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Did you have relationship break up with your ex & something within you is urging to re unite with him.
Now that you know you want him back, be [prepared: the process may be quick (think Chris Brown and Rihanna) or loooong (Think Carrie and Mr. The sole objective of this guide is to help you now and for next 30 days in understanding reasons behind why your relationships ended and prepare you to regain the attraction from your ex boyfriend. Before starting this guide I want you to remove preconceived notions of what term ‘No Contact’ means to you. In this 21st Century, Knowledge is not power instead it is your action that contains real power. After the breakup most people get mix emotions followed by weird questions like, “Why my ex leaves me?” “Where things go wrong in my relationship?” This is the reason I created this how to get him back guide. This guide will answer your all questions and tells you what you need to do to reunite with your love once again.
Before starting the process of getting him back, you need to answer few questions that are listed below.
MOSTLY YES – If you answer ‘YES’ to most of these questions then I would suggest you to don’t process forward and take some break from your relationship because you are NOT emotionally ready. These are four pillars of any relationship if anyone is missing from your relationship that means your relationship is not as strong as you want. We often think men ONLY want sex but it is just a misconception because SEX is not the only thing that man wants in the relationship.
If you want to show respect, admiration and interest to your man then you need to back to the basics. If you think your ex boyfriend is your only love in your life and you want him to get back to you then you need to stop complaining or blaming yourself or your ex for breakup.
There is very popular saying, “A relationship with no physical connection is no relationship”. If you feel it is very long since you both had fun in bed then you need to talk about it from your men and tells him about what you like and what turns you on.

The first section of this how to get him back guide talks about relationship pillars and what your man wants in the relationship.
After the breakup your ex boyfriend may be not picking up your phone but he surely will read your text message. For this reason Michael Fiore created a simple yet powerful plan in which he will show you how you can create your own powerful text message to make your ex boyfriend to regret his decision for leaving you and beg you to get back together. Recently, Michael Fiore also created a short video presentation in which he talks about how text messages are powerful enough to bring your ex crawling back in his knees and want you to get back in his life. It is difficult to believe that you have separated & especially if he has broken the relationship with you. It is important to answer these questions honestly because your success and failure depends on it. Emotions are IRRATIONAL means if you are emotional then you may take steps that can make your situation even worst. This is because in this section you will find out what really went wrong in the relationship and what your man needs in the relationship.
Your man wants to feel like a man or in simple words we can say that your man wants to get admiration for what he currently is and he wants you to respect his decisions. I mean you need to think about those days when you go for date with your ex boyfriend first time.
That is the reason you need to become supportive by focusing on what your man has to say to you. The problem with trust is it takes very long to build but it can break in just blink of an eye. If love is the wanting factor then possibly the below tips on how to get him back can help you.
In this guide you will find out exact step-by-step guidelines on how to make him regret leaving you and beg you to get back together. In my personal experience although no contact works but many girls misusing it to the level where it works ‘against’ them.

Your ex will never regret for his decision of leaving you until and unless you want him to do so (without letting him know). Understanding about this will help you in avoiding mistakes that you done before and they also help you if you decided to create new relationship.
Some couples give more importance to trust while some give more importance to love than any other thing. If your man left you for someone new that doesn’t mean he finds someone prettier or sexier than you instead it means that your man finds respect, admiration and interest from someone else that you once showed to him. It is very difficult for men to stay in the relationship when there is no fun or their relationship is lacking in intimacy and sex. If you are on long distance relationship then make sure to use skype or webcam to express your desire and love. The sole objective of this section is to prepare you for whatever result comes when you meet your ex. Google “How to get him back” and you get 1,210,000,000 results that include everything from love spells to barely-legal stalking. Make sure you want a reconciliation and aren’t just missing a warm body on those cold nights. In this section you will find out how to regain the attraction from your ex that you once had. Here’s the best way to get another go-around without looking like a desperate psycho (unless that’s your thing).

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