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It is as if JA?rgen Klopp arrived on Merseyside, fired a starting pistol and Adam Lallana has been sprinting ever since. The most enduring image of Klopp’s Liverpool reign will come to be one of the earliest, an exhausted England midfielder falling into the arms of his manager at White Hart Lane in October.
High-energy, emotional football was here and Lallana has become one of its most effective exponents. Jordan Henderson was injured but he travelled with us and said he would have loved to be playing in that game as much as any other.

He understands you will make mistakes and not play so well in a game but if you leave blood and sweat on the pitch for him – that is what he likes most.
I was professional but not to the point I should have been in terms of how I ate or how committed I was when I was younger.
You have to be 100 per cent committed and professional from the youngest age or you won’t cope. By 24 and the Premier League I was captain and then Pochettino came and that’s where I stepped up. They say thanks, so I’m sure it is just a minority of fans who find their voice when I play there and then a couple more join in.

They are also just six points from the top in a division Lallana believes is more open than ever. If you come off a European game and you find yourself playing Crystal Palace it’s going to be one of your hardest games of the season.

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