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A little ashamed to admit this, but a shirtless guy wearing overalls with one strap down really turns my crank. Hitting up some Hollywood nightlife, Trevor Donovan says he's not going to making an appearance on Dancing With the Stars, as he can't dance, and when asked if he is going to star in a He-Man biopic replies that he doesn't know anything about it.
Television commercial for Underoos underwear, featuring 1980's cartoon characters and superheroes. Olivia displays her sensuality by dressing like a Japanese school girl, showing off her cleavage, tongue bathing an iPhone and yanking off her underoos.
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The second I saw the cover of Vanity Fair Italia this month, I immediately Google’d the cover boy, Roberto Bolle. Born in Casale Monferrato, Italy, he’s the first Italian to hold the prestigious position with the company.
This very first commercial was designed to reassure mothers Underoos was a quality product meant for everyday use. After the hair-raising aircraft antics of the last video, Rico needs to take things easy with a nice, simple armed assault of a nuclear power plant. If you’re an Olympics fan, you might recognize Bolle from the opening ceremony at the Turin Winter Games back in 2006. Apparently he was quoted wrongly by Numero Homme that he is gay but after that he never denied or confirmed because it is his privacy.

Given his handsomeness and dance ability, he’s a favorite by many publications for editorial work including one with supermodel Coco Rocha for US Vogue. If you get the chance to pick up Just Cause 2 (Steam tends to have it on sale fairly regularly for a few quid), I heartily recommend snapping it up.

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