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We've all been there: You're newly single, still reeling from the sting of being dumped by your ex -- and desperately trying to avoid texting him or her.
But let the texts in the slideshow below be a warning to you -- though it's tempting to text, those post-split conversations never go as planned.
A year ago, we scoured the Internet to find some of the pettiest food revenge stories it had to offer. Most of us have been in similar situations as the ones you'll soon read below, sometimes looking back and regretting our inaction. Because it's still Reddit, just make sure to take each delicious story with a grain of salt. So I use to work at a fast food place and nothing will make you lose faith in humanity faster than that or a retail job. Then I put the lids on - of course soda comes out - and the lids are distorted, looking like they're about to burst from the pressure of the soda they are still retaining within the cup. He felt accomplished but when I said that I noticed he knew he might have overreacted I think.
Soda shoots out the straw opening, out from the lid's sides, and all over his cup holder and car. I had handed off his food to him already so it was pretty glorious watching him fumble around in his bag for napkins while his embarrassed high school daughter bitched him out for asking for more soda. He could have asked for more napkins too as I stared at him - I never closed the window, but he didn't.
I was so pissed at her that as soon as my food came out, I went over to the sauce area and grabbed the entire bin of hot sauce and quickly left. I can tell by the direction that they're walking that they're going to see Unfriended, a shitty horror movie, but more importantly, rated R. Today however, I felt extra motivated to go check tickets so I turn around and walk quickly over to the auditorium's door (luckily the group was walking slow). I get the usual fumbling around in purses, huffing and complaining from these little shits but I hold strong. I occasionally like a breakfast pastry treat as well, but my husband is a Pop-Tart vacuum or something, because every time I go to find myself one they're always all gone! I am not quite the black hole for poptarts as my husband is, so my one box lasted about two-and-a-half weeks before he found them where I had been hiding them in the cabinet where I keep my casserole dishes. The next time I went grocery shopping I got him his boxes of poptarts, but I got him the unfrosted kind. My roommate and I have been friends since high school ten years ago, lived together for the last three. Lately though she's gotten very careless - I've gradually had to take over doing almost all the cleaning, dishes, etc. My first petty revenge was to stop buying groceries myself, letting the fridge gradually empty as we ate through things.
She came home shortly thereafter to the room smelling like pizza with an inviting box sitting in the kitchen. Alright people, in no way is this easier. I plead with her to just give me her order, but to no avail. Things came to a head when she was so rude to one of our counter clerks that she made the girl cry. I waited for the screaming and cursing to stop, waved her to the door, and then watched as she left. I sent Corporate her CC number and license plate info, and they sent her a "you're banned from ALL the stores" letter, filed it with the local PD, and told us to call the cops immediately if she ever showed up in our store again. A few weeks later, she showed up ready to launch into another tirade for whatever imagined offense might occur. She said something along the lines of "Don't you fucking dare" quite loudly, so this I could hear over the music. I was at this club one night that had two levels, one for dancing and one that is a bar type area with some food. I look on the menu and I am a little surprised that they have sushi and decide that is going to be the solution to my hunger.
Now I'm a little compassionate because I have done stupid drunk things too but I'm also really pissed that he is eating my food. He surprisingly does because I guess our drunk brains agreed that would be dispensed justice.
The cashier politely asked for his women in her early 40's if she can go in one of the other lines that have way more counter space for ringing things up. At this point the old lady in front of me just leaves the line to go to a different line to get her bananas.
Stuff along the lines of "I hate those idiots who take hundreds of items to the express lane." You could tell this lady heard it because she started getting flustered. This lady had a mental breakdown started cussing me out and eventually climbed back in her car. I reconnected the battery after she left and laughed about it with my girlfriend all the way home. I'll start off by saying that I take pride in cooking customers orders to perfection, and I strive to always make the customer happy.

It's hard to do that when the person calls back every time no matter what and says that we messed their order up in some way [demanding a comped order]. I also took the liberty of emailing every pizza place in a 3 mile radius of our store to inform them of your selfish habit.
My boyfriend came home to our tiny apartment at 1 AM on a weeknight with 4 of his obnoxious, drunken friends in tow.
He knew I had to work the next day, he knew I absolutely hated those particular friends, and he knew I hate surprise guests. This guy is a massively neurotic neat freak- he is physically unable to relax in a room that is not clean to his standards.
With her being from Texas you can imagine that some of her family are extremely conservative.
Being from Scotland where guns are a "no no" they ask me "What do you think of that law, uberhaqer. My wife's aunt turns to me and comes out with, "Well that's because you are from a socialist country. She then proceeds to tell me that the Syrian refugees coming over its bad and she needs to protect herself from them. While I'm waiting in line this woman (We'll call her "Loud Bitch" = LB) is shrieking down her phone to who I can only presume is her now totally deaf boyfriend. Without so much as a moment to think and without making eye contact I pick them up and move them behind my items, saying nothing. At this point LB throws her M&M's in front of my lunch still ranting and it's now my turn to check out, enter awesome check-out girl. ACG: "Ma'am, I suggest you go and get a new pack and wait in line, there are people waiting. No, I’m not talking about the smartphone photographer everyone claims to be these days (AHEM, okay I admit, me too) but people who actually earn a living out of it and are super passionate about what they do.
The camera is almost always pointed at the opposite direction of you because obviously the other side is so much more cantik than you because his job is to take photos of other things. Oh I don’t mean to make this sound bad or misleading but you do know his other girlfriend affair is always his camera right?
Of course after him being away for a couple of days due to work (photoshoot), you would love some alone time together to cuddle when he comes back but a man has to finish his work! And hey, on the bright side, you get to learn tons of photoshop skills or tips for free just by watching him do it! Because let’s admit it, sometimes dressing up can be a little fuss especially to introverts like me. If you want to make your ex jealous or get revenge on your former boyfriend or girlfriend, here are some tips on how to get back at them for cheating on you, lying to you or just because you hate them. The Josh Speaks is a weekly vlog series where I bring you videos that are meant to challenge your way of thinking.
I give my fakest smile and "Wow, okay sorry about that!" ever, and proceed to fill up his sodas to the brim, to the point where the soda is over the brim, barely clinging together from overflowing.
My friend's food came first and he went over to the sauce area and grabbed a few sauce packets (4 or 5 at the most). I get a lot of rude customers, and for the most part I let it roll off my back, but for some reason this one really got me.
Normally I don't really give a shit if kids sneak into movies, I'll only ask for tickets if my manager asks me to or is watching.
Eventually after like 3 minutes of them trying to make excuses they pull out their Paul Blart Mall Cop tickets, like I'm actually going to let them in, LOL. For the most part, things have been great, we get along well and both of us are easy going to not sweat any minor things.
I told the girl to go back to the break room and take a breather, and then calmly informed the woman that she was no longer welcome in our store.
And I can tell you that I have rarely been so satisfied as when I showed the officers the order, identified the woman as the person referred to in it, told them about the frequent return visits and then watched them arrest her on the spot.
She was super attractive, so she probably just wanted to establish dominance over an average looking guy.
After hanging out on the first floor all night I decide to go get some food on the second level because by this point I'm drunk and starving.
I'm chatting with my girl waiting for my food to arrive and once it does I'm super happy and I start chowing down while still chatting away.
About the fifth turn in as I'm getting more food there is a super drunk guy eating my fucking sushi!
We make eye contact and he knows he is wrong, I know he is wrong, and I very calmly push the glob of wasabi and ginger that I have barely touched toward him and tell him that if he doesn't eat them in one bite we are going to have a problem. He eats them both in one bite and proceeds to have somewhat of a rough time with it coughing and eyes watering. I felt like that was a reasonable request because her cart was so full of food and clothing I was surprised it wasn't falling out the sides. Soon the small counter space was filled up and so was the bagging area but this women's cart was still half full. My girlfriend is getting annoyed at this point and wants to switch too but I'm a pretty patient person.

After we had finished packing up our car and heading for the exit, we saw that lady putting the last of her groceries in her minivan.
Around 10 min later the people in the car in front of her got back and started unloading their groceries.
Looks like you have a little more." So I remove a single cashew from the bag and hand it back to her. So after he finally passed out, I went into the kitchen and poured maple syrup all over the floor and told him one of his idiot friends did it. But I'm working an internship in Florida (I'm from California) and I needed to work early the next morning. They told me this guy was basically just being a dick for some reason and that there's no law that says I can't be served on my 21st birthday. She's visibly pissing off most people in the general vicinity with her swearing and general attitude. Now this is your chance as you’d be the first he calls when he gets a new lens and would very much love to try it out! We'll share plenty of self help tips, talk about pick up techniques and dating, discuss the essence of philosophy and express our thoughts on culture.
I am working the drive thru window where you hand the people their shit, wave em off, and on to the next one - I also have to make the customer's drinks.
Maybe it was just that this was my 7th hour of that shift, but I was really fucking angry (on the inside, I didn't give the little bitch a reaction, which I'm sure she was hoping for). I tell her that we can't even deliver something that small, and she's annoyed because that's not even what she wants to order!
Like every place, we had a couple of "usuals" who were assholes for the sake of being assholes.
It happened again a couple of times, but eventually her luck broke and there happened to be two cops on their dinner break in the restaurant. Best of all, I never had to testify - she went totally ballistic and scratched a cop's face. The table we were sitting at was a little small so the server sat the sushi on the table behind me and the area wasn't packed so I thought no big deal. Self checkout was pretty packed so I went to the 10 items or less line that only had 3 people in it. My girlfriend starts making passive aggressive remarks loud enough for the lady in front to hear but not to her face.
I pretended to call a tow truck and told her she would have to wait 30 min for it to get there.
We got married in 2012 and due to the company we work for closing down, we moved back over to Austin, Texas where she was living for 20 years before London. However, doesn't matter if you are a Conservative, liberal, socialist if you are a cunt then you can go fuck yourself. Honestly think I would feel uncomfortable and unsafe but that is just my upbringing," Which I think is fair enough to say. No fuss on everything and yet, you will still able to see what’s going on, literally. How should I pose or carry myself?” and you start making this derp face (or me, at least). We, like most places, have an automated soda fountain that, with the press of a button, fills the cup with soda. On Sunday, when there was nothing left besides milk, I ordered a pizza before she came home. She refuses to tell me this information, insisting I just look it up in our computer by her phone number. One of them, an over-the-top egregiously aggressive woman who found fault with everything, would go ballistic if you so much as failed to address her as "ma'am" in every sentence. No need to book her for trespassing when resisting arrest and cop assault were so convenient! I notice some commotion coming from the person in front of the old lady in front of me with the cashier. I ask him why and he tells me I have to wait until midnight (which would be Friday, the day AFTER my birthday). He asks for my ID again and he approves that I am officially 21 now (somehow that 24 hours made a difference) and starts scanning my items.
I ate all I wanted and then gave the last couple slices away to a nice homeless man who's often outside our building. Now, we can do this, sure, but the system is far from perfect and half the time the info I find isn't correct. The guy asks for my ID and I proudly give it to him because hey I don't get a first legal purchase any other day except today.

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