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This website was created as a sanctuary for all the souls out there, going through a break up, anticipating one or dealing with a cheating spouse.  No one is safe against a rupture of a union or infidelity, I have been down this road myself. First thing to do is to pull yourself together and realize that it is not really over, until you give up. Please share your success stories with us, I am working on a “testimonials” part of the website and should put it up in the near future. You rarely break-up with an Aquarius yourself, usually he’s the one to take the initiative. Scorpios have rather explosive tempers; therefore it might be a little dangerous to push them into a break up.
If there's one thing that will keep you going through your break up, it's knowing that your ex still has feelings for you. Below you'll find a fast, easy way to tell exactly how much your ex still loves you: the Ultimate Ex Back Quiz. These 18 simple questions about your breakup can provide important insight into what's currently going on in your ex boyfriend's head.
Keep track of your Does My Exboyfriend Still Love Me score at the top of each question page. On a question-by-question basis, the Ex Back Quiz will also provide suggestions on how you can improve the current situation between you and your ex boyfriend. It Doesn't Matter If You Broke up Five Days, Five Months, or Five Years Ago -- This Program Works! When my girlfriend of five years called it quits I went through every negative emotion imaginable -- anger, hurt, depression, guilt -- I felt it all and then some. You see, I couldn’t understand why she would leave, or what I could do to bring her back. If you broke up because of an argument, you might even be replaying that argument over and over like I did with my girlfriend, trying to figure out how something so great could go so horribly wrong. I tried calling her, sending her emails and texts to try to get her to at least talk things over with me again, and none of it worked. Still, I was willing to try anything, and so I gave it a shot, hoping that this would be answer I was looking for… and boy was it ever! And when I’d been acting so negatively and feeling down in the dumps, it was working against me. But now that I had this guide, I knew just what to do, and how to start working towards having my happy relationship again. Imagine being able to look forward to spending happy moments with your Ex again in a loving, caring relationship.
I realized that while the Law of Attraction was working to bring my Ex back to me, there had to be more. Using these techniques, I was actually able to reduce the stress and pain of losing my Ex almost immediately. I went from being a miserable wreck to someone with confidence and a sense of inner peace and purpose. I didn’t have to wonder how my ex was feeling or what my ex was doing, because she came back into my life again through the Power of the Law of Attraction. Your Ex-Boyfriend could be in another relationship, or he might just be wondering what he did wrong to lose you, but no matter what the situation, the Law of Attraction will bring him back into your life at the precise moment that you are truly ready to have that relationship back. This is your first guide, the one that will help you to adjust your mind set so that you can be ready when the moment comes to welcome your Ex-Boyfriend back into your arms.
Understanding the Law of Attraction - I explain to you exactly how the Law of Attraction works, no second-guessing and no huge philosophy issues for you to understand. Getting Rid of the Heartache, Right Now - Even before you get your Ex-Boyfriend back, I'll show you how to get rid of all the negative emotions that the breakup is causing you right now. What to Do to Attract Your Ex Using the Law of Attraction - I'll explain just how the law of attraction works to get your ex-boyfriend to come back to you. Simple Steps to Focus on Your Goal - Never feel discouraged with these techniques to keep you focused on what you really want.
Powerful Action Techniques - The Law of Attraction isn't just hoping and wishing for change.
This is the second component of my program, and what will really help you to manifest the benefits of using the Law of Attraction. EFT is a special technique that will help you to harness the full power of the Law of Attraction by getting rid of negative mental and emotional blocks that are keeping you from getting your ex-boyfriend back. My guide will take you through EFT step-by-step so that you know precisely how, when, and why you need to perform the techniques listed. Step-by-step EFT explanations - know exactly how to perform the techniques for maximum benefit.
Translating Goals into Actions - understand how EFT helps you to act on your goals instead of just hoping and wishing for change.
Scripts for Successful EFT Sessions - if you aren't sure what you should say, my guide includes scripts that will get you started. While I'd like to be able to help everyone out there who is having relationship troubles, I realize that not everyone will be motivated enough to take control and do what has to be done to see success.
See, that's the reason why I'm charging for this offer at all -- I need to know that you're serious, than you'll do what it takes to get your Ex-boyfriend back. I know that not everyone learns the same way, and because of that, and because I want to be sure that you get the best benefit from my program, I've taken the time to put together demonstrations of the Emotional Freedom Technique for you. It's just like having me right there with you, showing you how to perform the actions, so you know without a doubt that you are doing everything that you are supposed to, when you are supposed to. Now I know you realize that putting together this kind of video demonstration course is expensive, but I know that you are worth it.
Understand the proper intonation as I go over the most common scripts for getting your Ex-Boyfriend back. Use the included scripts to help you stay on course with your EFT program -- it's just like having me there to support you every step of the way.
Try my program, take the time to go through the steps and let the Law of Attraction bring your Ex-Boyfriend back into your life. But I know once you have The Law of Attraction working for you, you won't want to give up the power it holds to bring you what you really want.

Purchase the Complete "Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Using the Law of Attraction" Program and Get Started Right Now! Having your ex-boyfriend back is priceless, I know, but how much would you pay for a program that can give you just that?
Just think -- this time next week you could be using the Law of Attraction to bring the love of your life back into your arms. And it doesn't matter if you've been separated for a few days, a few months, a few years, or even longer!
I stand behind everything I've said to you today, and I know that my Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Using the Law of Attraction Program will give you everything you need to let go of the pain and do something positive with your life and your relationships.
You have my guarantee in place, and if you try the program, I know you'll be fully satisfied.
My bonus gift, includes full a demonstration video of EFT Techniques that will help me to focus on my goal and get my Ex-Boyfriend back!
I'm fully ready to take advantage of the powerful techniques you've listed, and by clicking this link I will be able to have complete access to your successful program right away! I decided to create a virtual space where individuals from all walks of life can find some support. I never believed that we can influence one`s behavior when it came to things like break ups, but this book proved me wrong. However do not chase your ex, and beg him to take you back as it will only aggravate the situation. They feel insecure in unfamiliar crowds, make sure you put emphasis on that and portray it as being very amusing.
If it was at a party, go to one and watch how quickly his enigmatic personality attracts attention. If you show Taurus that you prefer spending nights sitting at home and listening to Mozart, he might start looking for someone a little more dynamic.
In any discussion bring the attention on yourself and speak without allowing your partner to slip in a single syllable. Head-to-head collision might have a tragic outcome, therefore a subtle approach is recommended. Take a look at the cringe-inducing texts below -- and whatever you do, don't follow their lead. If You Follow My Step-By-Step Instructions, You'll Never Have to Worry about Feeling Heartbroken and Hopeless, Because You'll Know That the Law of Attraction Is Working to Bring Your Ex Back Into Your Life! Now, I’d heard about the Law of Attraction before, but I never thought it would work for me, and especially not to get my Ex to talk to me. Within the first hour, I started to feel this great sense of hope, and after a few days, I knew that I’d be able to get her back -- the Law of Attraction works all the time, you see.
So I started doing some research and I came across this great technique called Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. And not only that, EFT can work to get rid of any kind of stress, any kind of pain that’s holding you back from the happy relationship that you deserve!
The changes are so profound when you use this program, that the only limit to the success it the limit you place on yourself. In just a few minutes a day, you can get rid of the negative blocks that are keeping you and your Ex apart.
There are steps you can take to get what you want, and I'll show you how to do that in this guide.
You'll get fast results -- often after only one round of EFT, people feel an incredible burden has been lifted, letting them focus on their goals without the distraction of heartbreak. The Law of Attraction and EFT have brought him back to me and I just can't thank you enough!
That's why I'm offering this guide to those of you out there who are really serious, who are ready for action and ready to do something today to get your ex-boyfriend back! Everyone will wonder your secret, but you'll be the only one who knows about these powerful techniques.
Today is the day for you to take control of your life and get the relationship that you truly deserve. Remember, this is program is covered by my guarantee -- so take all the time you need to fully explore the benefits of this program.
The longer you wait, the harder it is to enact a positive change, so don't let another moment pass in tears and frustration, order today! I get all of this for the low price of only $47 -- less than half the actual value, as your generous gift to me.
ThoseA in charge tried to adjust the thermostat to her liking, but they could neverseem to please this individual.A First it was too cold, and then it was too hot. It is important to surround ourselves with tools that will help us understand and ease our pain.
It was written by a man that gives us interesting perspectives on male psychology, but it is addressed to readers of both sexes. If you want to push your Taurus away, put emphasis on things that are important to you, while ignoring Taurus’s needs. Yes, even my Ex noticed -- I didn’t have to chase her down to get her to talk to me again. I broke up with my boyfriend over a pointless argument and I didn't think anything could get him back, but two weeks of your program and we're already talking again.
I thought we were happy but one day he just broke off contact and I couldn't get any answers. So I'm including this bonus along with the two guides I mentioned before, all for the same low price. I understand that by purchasing your program today, I get not only the Law of Attraction Guide, but the EFT Techniques Guide as well.
A break up does not imply that one`s love is gone it is just a rough turn on this road of relationship. The most important thing to understand when it comes to break ups is that your attitude following the split will determine whether you will get back together or not. My comprehensive program, including the EFT Techniques and the Video Demonstrations typically costs $297, but for a limited time only, I'm offering it to you for less than half price -- only $47 for the entire program, including the bonus video demonstrations.

It is possible to salvage a relationship even if you were not the one to make the call for the break up there are techniques to undo the “ex” partner factor, and effectively reconcile. Only your behavior can make your ex partner reconsider his decision, if you do not undertake wise steps like described by the author, your ex will remain history.
Gemini hate arguments, so make sure you start endless debates without giving him a chance to speak. I too once felt helpless and desperate when facing a break up until I came across a book that  changed my life. Today we are happier than ever and I came to understand that the break up took place, so I could learn some things about myself and the relationship through that book.
If that employee was going to reach the level God desired for her, itA would require a serious attitude change on her part. Everything happens for a reason and today I can say with confidence, that we broke up ,so we could get back together for good. Insist upon making all the financial decisions on their behalf and policing their expenses. We had bent over backwardsA to make this person happy; now it was time for this employee to quit complaining and makeA an attitude adjustment.
Very soon Pisces will become depressed and disoriented and they will seek for support in the arms of someone else. Virgo isn’t very keen in ending relationships but if you apply yourself by using the proposed tactics, Virgo will leave without a doubt. But if the air cana€™t be adjusted to your liking or if you cana€™t have an office with a window, ita€™s time for you to put a smile on your face and do a good job for your employer with a happy attitude. He hired you to be a blessing!A The fact is, sometimes we dona€™t get to have everything just the way wea€™d like to have it.
If we are being paid to do a good job and to be cooperative with our employer and fellow employees, then we need to do what we are being paid to do!
The day we give up that servanta€™s attitude to become a source of constant complaining is the day we cease to be a blessing and become instead a hindrance that is no longer needed on the team.A If youa€™re filled with the Holy Spirit and the power of God, ita€™s time for you to get tough! You can be victorious in any environment, even in working conditions that arena€™t exactly what you wish they could be. In such times, they would simplyA run out of food and drink.A Yet this lack of food and drink didna€™t affect Paula€™s desire to go onward to the next town.
First and foremost, he wanted to accomplish his God-given objectives for each day and for each city where he labored. Eating was not the highest priority on his mind.A I have personally known many people who took a missions trip and then swore they would never take another one because they didna€™t like the food they were given to eat on the trip. I amastonished when believers are so finicky about what they eat that they allow the issue to steal their joy and affect their obedience to God.
Don't get me wrong, I am a finicky eater but the mission comes first.A It perplexes me when people bewail that the food doesna€™t taste like food a€?back home.a€?Of course it doesna€™t! Then after grumbling about the food, they go to an evangelisticcrusade where they expect to exercise spiritual authority to cast out demons.
But how in the world do they ever think theya€™ll have power over demons if they dona€™t even have enough power to be thankful for a meal that is placed in front of them?A The phrase a€?in fastings oftena€? tells us about Paula€™s priorities. Prisoners often contracted terrible cases ofA lung disease and died prematurely on account of these damp conditions. To make a captivea€™s stay inA prison even more miserable, the captor would often strip him almost naked before throwing himA into the cave-like cell.
The heat is turned on for the entire city on a setA day every fall, and the heat is turned off for the entire city on a set day every spring. Regardless ofA the temperature, the heat is not turned on or off until that date on the calendar. Sometimes when the weather turnsA cold earlier than expected, the citizens may live in the cold for quite a lengthy period of time. WhenA that happens, there is nothing people can do about it except dress in warmer clothes and try to keepA themselves warm. Complaining wona€™t change the situation, so people learn to work and function inA the cold.A I admit that this isna€™t a pleasurable experience, but grumbling about the cold doesna€™t make the days pass any faster.
Therefore, people mentally adjust to the inconvenience; then they live and work in the cold until the day finally comes when the city turns on the heat. They make the mental adjustment to deal with the cold and are therefore able to live through the inconvenience.A Sometimes that is the way it is with life.
The second choice is the one God wants us to make, for this is the one that demonstrates the attitude of Jesus Christ in our lives!A So if youa€™ve been grumbling or complaining about a situation that just cana€™t be fixed to your liking, ita€™s time for you toquit grumbling and to start rejoicing.
As you do, you will find the strength to endure any hardship you are facing with joy.A A As you make the choice to endure this hardship in the joy of the Lord, the Holy Spirit will fill you with a spirit of victory.
And in the end, you will find that you came through the difficult situation you i»?i»?were facing much more quickly than you ever imagined you could!i»?i»?i»?i»?A Lord, please forgive me for the times Ia€™ve been a whiner and a complainer! I am so sorry thatA Ia€™ve made life miserable for the people who work with me at my job or at church. I repent for my wrongA behavior, and Ia€™m asking You today to help me make a mental adjustment.
Help me learn to beA thankful for the blessings I have and for the salary my employer pays me. I am never a source of contention;A instead, I am a constant source of blessing to those who are over me. What are some of the inconveniences you face at your place of employment orA where God has called you to serve? If your employer, supervisor, or pastor has tried to adjust things to your liking,A have you expressed your thankfulness to that person for his or her attempts toA please you?
Remember a€” the person in authority over you didna€™t have to doA anything at all to please you. Is God telling you to make a mental adjustment so you can function victoriouslyA where He has called you to live, to serve, and to work?

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