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Within a group of men, do anything that feels good fast or slow with your stick being careful not to hurt anyone else.
Try balancing the upright stick on your forefinger, then other fingers, thumbs, knees, forehead, elbow, whatever. Other pairs of men also are holding their sticks and leaning back forming a circle with spokes like a bicycle wheel. In a circle all men take the spear throwing stance leaning back with the stick like preparing to throw the javelin and then all together lean forward touching the ends of the sticks together like giving a toast in the exact center of the circle. Four men weave their sticks into a cross pattern strong enough to carry a man standing or sitting on the sticks, carry the man around in a circle with other groups doing the same like a circus act. All the men form a circle, everyone does a left face, everyone sits down on the knees of the man behind you. Next rest your stick on your lap and reach in front of you to grab the stick of the man in front of you.
Lean forward with your head on his back, pull the stick toward you, march with small steps, left, right, left right.

Rowing, in the Russian soldier resting circle,holding the stick around the the stomach of the man in front of you, lean back. In a circle everyone turns to the left, holds the stick in the left hand outside the circle for balance. Everyone knows this, going forward , bending backward, under a stick that gradually lowers. One man holds a stick low and parallel to the ground and turns his whole body around so the stick spins around over the ground like the second hand of a clock. Two men across from each other hold two sticks and beat them in a pattern two beats on the ground, one beat up clicking the sticks together. Groups of men form tight strong circles that support other smaller circles of men on their shoulders, going as high as safely possible, using the sticks for support and strength to build a tower. When two strong towers are built, span out to the side men and sticks that can connect to form a bridge between the two towers with a trestle of men holding up the bridge strong enough for a man to climb up a tower, walk across the bridge and come down the other tower. For a ladder, form a tower next to a building to allow someone to climb up into or down out of an upper story window.

Form a tower with a ramp at least three men wide covered with a plastic tarp that will allow someone to climb up the tower and slide down the ramp playground style.
The leader does a simple movement that everyone behind him can imitate, after a few times the leader runs to the end of the line and the next person in line is the leader. If we cannot make you laugh, somehow we will build a time machine, go back in time, and make sure you get your time back.
The other men keep jumping until the stick is up so high only the one man who can jump the highest is left. You might think you're funny, but are you funny enough to have your content featured on our site?

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