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Cue Mechanics Pool School - Some league players and students ask me this question: How do you aim? A I didn't put this together using a CAD or ray-tracing software package (the fractional aiming diagrams at the end ARE very accurate but again, weren't done with a CAD program). A Your experiences might vary, especially if the balls you use look like they've been rolling around in the street.If you gain anything by reading this and applying the concepts, great.

A It's why I put the time and effort into it.A  At my risk, I might add, of making some of the people I play against EVEN better. A In this case, the two lines are one, through the center of both cue and object balls.A Do we need a ghost ball visualization to help aim this shot? A If you really want to torture yourself,A  look up Jack Dunbar (last seen in Seattle, I think) and ask him to teach you the 37-or-so aiming systems he knows.

A If you do, you will likely become very good at aiming shots.A  Even if you don't, knowing about it will still help you gauge your thick or thin hits.

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