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While it’s not like she announced that she was directing these songs at Justin by name, it did feel a little bit like a vengeful dig in the wake of their break-up. DON'T Try To One-Up HimBieber sang "Cry Me A River" at a post-break concert, and now Selena is too? Then with a toothpick, remove the cotton particle from both halves, put it into a small cup. After it becomes fluffy (10-15 minutes next to the boiling water) place the cup with cotton stuff under the sun.
For an ex put the powder on something they use everyday like a cell phone, notebook, shoes, etc.
With a girl enemy, put it on a handle of a mirror, their locker handle, pencil, notebook, make up bag, make up, cell phone. Well I had a boyfriend who liked listening to what most guys despise and that is one direction, Taylor swift .. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories!
1Make up your mind on what you want to doAs trivial as it may sound, revenge is a dish best served cold. Don't hesitate to sue this person in case his actions had serious consequences for your physical or mental health, career, or finance.
Honestly, making your ex realize how amazing you still are without him around is really the best type of revenge, and you can definitely do it without it being a total mean-fest. However, focusing just on them doesn’t give you the time to think back on what went wrong and maybe things you’ll want to do differently next time around.
Using someone else to make your ex jealous or spreading rumors about his new girlfriend may seem like ways to get revenge, but really, that's just mean.
It may sound strange that to get revenge you shouldn't even think about the person, but it's really the best way. DO Show Off The Happy You!Okay, so I don't mean get a whole paparazzi crew to follow you around or anything, but I do mean that you shouldn't be shy about showing off how happy you are without him anymore.
In real life, if you let everyone get away with misbehavior, people would exploit you all the time.

Analyze the situation and decide what exactly you want to do in order to teach your enemy a lesson.
If your pride was not the only thing to suffer, the best thing you can do is trust your revenge to professional lawyers.Don't fake discrediting evidences. Feel free to alternate them depending on your specific situation, but don't let this single act of revenge turn into a global war. Revenge on TV or in movies is sometimes showed as a competition about who can best the other person. Ultimately it's her life and choice, but it does leave some people feeling not so great about the way she goes about displaying some of those guys in the songs. The world has too many sad and bad things going on for us to keep tearing people down, even if they've hurt us in the past. If people still see you totally dwelling on a guy you want revenge on, it's not going to be a good look.
It doesn't mean blame yourself for what happened, but instead of focusing all your energy on affecting your ex, instead focus on changes you can make that'll make you way happier moving forward (definitely good revenge). All there will be are more hurt feelings and people may not stay on your side no matter the original situation. Being happy without someone is the ultimate revenge, but you won't be happy unless you get out and do all the things you love. So one day he ended up ignoring me and I found out he was also dating another girl which at the time I was pretty heart broken! If you don't have real proofs of that person's being a jerk, just look for another revenge option. If you do that though, you'll get stuck in this cycle forever and he'll probably think you can't get over him. If you try to go out there and prove how happy you are (when you're feeling anything but happy), it'll be obvious that you're trying to get a rise out of him and that won't look good.
You certainly won't get any sort of positive revenge if people don't want to hang out because you continually keep scheming. It would give you some time to chill and plan your revenge strategy, and besides, ignoring the enemy you show him that his misbehavior haven't done any harm to your psyche and you don't think he's worth bothering about.3Hit what's important for your enemyOne of the best revenge options is to take something away from this person, particularly, something that he or she values.

If you fake it, the truth would come out one day, and you will be the one whose reputation is ruined once and for all.Don't violate the law! In addition to not speaking any kinds of rumors or rude remarks, pranks or things like that are no good.
Don't feel like you need to prove anything to anybody right away, so just take some time to regroup and feel good about you. I then did something really horrible and naturally as a human I wanted him to hurt as much as I did. Your boyfriend's new car, your annoying neighbors' favorite garden dwarf, or your stupid colleague's best tie are good targets.4Destroy your enemy's reputationAnother thing to do is destroy this person's reputation.
Remember that your actions can break any moral rules, but it can't violate the criminal code. So I made a fake fb account as a guy and began saying I loved him on Facebook and telling all his friends that they were secretly dating and to stay away. So people then got the hint that he was gay and the worst part for the poor guy is that he went to an all boys school!
That's an easy thing to do if you want to get revenge on your ex or someone you used to know really well.
A couple of awkward photos or videos + social networking website would be a great formula.5Don't help that personIf you want to get revenge for treason, just stay cool until this person needs your help.
Also my best friend is gay and I absolutely love gay people but I guess him being accused of it was a bad look for someone who went to school with only boys! Once you made your ex regret about letting you go, you can make a sighting shot by starting a relationship with one of his or her friends.

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