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From embarrasing envelopes, humiliating parcels to downright scandalous letters, you have the power to totally crush your ex. Notice:Please upgrade your browser to at least Internet Explorer 7 to properly view this website.
Let me ask you this question - since breaking up with your ex, how much sleep have you lost?
And while a few sleepless nights may be considered as just a fact of a breakup, there is a real cost to all of this. Well Dan noticed that over the past few weeks the number of spam sms messages he'd been receiving had been on the increase. I know that the subject line of this newsletter is a bit strange, so I think I better explain.
Here, world-famous hypnotist Paul McKenna and psychotherapist Dr Hugh Willbourn show the reader how to cope with the grief which can accompany the break-up of a relationship. You can even write your own special message inside the card to really get your point across.
I know I can't say a lot given the way that this blog looks like, but then again, I'm not a website developer. The site has a new, fresh look - the links work and the whole process is a lot slicker than it was before.
Allot of my favourite memories as a child were when we stayed up late during sleep over’s and making prank calls.
Me and my friends would lay around on our beds and try to better each other with our different ideas.
Classified advertisements in your free local newspapers are not very expensive and sometimes free they are a very good way to tarnish your ex’s squeaky clean image. There are a lot of women out there who have faked being pregnant just to keep the man in her life and manipulate them into doing things just by the power of intimidation.
If you are looking to get revenge on, an ex or friend, family member and you have access to their underwear drawer you can have enormous amounts of fun. Get hold of a clean pair you know they will be wearing very soon and then turn them inside out.
This is a payback prank that is fun to do on your boss, co-workers and ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. ANYHOW - here's a very simple (and therefore overlooked) tactic which can be employed VERY effectively.
For a great payback tactic, call your marks phone when you know he or she won’t be there to answer it and don’t say anything, just leave the phone off the hook long enough to use up the tape.
Phone your target’s answering machine repeatedly and ?ll the tape with static noise, vomiting sounds, the sound of a toilet flushing.
Those crazy guys at Get Revenge On Your Ex have done it again, it’s that time of the year again for Christmas spirit and good will to all men, but with a difference! Once again, this year, they have just designed a unique set of nasty Christmas cards which can be sent anonymously to an ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend, or even if you fancy a little bit of revenge on your boss there is a card here to suit everyone’s needs.
This technique for getting even is what I call Revenge by Post, and it is perfect to get your own back on a ex partner, co-worker or boss.
Find an empty cardboard box, glue on an address label to the place where your target works.
Sure, some people will think it's just a scam, just another chancer on the Internet preying on gullible people, (and I understand why people might think that way), but I guarantee you, THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!
We went through a very bad phase at work and over about 5 weeks I clocked up A LOT of extra hours. The list of reasons why you might take revenge are endless, but if you read this I suspect that either you are just curious about the contents of this article, or you already have one person, people or businesses in mind because you feel you have been damaged in some way and think they deserve to be punished. Perhaps it's because of some distant childhood memory of me playing postman at the weekends and rushing to collect the post from the front door to deliver to my parents. Ask any competent photographer or Photoshop artist, who also has some sense of humour, about composite photographs. This is a very useful dirty trick and one that bears the stamp of approval of the CIA and the FBI.

They make your daily life hell on earth and all you want to do is do a good job for a proper salary and get them to leave you alone!
Well, the guys at GROYE are about to launch a new video messaging service where you can send your boss a video message that they'll never forget.
You know what I mean - the sort of person who cycles everywhere: to work, the shops or wherever. Well that's all fine and dandy but the problem these days is that there are a lot of theives about and you, being the helpful kind of person you are, think that your enemy is not security conscious enough.
Make your victim call their brand new mobile phone, whilst it’s wrapped in silver foil!
If you want to assist in a side splitting but harmless practical joke, try to arrange to be around when your victim receives this downloadable, editable letter (sent by you, of course!). Reality TV, the culture of celebrity, X Factor, Britain's Got Talent; there are a thousand TV programmes where the public will make idiots of themselves at the drop of a hat. A government-seconded company is writing to your victim; satellite imagery has found artefacts, which they can claim as treasure-trove.
Convincing editable letter & professional letterhead even has a working website address (under construction). You could post this in a sealed envelope to a friend in a different part of the country (or a different country) to post from that confounding anonymous location. Post the document to your victim, preferably via a friend in a different town, thus a postmark from somewhere unconnected.
3 big ugly vicious Rottweiller dogs are being delivered to your victim's house for canine foster-care! EDITABLE .doc file with 0845 number will be unobtainable or just rings forever.  Convincing letterhead with website (under construction) adds to the credence of this disturbing wind-up!
Please note: We do NOT condone people causing others distress by the use of our novelty products. This company specialise in delivering wholesale quantities of sex aids to 'sex workers', massage parlours and such places! Downloadable .doc EDITABLE letter with convincing letterhead and a website (that appears to be under construction) for aurthenticity. An offensive professional-quality Christmas card to download and print on both sides of A5 photographic paper. Please remember that these offensive cards are novelty items only, they are not intended to be used 'in anger'. Imagine two crochety old incontinent hags turning up at your house, delivered by two nurses! They're going to drop the old codgers off for a fortnights' fostering, and YOUR VICTIM will be the lucky carer! There is even a website (which appears to be under construction) when the recipient types the web address into their browser.
Downloadable image files exactly sized to be printed on A4 photographic paper and folded to A5 landscape format. Send messages by Skype from your PC or Laptop, ensuring that you don't enable the sender ID to display your own mobile phone number. When sending SMS messages from Skype, recipients of your message will, by default, see the first 11 characters from your Skype Name (for example, if your Skype Name is you-asshole, your text recipient will see you-asshole), and they won’t be able to reply to your text message. Buy a jar of pickled rollmop herring, or go to the fishmonger and ask for some fish heads, say they're for your cat.
Wait until they go away for a weekend without the car or if they park on the street at night, borrow the vehicle for a couple of hours.
This area is designed to post photos ex wife revenge pics and stories about your ex wife and her lying, cheating ways.
I am not sure how I got off on Russian women and mail order brides, now I just feel bad about it.
Obviously we like the most unflattering pictures you can post and we encourage you to send them in often.
Just fill out the form below and you will get the email address of where to submit your story and pictures.

12 tax audit red flags To avoid catching the attention of the IRS, beware of these tax audit red flags. Not only him, but his friends, family and colleagues had also noted an increase in this annoying personal invasion. Now, when we moved in, we didn't tell people what we really do (we're not that daft!) and we've got a great cover story. How to Mend Your Broken Heart is packed with simple, highly effective, practical techniques which will make you feel better fast, and bring about lasting change. It was so much fun we decided to start taping our calls so we could listen to them at a later date, the calls just got crazier and crazier as our confidence. Get some numbing sports cream or cream for haemorrhoids as this works the same and carefully smear some in the crotch area of the underwear. It uses the embarrassment technique that will be used to deliver your anonymous revenge, so it helps if your "mark" is the type easily embarrassed.
Everyone has done something on occassion that is against the law and surely, as a responsible citizen, then it is your duty to do something about it. In fact, any posh new phone will do the trick, so long as it was purchased brand new from a retailer. Your victim will receive a letter urging them to send a picture of themselves in their naughtiest underwear to the spoof TV production company on the convincing letterhead. Every time they leave a branch of their favourite retail store, the alarm sounds and security will come running.
Your victim has been mistaken for a massage parlour proprietor, and about ?700 worth of kit has been charged to their credit card for delivery next week, but NOT in plain packaging!!
Please use your common sense and ONLY send this to a friend or colleague for a JOKE if you are certain that they won't be offended! The smell is insidious and truly vile, but if you don't know where to look, the office stink takes ages to trace. Wear a hat and scarf wrapped around the face, or a balaclava, GLOVES at all times, take the car for a tour through half a dozen speed cameras around the area at 15mph over the limit and park exactly back in the same spot before your victim knows the car has moved. Feel free to tell the world all the gritty details and warn others about your ex wife and her backstabbing ways. You can remain anonymous if you like or change the names, but we really want your the funniest or meanest stuff. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.
Women have used the fake pregnancy tactic to get control and intimidate men since time existed.
I personally know someone who says that a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich would be a fantastic Xmas meal if they just knew that their loved ones are warm and safe! It’s a photo where someone has been added to a group, someone’s face has been used on the body of another person, or an entirely new photograph is created simply by using composite parts. I really liked "Spies Like Us" and I still play Soulfinger and dance around in the snow by myself just like the movie. Here you will find everything from mean pictures and stories to funny or embarrassing pictures of ex girlfriends and wives.Most everyone has been burned in a relationship. To be fair, lots of men do the exact same thing, but historically wives corner the market on gold digging.
Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.
Although this is not always the case, I have heard of some pretty awesome kick ass mail order brides.
And while some people write in anonymously, others divulge their names -- which is required in order to claim a whistleblower reward of 15% to 30% of any extra money collected as a result of their tip.
Even if they haven\'t, there is still every need to send them this package - care of their neighbours or work colleagues, of course!

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