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The company says that the while the Dragonborn expansion will arrive in February, the Hearthfire and Dawnguard content will also arrive later in the month. Following its launch, the wait for Skyrim DLC was a long one for all platforms, but PlayStation 3 players especially. We reviewed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragonborn, and Hearthfire content when they arrived last year on the Xbox 360. Bethesda has already announced that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been optimized to run on the Xbox 360, but this doesn't mean that the game will look best on the consoles.
This may come as a huge shock to many, but Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim won't offer multiplayer when it releases this Fall.
Last we had heard from Bethesda, the company was working closely with Sony to bring the Skyrim Dawnguard expansion to the PS3.
Todd Howard of Bethesda wants console players of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to be able to use mod tools one day. Bethesda's Pete Hines has just stated that Skyrim PS3 issue affect not just Dawnguard DLC but all DLCs for the game. Hines further clarifies that development team is working round the clock the find out fix for this nasty issue but he still could not confirm as to when the DLC will arrive on PS3.
These screenshots recently popped up online in Japan, with a forum commenter pointing out that The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim was a game in which you could play in a river of cabbage. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. In case you're a PS3 player and you haven't been paying attention, here are some links to our coverage for the vampire-filled Dawnguard pack (not great), the home-making Hearthfire pack (lovely for fans of domestic activity), and Dragonborn, the best of the three. When Skyrim first came out, Bethesda had lofty promises for the game's downloadable content. See, the first thing you'll notice, once you take a boat to Raven's Rock and start poking your way through Solstheim, is that it actually feels like a new experience. Entering Solstheim, for me, was sort of like starting up Skyrim from the beginning, with no knowledge of what was in store. The second thing you'll notice about Dragonborn, if you're like me and recently spent a ton of time with Dishonored, is that you will miss the Blink spell a great deal. And of course there are the goblins floating in mid-air in the middle of fights, the janky animation during one particular moment when you're switched to a third-person point of view, and all of the other little bugs that make Skyrim Skyrim. Perhaps the most interesting detail is the list of achievements, which, if real, would confirm the rumor that you can tame and ride dragons in Dragonborn. According to the leaker, the DLC starts off with cultists coming after you, calling you "the false Dragonborn." You find a note on their bodies that leads you to a ship at Windhelm, which you can then take to Solstheim, the continent brought back from Morrowind. The leaker has also got purported lists of some of the new spells, weapons, armor, and locations in Dragonborn. Maybe you held off from getting and playing Skyrim last year, thanks to either the tingling of your wizardly instincts or an emptiness of wallet. Skyrim's next DLC could be taking us back to the world of Morrowind, the third game in Bethesda's popular RPG series. Eagle-eyed Elder Scrolls fans have dug through the files for patch 1.8, which Bethesda released yesterday for PC, and found all sorts of clues that could hint at future content for the game. One line hints at a return to Solstheim, the Nord colony last seen in the second expansion to Morrowind, Bloodmoon. The patch also suggests that the DLC will be named Dragonborn, which was trademarked by Bethesda back in May. Fashion photographer Emilie Elizabeth lives and works in Los Angeles, and has done a number of photo shoots for magazines, record labels, and advertising campaigns.
Behold these lovely screenshots and videos from Skywind, the ambitious fan-driven project to mod all of Morrowind in the world of Skyrim.
So, yeah, if you're a PS3 who wants all that Skyrim magic on your console, you might feel cursed.
Boyes handles publisher relations for Sony, which means he interfaces with third-party developers. Just a heads up: I've experienced a significant bug in Skyrim's newest downloadable content that seems to be avoidable. When you get your plot of land in Hearthfire, you'll be using two major devices: the drafting table and the carpenter's workbench. After you've built an entryway and a main hall for your manor, you can start selecting optional rooms like a library or kitchen. I've reached out to Bethesda to inform them of the bug and ask if they have plans to fix it. She wowed 'em at Tycho Base, then lifted by jeep rocket for Farside Hardbase, to entertain our lonely missilemen behind the Moon. Dona€™t you feel great after a nice cold frosty (beer) after a hard daya€™s work, or a great workout? But if your looking to shed a few pounds, their seems to be many better choices then alcohol to reach your weight loss goals.A  Below is a handy dandyA  chart for us drinkers which provides some good insight to our caloric intake when enjoying our favorite adult beverage. Disclaimer: The statements contained in this material have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
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Our first look at the upcoming Dawnguard DLC for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, featuring new weapons, creatures and a fresh story. From what I can gather, it looks like the story will focus on two groups, a faction of powerful vampires that beats everything we have seen in the game yet, and a new guild of warriors known as the Dawnguard. Then we have to consider the upset caused so far, which started with some bad framerate issues within the main Skyrim game and these later received a fix. Skyrim Dawnguard is just some DLC – Bethesda delivered the game to PS3 owners and fixed the lagging issue, so should these gamers be so upset that Dawnguard is taking a long time to launch?
If you have Skyrim on the PS3, do you think it’s right to shun other Bethesda titles or are some gamers overreacting?
Irrespective of whether Bethesda release Dawnguard for the PS3 or not, I won’t be purchasing Dishonored. When a big company puts out 2 completely different games like this, they aren’t going to connect you not buying one game to problems with the other game. The game lag issues never were brought up to anywhere near parity with the 360 version… The game has ALWAYS had distracting lag.
The problem IS indeed related to the RAM of the PS3… Simply because the Bethesda team thought that the RAM worked the same way on Xbox 360 and on PS3.
I have a simple solution quit bitching clearly the ps3 is a inferior consol if they are having such trouble with it, get a xbox and enjoy dont blame Bethesda for your choice in consol.
Let me guess, you realised that the 360 is a Frankenstein amalgamation of cheap old computers parts and that none of your exclusives is particularly compelling, and thought this would be the most productive way to take out your anger?
I’ m on ps3 and i never said that i won’t buy an another elder scrolls game, or a fallout game, but i do not, and i will not care for any more productions from bethesda because of this, no matter how good the game is, i will simply avoid it like fire, i will buy dawnguard if it ever comes out but screw dishonored doom 4 and elder scrolls online and an other GAME ! I will agree with you on that, the lack of communication with the fans is a little rediculous they could at least give us some updates or something. Tim it IS Bethesda’s fault for releasing a game on a platform that they have a proven track record of sucking on. I was going to buy it, but now my priorities have changed and I am currenly playing Sleeping Dogs. Tens of thousands of people have complained too and about skyrim and Bethesda and they didn’t give a f**k.

If everyone who has complained about or is dissatisfied with Bethesda about Skyrim and the dlc would genuinely hold their money back things might just change in the future but let’s be honest most of you will be good lil boys and girls and keep shelling out the pennys.
They make the best games when it comes I’m getting it no matter what its a bad ass dlc and those who hate should have never got the damned game in the first place. I challenge you to try though, minding that not every Ps3 user that buys Bethesda products share your views. I’m still playing Skyrim on the PS3, I will buy the DLC when it arrives, I will buy everything they release this year too, because they just make great games. At the best you can complain about their lack of communication, but even that makes you seem self-entitled and childish.
You know, the gaming industry is one of the few that actually has people defend incompetence.
And if learning how to code for the PS3 is out of their capacity, why not just stop peddling shoddy, half-done 360 ports and step away from the PS3 for good? And for the record, i AM one of those PS3 users that is asking for info more than anything else(go check the Bethesda boards-i’m using same screen name).
So unless Bethesda gets Sony to allow for an unscheduled surprise release(like the Steam release of Dawnguard to PC), PS3 is looking like at least another week wait. And all that accomplishes is NOTHING gets put out for PS3 and then it dies a slow and expensive death.
I hope because of the delay the desire to buy it after its lost its momentum will result in a not immediate but deffinetly shortly after discounted dlc. I cant believe its not out yet, I was checking everyday for updates, but as you can see they dont speak.
I personally would not buy an Xbox 360, simply for the fact that you are contributing to Bethesda making more money and not having to even stress that the DLC and the other multitude of problems have yet to be resolved.
Its mainly a memory management issue, ill give you an example, so your ps3 loads up a location in skyrim, and all the objects, and all the textures… and all the scripts, then runs AI for the NPCs for every step they make, but keeps in memory every previous step, then you activate DLC, it adds more stuff to load it runs out of memory, and indiscriminately removes items from memory, then you move your Actor and whats this your ps3 just crashed! Im not buying their games either, I liked skyrim it is epic, but the dlc issues is too much. And really it’s been about three months sense it was announced at E3, they couldn’t have used that time to work on it and patch it up?
This is true mostly because it’s a reboot of the extremely popular, and historic franchise, but it is also true in the literal sense. When you visit the official E3 Bethesda press conference page, you can see the gaming genres that the company is set to showcase.
Skyrim's downloadable content, until now exclusive to Xbox 360 and PC, is making its way to the PlayStation 3. Skyrim's first DLC, Dawnguard, was a disappointing add-on filled with boring, samey quests. I've spent a few hours with Skyrim's latest piece of DLC, Dragonborn, and what I've played so far certainly feels like an expansion pack. Solstheim is full of problems, quests, cities, dungeons, and all sorts of other things to explore and fight your way through.
Even though I haven't even seen everything that the original game's massive world has to offer, there's still something really exciting about dropping into a new map that's full of potential.
Perhaps the most common complaint about Skyrim, generally considered an excellent game, is that its world was not as magical, not as creative, not as unique as the world of Morrowind before it. When you first load up your copy of Skyrim with Dragonborn installed, you'll be accosted by a group of cult members who want to kill you. It might have taken a year for Skyrim to get its first real expansion pack, but this seems to be the one we've all been waiting for.
The Premium Edition reportedly also comes with a map of the game's environs, a t-shirt with the dragon emblem and postcards featuring concept art.
Other patch files hint at dragon riding (!) and a bunch of other locations in and around Solstheim. The modders are posting about their plans and goals on the forums of Morroblivion, a site designed to re-create Morrowind in Oblivion. Then, PS3 owners had to endure news that they may not even get the Dawnguard DLC that Xbox 360 users got back at the end of June. If you pick a plan from the west wing, start building parts of it over at the workbench, and then select another plan from the west wing at the drafting table, everything goes wonky. If you've experienced any other bugs (and know how they can be avoided) please post'em here!
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What makes matters even more frustrating for PS3 owners is the fact that Skyrim Dawnguard has been on the Xbox 360 for almost 2 months, and the DLC is still missing a PS3 release date.
This is the opinion from some gamers on other platforms, although the real disappointment will arise if Dawnguard never appears on the PlayStation 3. At the time of writing Bethesda has no timeframe for when the PlayStation 3 will receive Skyrim Dawnguard, and there are now fears it could be after the next Hearthfire DLC. Could it be that Bethesda won’t give a release date thanks to no solution being in sight, and the problems they’re experiencing might never be fixed for the PS3 platform? I’ve had the game 2 days and I am already experiencing freezing issues with the game on the PS3. My reason for making this decision is based on Bethesda heavily supporting one console over another (something they clearly did with Skyrim). Boycotting Dishonored will only make the industry think that you don’t want creative, interesting games like Dishonored. The industry might think that we’re tired of generic sci-fi shooters and want more new and interesting IPs like Dishonored. A time machine and the decision to do lead development on the PS3 is the only way this game gets fixed. They apparently thought both consoles were pretty much the same and delivered a simple port that proved to be inadequate for Sony’s console. At the moment its the ps3 they are failing to support but if they obviously don’t care about giving customer support then whats to stop them releasing a game on any platform and then stopping support.
But just so you know, if you trade in your 360, it might not be such a huge price gap between that clunky old thing and a sleek, elegant Playstation 3! Why is it taking so long?, this couldn’t be worked on while we had to sit by and suck on it while xbox had the come for 30 days? I’m sure they are working extremely hard trying to get it ready for ps3, but there is just something Bethesda can’t figure out on ps3 I mean almost every if not all Bethesda games do not have a great track record on the system, I myself just play skyrim on pc now because on ps3 I would have to restart the console every time I went in water!
They led PS3 users to think that they were getting a good quality game when what they sold them was, by your own admission, broken.
I’ll be eschewing Dishonored because Bethesda does a terrible job of putting out games on PS3 and an even worse job of supporting them after the fact. Not much because Dawnguard, i don?t really care for it, but for having the nerve of releasing Skyrim in a pre-beta state, taking almost a full year to fix it, and trying to make us feel guilty for making them have to fix the game.
Dishonored i wont be getting due to the fact that I dont think i will like it, but i will definitely be getting ES:Online.
I totally agree and sympathize with the ps3 users who want to have nothing to do with bethesda, but lets just be real some of you who say that are gonna be the ones first in line to buy the nxt game bethesda puts on the shelves. You (all of you) lack the organizational abilities to put forth a massive boycott, which is the only thing that could achieve your desired result. If at 6 yrs old, the PS3 is causing a supposedly top-flight game developer to tap out while making a game add-on for a game that has been released for the better part of a year; what does that say about the game dev?

Much of the supposition by myself and MANY others around the net probably would not exist if Bethesda would really say ANYTHING. In the same aspect I realize that with the fallout dlc they had some major issues right away and it turned their fan-base away because they didnt spend enough time fine-tuning. Having put hundrets of hours into PS3 version I have considered getting a PC version for the user created content. I mean, in one of the posts that they wrote to Pete Hines about how he’s hated now, he said that it was allot funner that way. After the backlash from the Fallout 3 DLC’s, they were able to get the then four DLC titles out in about a month, and Theta came out on time, as well as every New Vegas DLC after Deadmoney. I've asked Bethesda whether or not this stuff is real, and will update if they respond, but for now, here are some of the highlights from the alleged leak.
Everything from a bucket on the head to an arrow thankfully not-actually-in-the-knee appears, as well as gorgeous Californian landscapes that make a surprisingly good stand-in for Skyrim's Nord scenery. The Dawnguard troubles make it all too easy to believe that Hearthfire's home-building features may never make it to the PS3 either.
But he knew all about the Skyrim woes when I asked him about the game after he spoke at the New York Gaming Conference this week. Once you've selected a blueprint, it moves over to the carpenter's workbench, where you can actually piece it together in stages: first you build a door, then a floor, then walls, etc. Don't pick multiple blueprints from the drafting table at once: just select one, finish all of its pieces at the workbench, and then move on to the next plan. Currently, Ia€™m usually too busy administering sippy cups to my two little kids or playing referee over whoa€™s turn it to play with whichever toy they are fighting over to enjoy a nightly cold one.
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It is worth pointing out that this ill feeling might be short lived after some of the big titles are released, and this also gives certain gamers time to calm down after the lack of communication Bethesda has given with Dawnguard on PS3. Certain PS3 users will point out how unfair it is for content to be singled out from all other platforms, and this line of thought also puts the spotlight on the PS3 hardware itself and what some developers claim is a lot harder to develop for when compared to the Xbox 360. Some people also point out that if Dawnguard doesn’t skip a release on the PS3 platform, gamers could experience similar problems for the Hearthfire DLC. When Skyrim was released and everybody was getting lag issues, it took them a lot of time to acknowledge the problem, as if nobody had been testing the game thoroughly ( oh right, whoever was supposed to do that should be fired as well now that we’re at it ).
At least you get tons of content with Bethesda’s DLC and it has been their best quality IMO. Playing God of War, Uncharted, Starhawk, Heavy Rain, Beyond and The Last of Us will definitely be more entertaining than your mildly amusing troll attempts.
I have no intention of throwing my money to a company that has no regard for the sony ps3 console and its paying customers. Bethesda acts like they don’t give a damn about the ps3 user and now there ar talks of a new dlc coming out soon! Look at it this way, XBox have Bethesda on side and we may miss out on Dawnguard, however we get the Last of Us and they definitely don’t get it. If you or i don’t know how to perform a job after 6 months, steps up to termination are usually taken. So if if any of you reading this agree, spread the word to all your friends: let them know of the incompetence of Bethesda and tell them not to buy any of their future games. However in the same light a suitable timeframe or a disclosure about what keeps it from having at least a release date. I understand It’s a different coding, and graphics to bump up from the poobox, But come on Bethesda, if you really cared about your PS3 fans like you did after the F03 crap, you would of had it out by now. Except they weren't very good at showing that they wanted to kill me: once our dialogue had ended, they walked around in a circle for a few seconds before finally going hostile and pulling out their fireballs. Don't get cute and experiment with drafting, or you might lock yourself out of some of the game's content. Dawnguard will be released on Xbox first, but a definite date for PC or other platforms has not been mentioned yet.
This might be true but considering the amount of time the PS3 has been released you’d think this kind of problem is well and truly in the past?
We’d love to know your thoughts on this, and what would make you love Bethesda again? How about Bethesda refund my money for the PS3 copy or send me a copy that I get the DLCs on. Too bad they simply can’t deliver it to PS3 users because of their laziness and amateurish PS3 staff. I reckon PS3 users are still better off even with delayed DLC on some pretty big titles (Fallout, Skyrim and COD to name a few). To every annoying tween shouting about this, stfu and go play something else in the meantime. Is it really that much of a demand that a top game developer learn how to code for a platform that’s been out 6 yrs?
Will there be more patches that constantly tear through the game destroying and causing more problems than resolving issues?
There are giant mushroom homes furnished with magical air elevators, sickening demon squid Lurkers that shoot blasts of shadowy ink at your face, strange gems that command you to bring them to nearby mountains. I have absolutely no intention of buying another Bethesda product until this issue is resolved and all of my friends fell the same way.
I honestly love Bethesda games and probably will still buy more of there upcoming games, mainly Prey 2 (if its released).
I will not be buying from them until the problems are fixed and the DLCs are compatible for all systems.
Whoever is smart enough should realize that the monthly fees are involved whenever a publisher decides to build a game starting from the Xbox or when they give exclusivity to the Xbox.
I mean, what’s worst, to say the truth even though people might not like it or to lie about it the whole time and keep people in doubt? It just is not the problem of Dawnguard not being released thus far, its the problem of how Bethesda is going on about it. At least with the truth we can know what is really going on and be more understandable about the entire situation. The truth is, if this was a RAM issue, then all these huge open sandbox games would be having the sames problems because they work the same way. My son is upset because he really wants dishonored, but I refuse to support a company that treats half it’s fan base like this.
My son is getting his degree in game design and has been looking at Bethesda as a possible employer because up until know we have been avid fans.
It truly makes you start to almost shun Bethesda especially when they already have plans for another DLC and the first one hasn’t even been released nor discussed. And like I said…someone who would be serious about their company would fix their problems before moving on to others. To close I just want to say I hope Dawnguard is released for PS3 whether it be now or next year but the least they could do is update us of their progress.
The RIGHT thing to do is to fix the problems they are having at the present time instead of picking many other up and not fix nor one or the other.
I won’t even bother looking at the other tittles since even if they might look great, the support and service that we ps3 gamers might have might not be competent compared to other platforms.
For this and many other reasons, Bethesda can pretty much go to hell for all I care cause I’m not buying any other games from them.

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