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MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. My father keeps telling me NOT to be so honest about getting depression or taking medication or going to a shrink. I am not suffering from depression now and have been depression-free for a nice long break.
And people who breezily declare they’ve never had depression in their life are probably lying.
I am writing this today because I met a young woman B this week who had no idea she was suffering from postpartum depression after having a baby. During several times in my life I was so deeply depressed that talk therapy wasn’t going to work alone because the chemicals were all messed up. Second, people tell you to pray and meet friends for coffee and your depression will go away. If you read up on depression you’ll find that the more you leave it unattended, the worse it gets.
Government hospitals have Psychiatry wards but they are usually places you wouldn’t want to go. Instead your best bet is to approach a large private hospital you personally trust and ask what their mental health department offers. Getting an appointment with either a psychiatrist or psychologist can take weeks, so be patient.
Karwan-e-Hayat is a welfare non-government organisation active in caring for mentally ill indigent patients.
The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune. BTW, Karwan-e-Hayat has a booth at Millennium Mall near Johar in Karachi with psychologists for the next few days from 12 to 8pm. Talk therapy is about working with your mind, how you think, what you think, your beliefs, your imagination. Sorry, I know I am posting a lot here, but aside from prayer, meditation can be a huge help. Also can you point out what are those things that you want to acheive in life but have been unable to do so?
I never consulted a shrink or took tablets because nothing can save you after damage is done.
Thank you for sharing your story, for breaking a social stigma that we Pakistanis hate to admit.
Takes courage to write such a thing I guess.Well I could say that I havent felt depressed for much longer than a week. Our people (may be not all but most of them) don’t encourage psychiatrist because of the stereotypical reasons.
Article and follow up comments show the web is alive & more itneractive, serious, interesting, relevant and important stuff gets attention somewhere else, in blogs, not in so called mainstream. By chance i came across this blogpost and there are definitely somethings I can relate to so well, that indeed it becomes impossible to make people understand.
I respect your thoughts, but if Yoga would have cured depression, you would have nil depression in India. In fact Yoga is being embraced widely in the Western world (around 16 million practice this in U.S. I agree with most of the things you stated in your piece (which was wonderful and candidly insightful, by the way) but you forgot to mention the issue of tolerance. Thank you for writing such an honest article to enlighten the people of pakistan regarding depression. Keep up the good work and please feel free to ask me any questions regarding depression or psychiatry in general would be a pleasure to help. The most important thing is how someone could ever understand that he or she is in depression? Prolonged use occurs because so called professionals fail to change the behavior of the patients, making patients more and more dependent on drugs by increasing dosages or changing drugs. Mild depression tends to improve on placebo so that the difference between antidepressant use and placebo effect is very small, or at times, absent. As for Seroxat and all medication you have to work with your psychiatrist to figure out what works for you.
Or you can think, life and death is in God’s hand, let me do the best I can for my parents. You may or may not be able to support yourself financially, but you choose to focus “what if not being able to support yourself, why not work your financial conditions. Based on what I read, a depressed person is unable to find pleasure in the activities he used to enjoy before. I just searched net for clinical depression, I found an article by a psychiatrist who works at Mayo clinic.
Studies have shown sugar pills (placebo) are as effective as many drugs used to treat mild depression. Ask the Therapist: My boyfriend has been abusive, has a drinking problem but is getting help.
As you are seeing, depression (and alcohol abuse) not only impacts the person – but their partner and family (children). But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. As a journalist, at my core is always a hankering for the truth, telling the truth and being unafraid to do so. I have found that telling people honestly that I have had depression helps them – especially the ones with depression but too scared to seek help. Her husband is a friend of mine and he brought her and the baby over to my house for a cup of tea.

And if you take them you can get off them easily. So many people make the excuse about not going to a psychiatrist because they know and assume they will be prescribed medication.
They take about three weeks to kick in and when you think you don’t need them anymore the doctor will gradually lower your dosage to take you off. As it would not circulate long enough in my bloodstream, I had to take SSRIs (Prozac etc), which are Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors. So I started taking a medication and combined that with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to get better. When I used to be depressed people would tell me that I wasn’t grateful enough for what I had in life. I get anxiety, high levels of anxiety, about my parents dying, me staying single for the rest of my life, not being able to financially support myself.
The truth is that these two things IN ISOLATION are unlikely to totally take your depression away. Your first try might not seem like it will make it instantly go away, but understand that you have to keep at it.
You should tell the doctor what the problem is, what you think it is at least, where you need help and ask them what they can do for you. It is the only NGO of its kind in Karachi, providing both outpatient as well as inpatient facilities.
She has worked as the city editor at The Express Tribune and Daily Times, and now writes long form investigative and explanatory pieces on Karachi’s civic and urban infrastructure with a focus on transport, public spaces and water. I think people who have suffered from and conquered depression can truly tell how insightful this piece is. You can go there to find more about mental health, and even have a quick talk with the doctors there. Most people who are close to the woman suffering from postpartum depression know there is some thing wrong with that woman. But the real victory against depression and other mental issues comes through self talk and will power.
The lack of education pertaining such conditions is what leads to the development of a frivolous attitude towards diseases that could, and have already taken many people’s lives. I must say, a lot of people don’t have the courage to talk about these things and you made quite a bold move.
That surely helped me think about getting appointment from a doctor rather than feeling worse all the time..
All the past trauma can’t be undone, but the hurt that it creates will instead help you regain strength. I started digging some basic information on the qualified psychiatrists and eventually payed a visit to one of them.
That doesn’t mean I was taking wrong medication, that just means that the core reason behind my high bp was the depression.
First of all I must say thank you to her for such a wonderful blog ,full of information and very thought provoking. I have had similar responses from well-wishers telling me to be grateful, that I had everything, which made me even more depressed since I couldn’t figure out whether if people were in situation that were far worse off than mine, was I really in fact being ungrateful. I look back at my life and see all the times I was actually depressed and did not do anything about it. I just need to clarify that I am not currently depressed and as I state early on in the piece, I’ve had a long break from it.
One thing I would like to add is that whenever anyone feels depressed, they should wake up the child in them. Everybody expects quick results and Yoga may or may not yield quick results, hence most people drop off. Depression can occur due to psychological reasons (trauma, conflicting emotions, experiences, irrational fears lodged in our psyche) or anatomical reasons (lack of certain chemicals, neurotransmitters in the brain). They were girls and they were in a slightly differents contexts than you, may be even deeper troubles too.
Tolerance refers to the state when a patient’s neural network adapts to the neurotransmitter influx caused by a particular drug. Also if you were to undertake any programmes regarding awareness of Psychiatry in Pakistan please do let me know I would be more than willing to participate. Having suffered depression and being prescribed the psychiatric drug – Seroxat- at one time, I do understand the issues very well- but I disagree on the safety of medications such as Seroxat to treat depression.
Lonely: I wanted to check if I could live normally without them and I am glad I got the positive results. According to him clinical depression can be helped with psychotherapy alone or psychotherapy and drugs in some cases. When new drugs are tested one group or people get real medicine and the other group gets pills that look like real medicine but have no real medically active chemical in it. But at a chronically single 36 years, I think it’s safe to say many more extenuating factors are at work there. Morally speaking, I would be a hypocrite if I expected other people to tell the truth about their lives but didn’t apply the same principle to myself.
Over the years, scores of young people who have heard me make fun of my own depression in gatherings, have contacted me later bashfully, to ask for help.
But, if you do some research you will find that clinical depression is different from having a bad day, which all of us encounter several times a month. We chatted for a bit and then I realised slowly that she was just sitting colourless, with a drained face, on the edge of the sofa, away from her husband and baby. They will talk to you for one time, two times and then they will get frustrated and start avoiding you.
The outcome was that her husband got sick of hearing he was the cause of her depression and any motivation he had to help her dissipated. This makes them feel that they are succumbing to a drug that they will have to take for life.
The science of anti-depressants has advanced and the best thing to do is ask your doctor about the side effects or possibility of getting addicted if you are worried.
Sometimes we are stuck and can’t change or remove people or conditions that are depressing us. Then I found I couldn’t get out of bed but the more I lay there the more my self loathing grew.

I hate to repeat this over and over again, but EDUCATION is the ONLY SOLUTION to such issues, and collectively as a society we must work to educate each other, not just rely on governmental help and support. The medication costed me a few Ks per month but to be honest, it really did make a difference. As with everything else, folks in India are now starting embracing it after the West confirmed it (our fascination and blind adorance of the West never ceases). Depression due to the earlier causes can be healed by Yoga, meditation, pranayama (energy breathing). When this happens the drug loses its efficacy and the only way forward is to move towards a more powerful dosage. It’s just that in our society when someone talks about visiting a neuro or psychiatrist they are labeled as wackos. HOW CAN WE GIVE A LITTLE THOUGHT TO TREATMENT OF DEPRESSED FEELINGS WE HAVE IN OUR SCARED HEARTS? I have a feeling this is true for many psychological illnesses excluding ones that have psychotic symptoms. It is indeed strange that we would not hesitate to take medication if we had high blood pressure or cholesterol or were diabetic but are scared to treat depression.
If you think it all the time, you just going to be very anxious, but it will not change anything.
In the US FDA approved a new technique called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, which can instantly treat treatment resistant severe depression. Doing physical things like yoga, jogging, exercises can help by helping you feel better physically there by mentally too. She’s always in a terrible mood, has been sleeping way too much, is sharp with the kids and generally seems down. Try to describe what it feels like not to have your wife in the way you used to – and how the kids might be experiencing her. It is dangerous to take them on your own without a prescription because they can actually have a downer effect, which will make you feel worse.
The medication takes the edge off the blackness and helps you work with a psychologist to figure out how things can be fixed. Of the two people I sought help from in Karachi, one was a psychologist with a PhD in counseling psychology from an institution in California and the other is a psychiatrist with qualifications from Brown University. According to their reasoning, if I would just be grateful enough for what I did have, my depression would go away.
I feel many who don’t take depression as seriously, even in others, lack emotional awareness. Its very true that its us who has to take care of ourselves no body even bother to take a pain so please consider yourself important and understand the worth of your life , take initiatives for your betterment which is only possible by giving yourself a time -a moment alone to discover yourself.
This led to having persistent anxiety at times that I couldnt shake off, no matter how many times I went out for coffee with friends.
The best thing is to do or get something which you enjoy and it diverts your brain from its depressed state. Depression due to later causes can also be cured, since it helps rewire the brain and due to the fact that our mind and body are connected and affect each other.
Eventually however, with prolonged usage, the body adapts to even this dosage and the cycle continues until finally the person becomes solely dependent on the drug and cant get off (David Foster Wallace is a famous example of this).
I am glad that you can approach the masses and inform them in such a way that actual may get them to ponder over this issue and do something about it rather than to struggle through such an enduring illness as they are so many treatment options both pharmacologically as well as therapeutically.
Seroxat is notorious for a withdrawal syndrome which can be an utter nightmare fore some people.
People who have little money have problems, people who have millions of dollars have problems.
This brought people thinking that they have no value in their life, also they consider that their life is miserable. Persistent anxiety can drill a hole in your head, and be linked to depression so sometimes it is a good idea to meet a psychologist to get proper perspective on them. Yes, miracles do happen, but if you are depressed and going out of your mind, do yourself a favour and see a doctor as well. If you cannot explain to your family or have the money to go, try calling a hotline (see below). For example, a simple thing like learning to drive and then going on long drives or going shopping can reduce depression and divert a tense and depressed brain. Except that unlike the other illnesses where the patient is the only sufferer, when you are depressed your loved ones too suffer. Trying to kill yourself is a complicated issue and I’m not qualified to say much more on it. As a result of depression when they are going to make any decision, besides looking the positive aspects of decision that look on negative one.
And to use the cliche, you’d see a doctor for an infection, so why not for depression? The side effects are also awful on Seroxat- loss of libido, profuse sweating, mania, suicidal thoughts, aggression – to name but a few. Then came along Seroxat CR which is delayed release into your bloodstream and I have had a very successful experience with it.
Yoga can help to lessen the symtoms (or cure in some instances) of mild depression, but moderate to major depression requires professional help.
There is nothing more fun than having to mop blood off the floor or hold a flap of flesh up to stem the bleeding because they’ve slit their throat.
Some times different moments occurs in ups and downs of man life when he totally loses hope and become pessimist.
These are far from safe options for depressed people- and it saddens me that the truth about them continues to be glossed over. I could have bought a lot of shoes with that money I spent but I would have never enjoyed them. The activities you mentioned like shopping or driving might help in some cases, but the key is to take some action in the first place.

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