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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. A collection of wisdom, experience and techniques geared towards guys going through a breakup. Getting dumped and having your ex-girlfriend leave you for another guy is the most painful thing I have ever experience and many of the guys that have commented on this blog would probably agree with me. First of all, are you ever going to get a clear, definitive, fact-based answer to this question? Is this question on the path towards self-reflection, self-exploration and ultimately growth? Instead of looking for the answer to whether or not she loves this guy, embrace whatever sentiment it is that you feel that led to the question in the first place.
Observe and acknowledge in yourself that right now you feel like you want to know whether or not she loves the guy. From Chaz in Mexico: I am on a really good path to becoming a better man, we broke up two months ago after 7 years together. After my breakup, several years ago, I decided I wanted to get better at interacting with women.
Seeing your ex girlfriend move on before, you yourself, are ready to take that next step, is a painful experience.
Having a hard time dealing with an ex girlfriend that’s moving on often goes hand in hand with a host of other feelings.
Let me know if this article has helped you deal with an ex-girlfriend that’s moving on, post a comment below or drop a line in the breakup forum. Filed Under: Dealing With A Breakup 85 Comments About JesseI've been helping guys recover from their breakups since 2012.
If you’re there, and you can commit to NC, follow these three steps and report back here in two weeks and tell me how you feel. Go no contact, make arrangements so you minimize the chances of walking in to her, and meditate on coming to terms with the end of the relationship.
Women are wired to keep up appearances even though their body knows that the relationship is withering, or losing its appeal.
The fact that you were oblivious to this indicates that you were out of touch with what was going through her mind. You should go no contact, get rid of the pictures and work on becoming comfortable on your own.
I am just out of a 2 yr relationship with the love of my life who cut me off hard, almost out of the blue, and am trying to accept the fact that I was not in tune with her happiness but also trying to understand why that was the case. What his advice amounts to is that this behavior is rooted in toxic shame you’ve cultivated growing up.
Hi Jesse, me and my girlfriend went out for 4 years and she dumped me 2 months ago because i cheated on her and she found out.
She wasn’t being disingenuous at the time she said those things, she was being young and naive.
Great post and thanks to all the guys who posted, i read through the whole comments section and your stories have helped tremendously.
Hi, I need to get over my ex, and I understand the whole no contact rule, but I can’t do that. It sounds like you can argue it both ways and that what really matters how you feel about it at your core. I knew this girl in high school but never gave no attention to her cause she wasn’t that attractive.
What I talk about frequently on this blog is how the way your parents displayed affection helps to define your model of affection growing up.
By imagining the encounter, the different scenarios, and imagining yourself responding in the way you would want to respond, you are progressively desensitizing yourself to the encounter.
I think your postponing the wedding might have been your way of dealing with the nervousness, which in turn, is caused by some underlying reason. HI Jesse, ive been reading your website and the advice you give about this process about loosing someone.
We always dream of having that picture perfect relationship with out loved one however things do not turn out the way they are supposed to do so. You know when you’re ex does those really weird things after a breakup?  Like, acts really wishy washy?  Or says he’s going to call and then he doesn’t and then acts like you’re a total stranger?  One minute he’s hot, next minute, ice cold!
What he told me about me about men was kind of shocking?  As a woman, it kind of got my blood boiling a bit.
Okay, so brace yourself.  I’m going to tell you, but first I need to know if you’ve had any of these thoughts, questions, or gut feelings about your ex since you guys ended things. I’m more interested in you finding happiness and love again.  I’m interested in you feeling whole and alive again, and parting that mist that’s in front of your eyes. Take on my perspective for just a minute and see if you can let go of him just a little bit more.
Learning to get along with an ex can be necessary for mutual friends, children or professional reasons. Pictures: Ari Bakker, Alexandre Normand, Pascal, asenat29, Laurence Simon (Crap Mariner), Vic. Most relationships harbour some resentment, and it’s difficult to let that go after it ends. Even if you want to be friends after your relationship is over, your ex may not — or they may not be ready. You might be down to continue your weekend World of Warcraft PvP battles and taco truck runs a few months into the split, but your ex may not feel the same way. Whether it takes two weeks or two years, seeing your ex with someone else for the first time almost always stings at least a little. Be honest with yourself about whether you can handle seeing that your ex has moved on, and act accordingly. If and when you are comfortable with your ex’s new relationship down the line, remember to be civil and friendly with the new partner.
Getting enough protein is important, regardless of whether you want healthy skin and nails, to lose weight, or get bulging biceps.
Not even the best negotiation tactics can overcome the folly of asking your boss for a raise at the wrong time. Or is on the path of continued victimhood, reverence of your ex-girlfriend and the perpetuation of the pain cycle you find yourself in.
I went through a lot of different emotions and only once I had overcome most of them, did I start writing this blog.
My girlfriend and I had been dating on and off for about 3 and a half years, now that we are both about to go off to college things got stressful and we started fighting much more. I had always been nervous and shy around women and it left me without any control over my love life.
I will teach you techniques to deal with you ex-girlfriend, adjusting to single life and getting over your breakup. Click here to get notified when my book "The Breakup Recovery Manual For Men" gets published. It hurts to see someone who was once your closest companion moving on to new things and new people. Breakups hurt, and you’re going to need to acknowledge that some things are going to make you feel sad. To be able to handle seeing your ex you must mentally rehearse what you would want yourself to do.

Where you’ll be in a year from now will be that sum, plus the decisions you make from now on. When people say something like that, what they’re usually trying to say is that meeting people does not come naturally. Everyday I’m talking myself positively, accepting it and understanding it is indeed for the best. She was my co-worker and we have been in a relationship for 2 years, in those times I see her every day because she’s located just beside my workstation. Get together with some close friends or family and pour your heart out AND let them distract you.
This happens to a lot of guys and often times it’s because they become preoccupied with their own problems or because they put her needs above their own. You need to learn to love yourself before you’re able to engage in a healthy relationship.
This happens to a lot of guys and often times it’s because they become preoccupied with their own problems or because they put her needs above their own. I think you’ve touched on something important here relating to my case and I really want to understand it better.
It feels as if you’re sacrificing yourself for her and being the most considerate guy ever.
Now i know i was in the wrong for doing that to her so i followed your steps like having no contact but until recently i found out that within the two months that we have broken up she has moved on and is currently in a relationship with another guy that i know….
For a year and a half I always had trust issues with my ex but she comforted me and got me to trust her eventually. It is very hard to go through this and it is nice to know there are others who understand how you feel. The past 2 mos just like everyone else here I was sad, abandoned,lonely and just devastated. Imagine if all these feelings pass over, and 10 years from now you look back, is helping her pay off the debts the moral thing to do, or not? We might be able to categorize this as the same type of behavior, and if so, it would be a valuable learning experience to put yourself first for a change. If, somehow, your childhood was disrupted or your parents where overwhelmed by circumstances, you might have evolved a dysfunctional model for affection as a result.
My guess is that you were using her the same way you were using the drugs: to escape something else in your life, presumably in your past.
How long do I have to stay without contacting her cos she seems pretty convinced that I cheated and she won’t contact me either. And if her suspicion of you cheating caused this break, the relationship was doomed to fail anyway.
A picture of her and him together smiling, with captions about how wonderful the dinner was that she and a friend made for him. One of the reasons for this is that the brain doesn’t make a clear distinction between real events and imagined ones. I would walk yourself through the different scenarios, and come up with your ideal responses to them. Something you can say when you get caught off-guard by her, both of them, or any other situation.
Her blaming you, and you accepting the blame is more of an indication of an imbalance that probably existed in the relationship as well. You need to grow as a person so you can attract someone with whom you can form a harmonious bond without feeling insecure about committing.
But if you decide that you want to stay friendly, you’ll be better off with a little space first.
You and your ex won’t soon forget the personal sacrifices you made for one another, or even minor annoyances you suffered. Trying to get them to pretend that this side of their life doesn’t exist just to spare your feelings is immature and selfish. They might not want to be your friend (you are their significant other’s ex after all), but being civil with hopes that any negativity or awkwardness will soon blow over is the best thing to do. But "enough" could be the difference between eating a few extra eggs and washing down your steak with protein shakes. Is there, then, some type of non-fact based, non-definitive answer that you’re going to be satisfied with? The only problem is this hunch and gut feeling that I will end up marrying her and making my life with her.
Like most guys my success was largely dependent on random interactions through my social circles.
It can have a lot of positive effects on your life if you’re in a healthy relationship. Things might be hard now, but maybe this is the most valuable life lesson you’ll ever learn.
The only tthing was I failed at the no contact rule because I couldn’t bear at she left me, said one thing and acted another. But all that stands between the current you and the you that finds it easy and enjoyable to meet other people is just a bunch of decisions you can start taking now. But after we broke up I asked to be transfer to another team so I wouldn’t see her anymore.
I should mention that we like to travel and we had a long distance relationship since the first of the year since we both took jobs in different cities at the same time. How exactly does this cause one to be out of touch with whats going on in their loves mind?
My biggest fear was that college would change her and that her and I would end due to other guys with a college education or because of college activities such as partying , drinking, etc.
It’s important to stay civil and respectful in those moments that you do have to have contact. Felt like it was all my fault, the only time I felt good at all is when I talked to her or pissed her off to get an emotional response from her. She was a meth addict and was in a relationship with a user and hanged with all drug users; including some of her family. She insulted me on a text one week ago saying all sorts of nasty things which I didn’t reply or call back. Point being, there often still is a way to maintain no contact, and you’ll be thankful you did. There’s an evolutionary reason for this fear, but there is no legitimate rational one. When you reconnect, it will be a little easier to see yourselves as individuals and not feel responsible for one another, or too affected by one another’s actions. This fold-out pegboard shelving system one packs a ton of storage space in a small footprint. Staying positive will make you feel better, and feeling better will allow you to achieve more of the things you want in life.
Instead, this is a prime opportunity for you to explore beyond that and bond with new people of different walks of life.
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you for actually taking the time to reply to my comments here even though there was no benefit on your part. Well she told me she would never do that and that if I chose to stay with her we will work on our relationship though it all. She started dating and screwing someone immediately, I try to don’t the no contact rule, but our problem is we had a lot of debt together credit cards, my car our insurance, and barely have to keep in contact but we still do to make arrangements.
Your fear is based on your instincts that this new male might kill your offspring, or you might end unwittingly rearing his.

Give each other time to work through the pain and find out how to live without depending on one another. It’s important to remember that if your goal is to be friendly or civil, you should act accordingly.
But we know that it’s important, during and after a breakup, to keep the focus on ourselves.
I would keep going back to try to contact her after maybe 2 weeks eventhough I knew about the whole no contact rule.
So if you feel uneasy and uncomfortable approaching new people, you have my permission to ignore those feelings. The problem here is even this simple contact now and again throws back feelings on my side, I did however meet someone I think is great and that has really eased this whole thing on me as well , I wanted to ask you , since she was the one to walk out and all the debt was under her name, would it be wrong for me to just say adios? This could be as simple as a polite greeting when you see one another in public, or offering to help when you hear he or she needs it.
Don’t confuse this with your comfort zone, because your comfort zone is likely going to be a bit too small right now.
This will get some positive momentum going in your life, and that’s the key to getting over this phase.
When I suggested to her that I will be out the following weekend she said she had plans with her friends and not to come. The fact that you still want someone that doesn’t want you back seems to suggest that you have little self worth. Then I learn that its not her its her environment and start to love her for who she is and forget about all the negative thoughts that I thought of her.
At first, I did what I have been gathering is the usual routine – trying to get her back.
She wouldn’t consider moving in with me, and I was feeling worried about giving up my home.
You may even take the time to do things that you always wanted to do, but for whatever reason felt like your previous relationship prevented. It's important to move past this feeling, as otherwise you risk becoming an amateur detective who is focused on her ex's life to the detriment of her own. So I was thinking maybe we have another chance, but when I’m trying to get close to her again, she’s pulling away. You need to explore those questions and you need to use this time to do some soul searching.
About two weeks ago she went to an open house and basically went back on everything she said.
She told me she wants to have a party life and that she would sleep with other guys no matter what I do.
I texted and called her for the next three weeks just to maintain contact so I could feel she is still in my life. It was inevitable that she had slept with someone that month after we got back and the guilt pushed her to the breakup. Well 2 weeks after the breakup we were still in contact then she must have met someone she wanted to pursue because she initiated no contact and it was devastating to me. And what makes things worse is that she said she didnt want the relationship and more because she didnt wanna work on a relationship with me though college.
So far I am not contacting her, but am having a very hard time dealing with this, mainly because I know that if I hadn’t told her about my cold feet we would still be on track.
We had broken up a few times over the years but always managed to get back after a month or so. Well a few weeks go by and I find out she has a new guy, this devestates me because she said she was not going to do this. Our relationship consisted of lies and cheating and breaking up a lot because of her and I would just react with the same thing.. She informed me several weeks later that she gad someone in her life and she gad moved on and was never going back.
I would break up with her move on and she would come back after realizing that guy just wanted sex she would come back and I would forgive her not because she cheated but because I know how she is. Going out with the very few friends I have left after this breakup is a great source of relief for me. Btw she had informed next that she had been slept with the guy very early on and that she felt our relationship at least how she felt had been over for quite some time. At the end of our 10 year run we really tried to have a baby but had fertility problems which she blames me I blame her for her past drug use because of finding a meth pipe about a year and a half ago.
Just recently within the past week when I did get through to her at work she told me that she was Ina. Our family’s were and still do talk and for Christ sake her guy cousin still rents a room from me and sometimes seeing him reminds me of her. So now its been about or almost 3 months tht we have been broke up and I still live in the past of US. I’ve been bomb boarding her with pictures of us and things we did together but I feel like she only deleted them and meant nothing to her at this point. Only now since I haven’t spoken to her in about 5 days am I just realizing that she will not be coming back ever. She had got 9000 from her 401k and told me we would put it twords our own place but starts to act different and I start to notice!
But it’s not fair that I have to wander around my own city living in fear while she gets free reign.
I really don’t want to set back my recovery that is slowly but surely coming over me. So now we are starting the cycle again and now I’m devastated cause im 29 and to old for this. How can I cope with the aftermath of depression and despair I’ll be feeling if I accidentially run into them? She is very attractive and has a great body and could get almost any guy she is attracted to. I am devastated I thought we were close but I sensed the drift in Arizona and did nothing about it.
Come to find out after 3 weeks she brought some guy to Thanksgiving and nobody told me or stood up for me. I thought that since we had this most romantic vacation planned to the Virgin Islands that we were ok and that we were just feeling the stress from all the change. I should have realized that this girt needed constant attention and she set it in her mind that this long distance thing was not for her. I was going crazy mentally and was not thinking good thoughts but now don’t feel like hurting no one. Holding a master's degree in curriculum and Instruction, she has written training materials for three school districts.
I have ran threw all my money and ruined my job once again because of this women and she seems to just be happier then ever (is what I hear). I can’t seem to stop thinking of this women and blaming her for my abuse of alcohol and cocaine. I want her out of my heart forever because now I realize she is nothing but poison to me and never treated me as a king and I could not do the same for her.

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