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You might have noticed by now that certain areas of your body have a higher tendency to store fat. So then, do we just store our fat in different places, or is there actually something different about this so-called stubborn fat?
Your love handles and other stubborn fat areas have a higher ratio of alpha-receptors to beta-receptors – up to 10 times more.
It’s worth noting that the best way to fight love handles and other stubborn fat areas is to prevent them from forming in the first place. The muscle will grow from exercise stimulus, but the fat will remain the same, causing the area to be more pronounced. To conclude, you are not alone in your frustration over why your love handles and stubborn fat won’t go away. I have a very good diet, mainly fish, 170g protein or more, less than 75g carbs but never under 50g, do resistance training and lift heavy.
Hi Kay, those last few body fat are tricky, and yes, it is going to take a lot of consistency and patience to bring them in. One being a girl wearing the cutest Stella McCartney workout outfit like EVER and the other being a lady who you could tell had never walked through a gym before.
Waist slimming is an art, a combination of a healthy diet and certain exercises will bash the fat and give you a slim waistline. The oblique muscles are there to pull you in, they are comparable to a waist cincher that people back in the 20’s used to wear under gowns to give that waist a slim down. In this video I will show you the 3 movements you should be doing 2-3 times a week to get a slim waistline. I always think free weight areas should have a PT there at all times, i’ve seen so many people hurt themselves because of bad form. INSTAGRAMTAPPolicyStar Systemz FITNESS will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere. People who set their minds to something usually accomplish what they set out to do, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily. She knew she was unhappy and that was contributing to her weight gain, so she did something about it. She resigned from her job, moved back home with her family and tried to find some peace in her life. Getting enough protein in her diet was difficult because she’s allergic to seafood and found it hard to snack on meat.
When Christine first read about Tom’s Burn the Fat program she noticed that he kept talking about how important support was, but she really didn’t believe him. Christine firmly believes that Tom’s emphasis on support is truly what allowed her to stay with the challenge and complete it. MEN CLICK HERE for your FREE presentation revealing the secret body science that allows you to eat more food to burn more fat! WOMEN CLICK HERE for your FREE presentation with simple tricks to shedding fat from the most stubborn areas - without going hungry. However, the fact is that you need to lose overall body fat, so as to get rid of love handles. Cardio workouts help in promoting blood circulation throughout the body, and help in boosting up the metabolism level of an individual.

Apart from doing exercises to get rid of love handles, it is also imperative to follow a healthy diet plan. Therefore, it is crucial to eat healthy foods, rich in all essential minerals and vitamins, so that the fitness level of the body is maintained and love handles are lost quickly and successfully. Toning the oblique muscles would be quite helpful with respect to getting rid of love handles. Strengthening of lower back muscles would be of great help with respect to losing love handles. It is important to reduce the intake of sodium in the diet, so as to avoid prominence of problem areas like love handles and gut.
An individual may suffer from heart problems like stroke and heart attack due to increased consumption of salt in the diet. What this means is that where your typical diet and exercise would succeed in mobilizing fat stores, it fails (or at least makes it more difficult) to get rid of love handles and other stubborn fat.
And once you have a large amount of fat on your body, it makes it that much harder to lose it, but certainly not impossible!
If that’s the case, the best way to battle stubborn fat stores is to work on improving your insulin sensitivity (here are 10 ways you can increase your insulin sensitivity for better fat loss). Through a treatment regimen focused on prevention, improving your insulin sensitivity, patience, and consistency, you give yourself a fighting chance to lose that stubborn fat. It is trying to maintain the estrogen levels produced by your ovaries and as that declines it adds fat to produce more estrogen. There are others that are more expensive that have more functions, but the Omron gets the job done for me. There are certain exercises you should BAN from your waist slimming routine that is of course if you are looking for that coke bottle body.
STOP doing weighted side oblique crunches, dumbbell side bends and weighted Russian Twists. Oblique muscles need not to bulk as if they build as full muscle, they will give you a square like appearance instead of a cinched like appearance. I know the trend right now is to count your macros and eat a box of pop tarts but unless you are counting your macros (bringing a scale around with you) and out lifting the nearest powerlifter, you need to watch that diet. What really makes me want to go over and talk to someone when that person does squats with their knees going waaaaaay over they toes. Try saying, “I will” for a change, instead of “I can’t” and see what you can achieve in terms of your own fat loss. She started going to the gym with her sister to help with her belly fat loss and found Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat challenge, a biannual body transformation and fat loss competition, so she signed up. It is commonly believed by people that by working on this area of the body, the amount of fat would be reduced. Once,you start doing exercises for getting rid of excessive body fat, love handles would be lost automatically.However, it is important to remember here that it is not a one day’s job.
The energy and strength of an individual would also be improved, consequently enabling successful and quick fat loss.
Excessive consumption of oily and junk foods may result in increased body weight, and may not allow the fat around the abs to go away.
A few exercises which would aid in toning the oblique muscles consist of lying twist, trunk twist, lying leg raise, and oblique crunch.

You need to work hard to reduce the fat from your lower back, so that fat from the abs can be reduced effectively. Reducing the intake of salt in the diet would be of large help with regard to keeping in good health and losing love handles. On the other hand, alpha-receptors inhibit fat metabolism and have decreased fat tissue blood flow.
When you put on weight, your ratio of testosterone to estrogen starts to shift in favor of estrogen. In fact, if you are going to overwork your obliques in the hope that it will lose the fat in the area, it will actually cause the area to stick out more. Diet wise, if your calories have been in a deficit for a long time, it might be time to start implementing refeeds. Continuing to drop body fat will really reduce the appearance of loose skin, but for some people, surgery is the only option. Being me, I so desperately wanted to run up to her and give her GYM 101, but instead I decided to step back and see which exercises she went for. The only time you can use weights it when you are crunching the front part of the abdominal area.
Now with that said, I have a free ten day challenge that will knock your socks off and help you jump start that weight loss goal. Remember, do not ADD WEIGHTS to these three exercises, to get a slim waist you need to rid of the fat in this section and keep it slender by not adding thick muscle. Aerobics, dancing, walking, jogging, cycling, and running are appropriate forms of cardio workouts which would help in keeping the body in good shape. Be patient and consistent more than anything, and you will notice it slowly start to go away. As a double whammy, if estrogen is still not high enough and testosterone begins to dominate, any excess energy consumed will be stored on belly as well – as that is a male fat storage pattern!! If that is not an option for you, I’d work on improving your self-image and learn to love who you see in the mirror regardless of what you look like.
For us ladies, this is not the way to go, there are a few exercises I am totally not for, this is one of them.
The challenge includes a grocery list, tips on what to eat during those hunger hours and set you up for success with motivational tips. You can add this workout into your routine at the gym or just plop on down and do it right now! However, now with the help of Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat program, she can recognize this pattern and catch it early before it runs away with her. Your ratio of testosterone to estrogen is going to have a large role in where you store fat on your body. Your blood shuttles many of the required hormones and nutrients into cells that are needed for lipolysis to occur.

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