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Learning how to get your ex back after he dumped you starts by understanding why the breakup occurred in the first place.
However, understand that he broke up with you because something caused his attraction for you to fade.
In What Men Secretly Want, James Bauer discusses how respect is even more important to men than love and how it’s very easy to disrespect a man accidentally in the things you say.
If you think this might be a problem in your own relationship, I highly recommend watching this video. The reason for the breakup is very important to understand because if, for example, he broke up with you because he felt like you were overly needy, then you’ll need to show him through your words and actions that you aren’t needy before he’ll want you back.
Next, learning how to get your ex back after he dumped you involves making him feel like he could lose you forever.
If you’re still hanging around all the time, calling him, texting him, sleeping with him, being his best buddy when he needs something from you, and dropping everything you’re doing in an attempt to remain close to him, then he has no reason to commit to you again. In the Ex Factor, Brad Browning talks about a psychological factor called the “fear of loss”. If you want to get your ex back after he dumped you, then don’t sit around waiting for him. You don’t have to get into a serious relationship, but your ex needs to see that you aren’t just moping around your bedroom, dipping pretzels into a big bucket of Nutella, crying your eyes out until it looks like you got hit in the face by a freight train, and watching The Notebook on endless repeat.

Check out Mike’s program if you’re interested in learning about some amazing text messages you can send to get your ex back after he dumped you.
One of the worst things you can do is sit around moping, feeling sorry for yourself, blaming yourself for the breakup, and locking yourself in your room praying he will show up outside your window with a guitar in hand as he sings you a romantic love song. Not only is it not good for your mental and physical health, but it won’t do a darn thing for making your ex boyfriend attracted to you again. You play as Michi, an unpopular, unattractive, unintelligent girl who is freshly dumped by the most popular, attractive, and intelligent guy at school, Arashi. It is the story that you have heard before, but with cute art and a lot of excitement thrown in.Being a visual novel, you are going to be able to go through the story with your own path. It makes reading far more exciting than it already is, and helps to strengthen the adventure.Michi is not the type of girl who gets the guys and all the attention, at least all of the good attention. She is not terribly attractive or intelligent, and there is nothing about her that makes her popular.You can see why it is hard to understand why a guy like Arashi would go after her, but he did.
He is the one guy in school that all of the girls want, so it is easy to see why people did not like the idea of Michi being with him. Arashi, for some reason, chooses to break up with her, and it is your job to get him back.Get Dumped puts you in Michi’s place. You are going to read through the story and try to make the decisions that will win Arashi’s heart back.

No matter what happened or what you choose, you are going to want to make him fall for you once again. Try to use the options available to get him back into Michi and to find love in life.Being a visual novel, Get Dumped offers a lot of wonder with every page that you turn. Use your knowledge of the characters and history, as well as how you want things to turn out, to give the characters the best chance at happiness. If you choose wisely, the characters will be happier than they have ever been before.Everything about Get Dumped is exciting and wonderful, even down to the art. You have a lot to enjoy while you play the game, which is going to get you sucked into this rather easily. You have a story that is intriguing, art that will capture your imagination, and a game that is going to be exciting for you at every turn of the page.Get Dumped is free to play.
If your relationship didn’t work out here, you still have your chance to find your true love in other Flirting Games.

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