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Client had to convince Board that upstairs neighbor's children created a nuisance with excessive noise. Al's decades of experience, coupled with his irrefutable scientific data is an essential tool for victims of all types of noise pollution.
In my particular case, an uncontrollable toddler was the source of nuisance both day and night; oftentimes until 1 AM. Client won harassment case with help from expert testimony by Alan Fierstein, including playback of calibrated recordings in court.
NY City Council Member Gennaro thanks Alan Fierstein for his testimony re: the new Noise Code. After months of suffering from the racket of new noisy neighbors we followed you advice concerning noise abatement. Your suggestions planning the layout, use of certain materials, and the type of contractor saved the day. Just wanted to report to you that, as a result of your report, the manager called in a contracting company and had the pump replaced and the entire pipe assembly replaced with copper pipes and what else - in any case, the water is back on and there is not a peep from the walls!
After unhappily living with the hum of the boiler pump in our newly renovated building for a full year, we could no longer bear the noise . So we hired Al Fierstein to come and take noise measurements and examine the building's boiler room. When the boiler turned on again last October, our apartment was more quiet than we could have hoped for. On the following job we were able to help the client avoid a fine and solve some other noise problems in their building.
Here is an email from a customer about a ceiling we designed, and a contractor we recommended.
Customer's son disturbed downstairs neighbors even though his "drums" were electronic pads.
Really appreciate all the great work — our quality of life just went up a couple of notches. When we moved into our new NYC apartment we knew we were going to have to bear the heightened noise associated with life in an urban environment.
Thanks to you we are sleeping through the night and enjoying a greater sense of peace in our home.
Three operators of commercial establishments (a hotel, a dance club and a hospitality management company) write to thank Acoustilog for helping them with noise problems as well as Community Board and State Liquor Authority approvals. Project studio owner who had previously been "taken in" by sales hype for ineffective acoustic materials says he'd have saved "one hell of a lot of money, time and aggravation" if he had called Acoustilog first. Just praise - We want you to know that are nearing 4 decades using our [Acoustilog] 232A Reverb timer for our architectural acoustics class. Letter from a recent client for whom we did acoustic work as well as sound system troubleshooting and repair. Look over the cover, page through the illustrations, then read the introduction on page iii at the beginning of the book. Make three predictions about what will happen to Britta in this story and share them with a partner.
Britta is traveling in an area of Finland that was once Sweden, so many of the people speak Swedish.
What did Britta do to make sure the cab driver would drive them back to the hotel after bringing Elsa to the hospital? If a person does something wrong, does it make everything all right to say a€?Ia€™m sorrya€??
When Mama came home after Elsaa€™s death, how did she try to console herself and her children? Although Britta didna€™t understand everything the doctor said, she was able to communicate fairly well.
The doctor obviously recognizes Britta, and even though he cana€™t come down to steerage, what does he do for her? Why was Britta upset when she realized that Johan didna€™t have to go through the slow line she did? Her grandfathera€™s brother and cousin had died in the attack on Pearl Harbor--both of them on the Arizona. With plenty of time to spare, they journeyed across the park that housed the recently opened Bowfin exhibit. Discarding their empty smoothie cups in the trashcan outside, they reentered the visitora€™s center and headed for the theatre. Thank you very much to my lovely editors Susansuth, Dianafan, and WendyM for keeping me on the straight and narrow.
Sure enough, they had reached the entryway, and the docent was handing out tickets.A  Each of them took a ticket with the time stamped on it and stepped inside.
The scene opens back up with Gail sitting out on her patio in her white thin shirt which is tied in the front and her jean shorts.
Gail leaves the scene as 'Shaniqua' turns her back away from the camera seemingly sucking on the dildo as the fans go wild cheering."Live from New York City, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!
His ability to identify structural problems, as well as the ability to record and play back noise in a court of law are essential to tenants who must go head to head with their Board or management corporation.
Not only was Al sympathetic to my situation, but he also offered long term practical solutions for renovations and reassured me of my right to a habitable and quiet apartment.
Insufficient sound isolation was rectified at builder's expense and builder reimbursed client for the consultation fees. His thorough examination of the situation and research on possible solutions led to a set of measurements and recommendations that when presented to the building developers were unchallengeable by them.

All trace of the hum (which had been 10 decibels above the city noise code limit) was gone. They called us because noise from their classes was disturbing other tenants in the building. There's been good reduction of most noise from upstairs, but the really heavy stomping of our neighbor (bare heels landing heavily on bare floors) though lower in volume is still somewhat disturbing as she charges through her apartment.
Over several months you and your staff were patient in understanding my situation, and when finally the time came to measure the noise, you made every effort to accommodate me on a very short notice.
The stomping and pounding went right through the floor, until a contractor implemented our recommendations. That's what I heard when I went downstairs and my son played the electronic drums with the amp off (and he was pounding away). She changes the subject from the kitten to how long the train will take to get to Liverpool. He doesna€™t understand Swedish, and probably because shea€™s a girl, he doesna€™t try to understand her. She asked everyone a€?What is this?a€?, and she wrote down the words she remembered on some papers she got at the hotel desk.
She sold her the spoiled fruit and vegetables for a penny each day, and she also helped her learn English words. She got food and made meals, she made tea for Mama, she listened to her, and she encouraged her that things would turn out well. It was a long, whitewashed room with triple bunks along the sides, and portholes by the top bunks.
It had nice wooden deck chairs and beautifully scrolled railings compared to the plain railings in Steerage. She didna€™t tattle because she had gone up there, too, and she wanted to be able to go back again.
She announced that Johan would have to take care of Mama and Arvid while she went up on the deck. She was just thinking about him and she figured he probably didna€™t have to stand in line with his own cup and bowl. He told the boy to give the papers back, then he tried to get her to come in out of the storm. She watched how the ship was pitching and reached for the rope when it was tipped the right way. She finally agreed to accept his apology, but she said she would never forget what a cruel thing he had done to her. Britta was a little stronger and a little more assertive, and Johan was a little more thoughtful and kind.
She was afraid that America would be a place where people with money would get all the best treatment, and poor people would struggle. She saw her mother as stronger and positive, she saw Johan as a young man, and she saw them as a family unit rather than as separate people. With a little over four hours before their tour time, the Bob-Whites and their chaperones toured the USS Arizona Museum, wandering through the exhibits, gazing at the photographs and memorabilia, and reading with due solemnity, the stories that graced the walls. Inside, Gail Kim can be shown behind the bar while her friends Chiaki Kuriyama and Gordon Liu are sitting across from her. Outside, Gail and Chris walk to their vehicles, Gail's being a cherry red candy coated convertible and Chris' being a silver Mercedes Benz.
I mean, Shaniqua has been on a roll ever since she stepped foot into the WWFX, are you at all intimidated? There's nothing that you can say or that Shaniqua can say to make me change my mind about this damn match! Sometime later, Gail is shown standing around in a backstage area pulling up her knee pads.
With special guest tonight, GAIL KIM!And a special LIVE Performance from Beyonce and Sean Paul!" Back from the break, 'Shaniqua' who is now played by Gail Kim, is lying in her bed dressed in all black leather and with dark brown face paint on her face and arms while lying under the sheets. The developers brought the installation's plumbers back in and after a meeting with Al, agreed to create a new isolation scheme and redo a significant number of connections in the boiler room. Without Al's analysis we could never have gotten the building developers to agree to do the large job that was required to fix this unbearable situation And without his careful research and recommendations we certainly could never have gotten them to do it right.
Your report is not only technically comprehensive and educational but also includes invaluable suggestions. She doesna€™t think her mother knows what to do, and she thinks her father would take charge.
Shea€™s afraid they might talk about the kitten and realize that the girls are telling a lie. He took charge and went to find out what was going on, while Mama waited for people to tell her what to do.
She gave the cab driver a note that said, a€?Wait here, please,a€? she had Johan wait in the cab with the driver, and they didna€™t pay him until they got back to the hotel.
There were tables and benches lined up down the middle, with little wood stoves between them. She was probably sad to be leaving Europe, sad about losing Elsa, and happy to be finally on their way. If she told, Mama might not let any of them go up there, and Britta hated to be disobedient. Yes, because he makes fun of her friend who helped her, even though he doesna€™t know ita€™s a boy. Johan dances wildly and freely, while Britta stands aside clapping and tapping to the beat.

They stayed together as they watched the Statue of Liberty, they raced down to get the trunks together, and they worked together to get the trunks up to the deck and onto the ferry. She was very glad that they were all together again, although she was sad that Elsa wasna€™t with them.
First, it was taking out Trish Stratus, then she took out Lita shortly after with a blink of the eye. Well maybe she'll get the message when I eliminate her ass at the Pay Per View.-stands up stumbling a bit- You know something?
Besides, I was hoping that you and I could-strokes Chris' cheek- Could head back to our place and spend some time together? Now Shaniqua may be known as the 'Bondage Babe' but to me, she's more like the 'Bondage Shim.' That Women's Championship Title is mine no matter what that freaky bitch has got to say about it!
Anyone, who dealt with finding a knowledgeable and reliable contractor in New York City, especially in the very specialized field of soundproofing, will appreciate very much your recommendations. It shows that Hilda is more imaginative and adventurous, while Britta is practical and sensible.
It really meant that the first class passengers would get off first, then the second-class passengers, and steerage (third class) would get off last. And just last week, Gail got the chance to get her hands on the WWFX Women's Championship Title.
Her hair is down in it's natural state, except it's over her shoulder with a skyblue rose pinned in it. The scene then fades into Gail and Chris falling in bursting open the apartment door kissing. You get paied to ask questions and yet you ask the same question over and over, what's wrong with you?! Just then the crowd bursts out in laughter as Kenan Thompson (Shaniqua) is dressed in a black pleather bra top and matching hotpants with black pleather boots and a braided wig on his head in Shaniqua's style. Your offer to make yourself available for an acoustical expert testimony in court if necessary is equally commendable (there is barely anyone in your field who offers such a valuable service that could be very critical during litigation). English was really important to her, and maybe she reacted that way because everything had been so hard for the whole trip.
Gail looks around at the dark locker room with leather whips and chains hanging from the wall.
Oh Poor Trishy, laied up at home sitting on her Touchey!-they all laugh- You know something? The 'Basham Brothers' then move under the sheets placing 'Shaniqua' between the both of them humping her repeatedly.
YUM!!!A Our loving couple had to laugh, when they were greeted with a notice at the beginning of Tracy's driveway to her farm, which read 'Only Pete & Nikki can visit today, - everyone else can piss off'. All Shaniqua is good for is strutting around talking a good game because she's big, muscular, and ugly. The walls near the bookshelves turn and behind them come dildos of ever color, a hanging body chain falls out from the ceiling, and a movie screen slides down and there begins a tape of Shaniqua and the Basham Brothers having a threesome. But anyways, in the morning, Gail and Chris are shown walking around their apartment, obviously getting ready to hit the road.
First of all here we've got Trish Stratus, the blonde bitch who thinks that she can't be beat, well Lita certainly proved that she can be beat.
The 'Basham Brothers' then lie on each side of 'Shaniqua' as she looks into the camera and begins to speak.
Gail has on her Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey that is tied in the front showing her navel and her jean flared hip huggers with her hair up in a ponytail. Incase she didn't know, I've dealt with men and women bigger than me in the past and no matter what, I won. Gail listen to me and listen good, I'm gonna keep fucking this piece of plastic-drops the dildo- And you're gonna-gonna-Oh my God! And Lita, she's below garbage, she's scum, underneath my shoe, I wanted to show those fuckers that I meant business!
Go without her, or try to find her?' The passengers, (including Pete & Nikki) shoputed in one voice, 'WE WAIT!, - WE'RE NOT LEAVING WITHOUT HER!'A search party was sent out, and she was located and brought to the coach an hour later. A little later that day, Gail is shown backstage at the arena in her red ensemble and matching trenchcoat checking herself out in the mirror. Also in the party were Noi's friend Khem and Frank's pet Chameleon Ozzy, who, despite the presence of Kat From Tv's Big Brother (See picture above with Noi) proved to be the star of the show and grabbed everyone's attention!(See picture left of Ozzy on Frank's head.)There were traditional Thai dancers and costumes, a 'Miss Thai UK Beauty Show', an 'I'm an English person get me out of here' contest, and even a LADYBOY Show, which proved to be quite spectacular. Gail turns around a bit annoyed at the presence of Terri walking up on her with a microphone.
On the way back, the girl who was holding on to Elvis grabbed Pete and grabbed his waist, including him in the conga.
ANDREW (The Scots National Flag) appeared in the sky above!See Below Well, what do you expect when our ubiquitous couple go mon their adventures? Unbeknown to Pete, Nikki had arranged the trip as a special surprise for him, as he had always wanted to go to Disneyland.
The staff on the plane were amazing, and treated his leg with Aloe Vera-soaked lint, and gave them a complimentary cup of tea.A On their way back to Blighty, our loving couple were amazed to find the Icelandic lady who pushed the wheelchair, and a cleaner friend of hers, running over top them and embracing them.

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