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So, I decided to create a new tutorial which explains how to get started with Polymer 1.0 using Sublime Text, a power and free text editor also used by Google Polymer’s Team. First of all, in order to have the proper environment setup correctly, especially in Windows, you MUST download all tools before you start to download SublimeText or Polymer, otherwise you will start the nightmare of “path not found” errors and similar. After Sublime Text is installed you need to configure it in order to understand Polymer 1.0 and in order to being able to run Polymer using GULP. When the console is open, copy the script that will enable package manager, which is available here.
Install Package > AutoprefixerIf you want a quick way to add vendor prefixes to your CSS, you can do so with this handy plugin.
Install Package > EmmetAdd some useful keyboard shortcuts and snippets to your text editor. Install Package > HTML-CSS-JS PrettifyThis extension gives you a command to format your HTML, CSS and JS.
Install Package > Git GutterAdd a marker in the gutter wherever there is a change made to a file.
Install Package > Gutter ColorGutter Color shows you a small color sample next to your CSS. Finally, we need to create a Sublime Text project in order to keep all our files in a good structure. Click on Project > Add Folder to Project and choose your root folder so that your workspace and project structure are pointing to your root project. Final step, which is the one I love most, is to install Sublime Server, which is nothing more than a very simple Phyton local webserver. Final NoteThis is just an overview of how to setup Sublime Text but if you come from a complex IDE like Visual Studio or IntelliJ I would kindly suggest you to spend some time on Sublime and download all plugins that will make your life much easier. Advise for SpammersThis blog is manually moderated, please stop to post scam, spam and other annoying comments as they will never get approved, thank you.
Support MeDid you enjoy the content of this blog, then just click the banner below, it will give me back some money which I will use to keep running this blog. If you have been accustomed to a code editor that comes with GUI buttons, Sublime Text being a plain simple code editor with minimal buttons, may frustrate you. But wouldn’t our workflow be more streamlined if we were able to pick up colors without having to leave Sublime Text? Once installed, go to the Command Palette in Sublime Text by hitting the Command + Shift + P or (Ctrl + Shift + P for Windows). Select the color, and hit the Pick button, and the color will be inserted into Sublime Text in Hex color format, like so. You’ll love the slick user interface, fantastic, advanced features and amazing performance. 2. The Command Palette holds infrequently used functionality, like sorting, changing the syntax and changing the indentation settings. Sanjay JainI am a graphic and web designer in Delhi and Professional Web and Graphics Designer & Animator. Sublime Text also comes with multiple color schemes, several of them built-in, and many more available for download. Even though SublimeText comes with a bunch of great features that help our work as web developers, like any other tool, there will always be a room for enhancements. Moving on, in this post, we have put together a few plugins that you may need to install to fill the functionalities that are missing from SublimeText. Package Control is the first thing that you have to install right away after installing SublimeText. SidebarEnhancements has a few new things in the Sidebar menu including New File Creation in the current project folder, Moving File and Folder, Duplicating File and Folder, Open in Finder and Browser, Refresh, and a bunch more.
This plugin integrates SublimeText with Git so you can run some Git commands from SublimeText such as Add and Committing Files, Viewing Log, and Annotating Files. This plugin lets you open your project folders in Terminal directly from SublimeText – with a hotkey. With this plugin, you can check the browser support for CSS properties and HTML elements that you are using. Alignment lets you align your codes including PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, thus making it neat and more readable. This plugin helps you remove unnecessary spaces, as well as trailing spaces, which could cause some errors In JavaScript. With this plugin you can select and add colors to SublimeText with the native color wheel from your OS.
Even though SublimeText is capable of viewing and editing Markdown files, it treats it as plain text with very poor formatting.

DocBlokr lets you create documentation or annotation for your codes with ease, by parsing the functions, parameters, variables, and automatically adding some possible documentation (see the screenshot below).
Foundation – A collection of snippets to build Foundation 5 framework components such as the Buttons, Tabs, and Navigation. HTML5 Boilerplate – this snippet lets you create HTML5 Boilerplate documents in a snap. Languages that are not supported in SublimeText may not display with proper syntax highlighting. Portable Sublime Text is a comprehensive text editor that supports plain text and programming languages (including HTML), and it is the portable version of Sublime Text. Seeing that this is a portable version, it means that installing Portable Sublime Text to the hard drive is not required. Syntax highlighting is available for a myriad of languages such as C#, HTML, Java, LaTeX, PHP, Python and Perl.
A search tool is integrated in the word processing application, so that you can easily look for certain words. To sum up, Portable Sublime Text is easy to work with, as long as you happen to be an advanced user.
The Sublime Text 2 code editor – available for Mac, Windows, and Linux – has skyrocketed to becoming the editor of choice for a huge number of developers and designers.
If you’ve yet to make the switch out of some sense of loyalty to your current editor of choice, give this article twenty minutes of your time, and it just may convince you to reconsider. Please note that this article, for convenience and readability, will exclusively use the Mac-specific keyboard bindings. Sublime’s command palette is a godsend for those who prefer to touch the mouse as little as possible.
The command palette allows you to run countless commands, such as changing the syntax type for the current document, installing plug-ins, and searching for snippets, to name a few. Package Control is a powerful package manager that allows you to, from within the particular code editor of your choice, install pretty much any package that you can imagine. To install Zen Coding, open the command palette (Cmd+Shift+P) and type, ‘install.’ Sublime will provide a list of all the various plug-ins that are available to be installed.
Visit any class or list of functions, type `Command + r`, and you’ll be presented with a list of all the methods on the page. When we combine this with Sublime’s instant file switching capabilities, this command becomes particularly helpful.
Prefixr is a web service that automatically applies the necessary CSS vendor prefixes to stylesheets.
Once you’ve installed the plug-in through Package Control, select the contents of your stylesheet, and trigger the plug-in by typing Control + Command + x.
Once installed, type `Command + Option + n`, and you’ll see a new panel pop up at the bottom.
Each snippets in Sublime Text refers to a single file, and allows for tab completion and default values. While Sublime’s native snippets certainly get the job done, for larger snippets you might prefer to take advantage of GitHub Gists.
When attempting to create a new Gist, you’ll find that you first need to specify your GitHub credentials. Unfortunately WebStorm is a paid product and not all of my followers can purchase a license (me neither, I am trying to see if JetBrains will grant me a teacher license for free). In this tutorial I will use more tools than in the previous one because SublimeText is just a text editor (powerful but still a text editor), so in order to run your app you also need an integrated web server like GULP and other tools.
Now it’s time to download SublimeText 3.0 and configure it in order to get it setup correctly.
The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. So if you need RGB format, you will need to install one more plugin that helps you convert HEX color format to RGB color format.
Don’t confuse this with Syntax Highlighter, Color Highlighter will let you preview the color when you selet the color code number. Go to Anywhere to open files with only a few keystrokes, and instantly jump to symbols, lines or words. This system gives you flexibility as settings can be specified on a per-file type and per-project basis. I provide SEO Service in Delhi along with SEO, Web and Graphics Designing Courses training with latest technique. With it, you can install, upgrade, remove, and view with ease the list of packages or plugins that you have installed in SublimeText.

You can also extract package, which will copy it to the User folder so you can safely edit it. If you need your codes to be tidy and in the right order, this plugin will let you customize the order of the properties.
This plugin is useful for giving better support with proper color highlighting for Markdown in SublimeText. You can compare files with copied data from Clipboard, a File in the Project, File that is currently open, and between saved and unsaved files.
Below are several great custom themes that gives SublimeText a different, possibly better look. While you can also create your own set of code snippets, there are several snippet packages ready for use right away. They include LESS, Sass, SCSS, Stylus, and Jade, so if you are working with those languages, here are the plugins to install, for syntax support.
You can copy the program to any location on the HDD, or even to a portable device such as a USB flash drive, therefore enabling you to use the app on any computer that you have access to. The modern interface, powerful search capabilities and large numbers of options make this software utility a smart acquisition. Fancy designing your own website but don't know how Read More+ 5 best apps to boost your e-commerce success Richard Stevenson, from cloud based e-commerce provider ePages, explores how to use apps to up performance in the science of selling Read More+ Stay challenged with The Web Design Book The world of web design is constantly changing, and staying in the loop can be challenging Read More+ 6 steps to design genius Expert advice for upgrading your creativity and maximising your design potential Read More+ How will VR affect UX? TextMate users, IDE faithfuls, and even Vim fanatics have switched over – which speaks volumes about it. Well, it’s a sophisticated editor, with lightning-fast speed, an incredibly vibrant plug-in community, easy configuration, Vintage (Vim) mode, multiple cursors – the list goes on.
A note of caution: once you experience the flexibility of having multiple cursors at your finger tips, you won’t be able to go back to the old way. Traditionally, you might perform a search and replace; however, in Sublime, it’s much easier.
As an example, if you’re viewing a PHP class, ‘Command + r’ will list all of the method names.
Unfortunately, by default, creating a new file in Sublime Text can take a bit longer than we’d like. What’s fantastic about this plug-in is that you can also create files within folders that do not yet exist.
We’ve now, in seconds, created a directory tree and downloaded the latest version of the library. To enable Vintage Mode, edit the Default Preferences file within the Preferences menu, scroll to the bottom, and remove the Vintage item from the ignored_packages array.
I’ve been following your web site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? It allows you to download “packages” of CSS, JavaScript and HTML files packed as “components”. Rather than putting all linters in one package, the developer allows you to select and install only the ones that you regularly use. This is also helpful when you work with a team of developers, each with their own preferences of writing code. In addition to that, no new keys are going to be added to the Windows registry, nor to the Start screen. Virtual reality comes with a new set of expectations from users, and tools with which we can connect them to the medium Read More+ InspirationView More 5 Web conferences you need to attend – May 2016 Get yourself a seat at the biggest and best conferences coming your way this month! As you’ll soon discover, it only takes a few minutes to realise what makes Sublime Text so special.
This means that, yes, your custom colour scheme can be migrated over to Sublime Text without an ounce of configuration.
You also have the ability to select a tab trigger and scope, which ensures that the snippet is only accessible from a specific file type.Save the file with a .sublime-snippet extension attached, and test it out!
Now you can use the official syntax, and let Prefixr figure out the vendor-specific requirements. When you’ve created a handful of snippets, you can list them through the command palette, by choosing Gist: Open Gist. Alternatively, you can always press Cmd+D repeatedly to incrementally select each additional occurrence of the word.

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