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Sign up for our email insights series and get a copy of our popular ebook “How to Text Girls” FREE. First the obvious, it sounds like you might be trying to have it both ways, and that is out of pain. Second, you are hedging your bets emotionally (which is also a low blow and maybe why he feels inclined to seek a girl he can stick with). It is a big question, the answer to which I think is about facing fears, rather than setting rules. Look at it as an opportunity to question your strongly held beliefs withhout swinging to the other side of the fence and think on things.

I don't exactly have a question that's why it's called comments below not questions below lol.
That doesn't mean getting back together because its obvious he makes you claustrophobic, but most guys just lose it when girls put them in the bind you have, and its not necessarily his fault. I've felt like the mechanic that's been holding on to the filthy rag at the hip all the whille wondering why the washed uniform never looks pristine at the start of the shift and I'm ready to burn it for good. We know it's the feeling is superficial yet we can't help but still feel those jealous feelings.
I like to participate, credit the guys and always appreciate any advice or feedback from any of them.

I strangely find it therapeutic to get opinions from professionals as they're neutral plus it's free here.
My friends aren't really helpful because as expected they take my side so I don't know if I'm wrong or what exactly I need to make improvements on.

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