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Tattoos are something that have evolved a lot over time and most of the people definitely want to ink themselves once in their life. Often, we have noticed that most of the people have a habit to browse the internet, find a tattoo design, take it to the artist and get it done. Even if you are very adamant and want to copy a design, do keep in mind that you shouldn’t regret it in the coming future. Often, most of the people consult tattoo artists, but take a step back when the cost comes into picture. Check the tattoo parlour for the level of cleanliness, the instruments used, the pigments used etc. The artist might definitely instruct you on certain things like how to maintain the tattoo, what to apply on it in the initial days till it peels off, what to avoid in your diet and the medications to take during the first 5 days. Thanks a lot sheetal ?? glad you liked it soo much ?? yes i would never mind showing my loved tattoo..
This post is all about tattoo needles, how to use them, which needles do what and what types there are. The diameter of tattoo needle types can be found by looking at the first two numbers of the packaging.
Warranty for all of our products are covered by the Hildbrandt Comprehensive Warranty that is stated on the certificates that come with our products.
Although, tattooing is described as a painful procedure, this statement is not 100% true as it depends on the part you want to ink. And at times, the tattoo artists may convince you to make certain design, but it should be your own decision. Research about some best artists available in the town, have a look at their work, conduct 1-2 meetings with them and discuss about your design, concept, idea and budget and then finally pick the one whose cost and work has impressed you. We have always heard stories of blood or people fainting, and the anxiety is at its peak when it’s our first tattoo. Timely touch-ups may help your tattoo look happening and as bright as it looked when you inked it first. I am getting inked in a few days… I have finalised the design, but it had a blue color in it. With the wide array of different types and the lack of standardization in naming for sizes and shapes, it is easy to get confused.
If you look at your pre-made needle packaging, you will notice it will say something like 1207RL.

In the example we used earlier, a 1207RL needle, where 12 is the diameter, 7 indicates the count. This rose will give you romantic look but if you combine it with black color, it will be a dark and mystery tattoo. There are some tips you should keep in before getting a tattoo done, through the process and after finally getting it inked on your body.
Getting a mere design like hearts, butterflies or stars for women and some big dragon or abstract designs for men may create a possibility that you might get bored of it in the future. And most the people do get a nauseous feeling and I am not scaring you, but a lot of people faint too. Often, they need to shave the part before starting the tattoo, ensure that they use a new razor. Often the tattoo should not come into contact with water for a few days and avoid going out too much in heat. So in the example of 1207RL, where 12 is the diameter, 7 is the count, RL, indicates the configuration. Remember, that you are playing with your skin, and the pigments will be injected into the body and if you choose a cheaper artist, there might be skin issues coming up in the future.
Take a friend or a family member with you with whom you and chit-chat while getting the tattoo done. Also insist them to open a new needle in front of you so that you can stay away from skin diseases. But, when it finally gets inked in your skin, it may change its colour over a period of time.
In the initial days, although you shouldn’t use water, make a note to add 3-4 savlon liquid drops with full tub of water and clean your tattoo with it. RL stands for round liner, a round liner is a formation of needles in a tight circular formation which is used for lining. Take a break of few months and then ask yourself the same question and if the answer is yes, then get geared up to get one masterpiece of your own.
It would be wise to pay a little more and have surety that you’re not affecting your skin. And, there is a highest possibility that you might not like that colour in your tattoo after some time. The other configurations are RS = round shader, F = flats, M1 = weaved magnum, M2 = stacked magnum and RM = round magnum.

M1 or weaved magnum are grouped with 2 rows of needles in a weaved formation, so for example a 7M1 will have a bottom row of 4 and an upper row of 3.
It will appear contrast with the skin and background if you choose to have nice rose on your tattoo. Looking at the TV or talking to someone will cause less pain and will help the artist complete the tattoo faster. Also, keep in mind to eat a good, healthy and not heavy lunch before going to the tattoo parlour. M2 or stacked magnum are grouped in the same way as M1 but are tightly stacked together hence the name stacked magnum. Share your thoughts with the artist and they will create something that will be 100% original.
RM or round magnum are grouped the same way as M1 but the points are arranged in a curved arch. This does take a bit of skill to do, so only do it if you have practiced the technique enough or else you may end up damaging the skin.
Round curve magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring large areas with less impact to the skin. If it goes in straight and not at an angle it will stick into the skin which will cause the needle to jump. The needles are made in an arch formation to better deflect the skin when it goes in and out.
With a regular magnum, there is potential for the edges of the mag to dig into the skin, with a round magnum, the arch of the needle will allow you to move more freely on the skin without the risk of the edges digging in. Do not push forward as this will cause the magnum to dig into the skin causing pain and getting the needle caught. Color in a circular motion, a magnum, being wider, will cover more area faster than a conventional round.

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