and I feel bad for chickening out. Just five years ago women were walking round with pencil-thin eyebrows, yet now thick ones like Lily Collins’s are seen as sensual. Imagine if Chanel sent its models down the catwalk with hairy armpits, looking sexy and beautiful.

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