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September 4, 2014 262 Comments Tonight, my husband shared with me a poem that he found on Facebook. If you'd like to share this poem on your site please don't copy the above image but instead use the one below and link back to this page. What a jerk and of course a man, Some men just don’t have the heart and feelings for their children. What a sexist remark Darlene ” of course a man” if the author would have been a woman you would have had nothing but praise for her insight, RIGHT? I’m a grandmother and the last time I spent a few days babysitting my three month old granddaughter, one night I had just fed her, gotten her ready for bed and darkened her room. Rod Stewart Quote“I've never been more in love with anyone nearly half my age than I am today.
Same thing with Princess Celestia half the time, especially her personality and being a Reasonable Authority Figure. In a way, the references to past generations of the franchise (even the less than flattering ones). Lauren Faust's latest journal entry, where she thanks all the fans for such a great season, along with the heartfelt comments left by the fans. The Hub released its extended "Equestria Girls" promo to fansite Equestria Daily first, and included two very big shout-outs to the Periphery Demographic—using the term "brony" and officially dubbing a pony with a popular fanon nickname. This thread starts out with an Awesome Moment as experienced by the original poster, but then virtually everyone who visits the site shows up to support the poster for having the courage to do it.
This needs to be made especially clear: this is the internet, a gathering ground for broken bases, Flame Wars, and fans claiming to know better than creators. This journal post by one of the show's storyboarders, telling the story of how a soldier stationed in Iraq sent a box of chocolates and bouquet of flowers to the studio as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work. In Cathy Weseluck's interview, you can really tell how much she enjoys working on the show, and how much she loves playing Spike. This video was done by young Chrissy, a girl whom Lauren babysitted and drew Pony artwork for.
According to this video on the Unreleased Tapes of the Bronies documentry, Chrissy met Lauren Faust at BronyCon 2012!
John crashing a My Little Pony panel, from him hugging Tara Strong to saying how he genuinely finds bronies fascinating. A fan at BronyCon asked John de Lancie if the Brony community would change Q's views on humanity.
Case in point, this gift the fans gave to Lauren Faust at the end of her panel that Saturday. A fanart piece showing the Cutie Mark Crusaders all grown up with cutie marks, drawn by layout artist Kat Stenson long before she became part of the show's crew, became Side-Story Bonus Art by being used in the initial version of a recipes PDF on The Hub's website. In a Hot Topic "Hot Minute" interview with Rainbow Dash, she is asked who her best friend is. Similarly, Fluttershy's Hot Topic interview showed her being unable to decide who her best friend is.

When the rumors about Twilight becoming an alicorn princess first started, fan reaction was extremely sour. Even after all the controversy surrounding a certain pegasus that eventually led to her being phased out of the show, beloved fandom mascot, Derpy Hooves, has made several blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameos in Magical Mystery Cure, after having been absent the entire season. UDN spent the rest of the day giving support to the Bronies who expressed sorrow regarding this image. Uberdeathninja: Even if she was a Brony, I feel great sorrow for her loss, and I apologize for trolling on sacred ground. Heartwarming Moments for the comics go to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) or My Little Pony Micro Series.
Plus she may seem a prissy snob but she really does have a beautiful heart when it comes to generosity and help.
She may come off as overly hyperactive and talkative at times, but she has made it her life mission to make everyone she knows as happy as she can.
Instead of just the Mane Six posing together at the end, we have the CMC (that is, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo), Mr.
He's standing at the window, watching Fluttershy feed Angel Bunny with the most melting, adoring expression imaginable. It's nice to know that the show hasn't forgotten its roots in the franchise's past incarnations, despite the Periphery Hatedom they tend to garner from the show's own fans. Not only is it awesome to get such an in depth look into the work that went in to just START the series, but at the end, Lauren gives an extremely touching thanks to all the Bronies who support the show.
As her "official" introduction approached, pretty much the entire fandom was bracing themselves for waves of "ruined" cries as the result of tons of Fanon being rendered meaningless. Sure the slogan for Bronies is "love and tolerate", but as this fanart pointed out◊, everyone expected the community to be split down the middle over Luna's canon portrayal. If this isn't proof that the bronies deeply care about the show and their fandom, then what is? While this Flash Forward art was soon replaced, the present-day art that took its place doesn't disprove it, so even if the G4 series ends before the Crusaders get their cutie marks, we still know that they do get them eventually.
Whether this is either her final send off or a subtle hint that she's returning remains unknown. On 6-24-13, he trolled this image, not realizing the story behind it (that it was regarding the death of a friend of Tara Strong, one of the voice actors. It was sent to me by my eldest son because it reminded him of all the good times he had in his childhood.He is a new father and is experiencing that pain of time flying by too quickly.
She reminded me of her mom so much when she was that small and I couldn’t believe I was being given this wonderful gift again of being able to rock my little darling to sleep. Along with this are the numerous posts in the comments of fans thanking Lauren, the production team, the EQD posters, and the fandom as a whole for everything it means to them. The fact that there have been no major incidents or fights, and more over that nearly the entire fandom has embraced Canon!Luna wholeheartedly, is definitely a crowning moment for the fans and what the show means to them.
The heartwarming part was when Lauren Faust not only expressed sympathy for the devs but she offered the team New OC's for a new game.

The person who died was a young child with a brain tumor, who had received continuous support, moral and financial, from the Bronies). I can apologize all I want, but I didn't make fun of a fanbase, I mocked a dead child who had cancer.
Though her ailment was lethal, it was held at bay long enough for her to enjoy life, no matter how cut short.
You are obviously misconstrued in either theology or just plain ignorant and feel the need to spread it.
I wrote a similar poem myself and gave a copy to each of my four children, who are now grown and have children of their own. It was happy and sad at the same time knowing that, as the verses said, at some point those very special times would end all too soon. Cake, Mayor Mare, Spike, Big Macintosh, Granny Smith, Snips, Snails, and Zecora as well, with Discord inside Fluttershy's cottage and Luna besides Celestia as she receives the message!
If many of the comments are to be believed, it also counts as a Tear Jerker for many a brony. In fact, the cries of "Ruined FOREVER!" have surprisingly ceased a bunch, and there are more people who are stepping up to defend Alicorn!Twilight and are saying "Wait till the episode airs before freaking out!" It just goes to show how caring these fans are.
After realizing that what he had done was so far beyond trolling that even he was disgusted with himself, he gave a heartfelt apology to everyone, admitting that what he had done had crossed so many lines that he knew that he would never be forgiven for it. Though it was painful, it was, at least, peaceful, knowing many had fought so hard to help her. So I just took everything in about that small space of time we were sharing to try to remember it and hold it close. Though it was heartbreaking, we still smile that she existed, just as she smiles on us that we remember her. I cry that he will never play with his four siblings, who have died before he was born (I cry over them because I miss them terribly and even though I am not responsible for their deaths, I cry because I could not stop them from leaving too quickly). Just remember next time, before you troll, make sure that it's something that deserves to be trolled. I do not revel in death, but I take pride knowing that a kind and loving god, somewhere, has taken her into his arms. I cry at the sheer beauty that God has given me in this tiny human and the fact the He has graced me with him is overwhelming that it brings me to tears. I cry as I hold my sleeping son sometimes, knowing that far too quickly he will be to big for me to hold in my lap. I cried tears of joy and shear relief when he was born, and I cried when I got to bring him home.
A mother’s heart NEVER NEVER stops crying, praying, rejoicing or fearing for their child.

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