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I stumbled across this great IQ test the other day and thought I would share it with everyone. Want to know what the Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds or the Top 10 Not-So-Obedient Dog Breeds? While some reactions are automatic in pets as well as peoplea€”if youa€™re frightened by something, for example, your body will react before your brain kicks ina€”intelligent dogs understand exactly what belongs to and relates to them.
The smartest cats quickly learn that they can not only take advantage of opportunities for food, play, affection and comfort, but also create those opportunities.
The sights, sounds and (especially) smells of the world are always changing and always of interest to a smart dog.
Granted that the IQ score is not a ‘perfect’ measure; none the less, it covers quite a bit of ground. But they are completely different factors, unrelated to one another, and you could be brilliant at one and awful at another.

While there are hundreds of IQ websites out there I was very impressed by Tickle’s results. Marty Becker of Pet Connection have collaborated to create quizzes to test the intelligence of your dog or cat. Becker also explain some scientific observations in your pet’s behavior in the IQ tests. The smartest will always be checking out the environment, but not to the point of wasting too much energy on things that dona€™t much matter.
He reacts only when therea€™s something different about his appearance; for example, when hea€™s wet and looks smaller. For example, the absent-minded professor.a€?IQ tests are pretty meaningless - if you are not good at them, all it proves is that you are not good at IQ tests.
They do charge a $13 fee if you would like 100% of the results in a well-written summary, but in my opinion it is well worth the money. I did purchase the results for myself and was very pleased with the results Tickle sent me.

Is the gold medal winner in the marathon fitter than the gold medallist in the 100m sprint?a€™ The researchers are set to continue the groundbreaking study, with the team launching a new version of the tests online, which you can see at the link below. It would be helpful if the site included such a key on one of their pages, perhaps when the score is displayed. After graduating in mid-2012, he worked in SQA but soon moved to web development (Ruby-on-Rails).
He continues to pass his free time by reviewing tools that make life easier for a computer user.

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