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If you’ve established systems and routines for getting things done it certainly makes life smoother. You become blinded to any ideas or choices that sit outside of that routine, and everything you do every day becomes the norm.
Doing things differently and changing parts of your routine instantly takes you out of the norm and allows you to shake off the things that make you feel confined. If it feels like your sparks gone then I’m willing to bet that you’ve forgotten who you really are, way down deep. Those times in your life when you’ve felt alive, buzzing or at the top of your game are times when one or more of your values are being honored, and it feels great because you’re simply expressing and living in line with who you really are.
The times when you feel upset, angry or frustrated are times when one or more of your values are being denied, suppressed or repressed, it feels horrible because you’re not living in line with who you really are.
Nourishment is about plugging those holes in your life and making sure you have things that keep you feeling nourished – nourished in your head, nourished in your heart, and nourished in your stomach.
Yes, life is busy, but you need to prioritize your own nourishment or you’ll be running on empty. I went through each part of the day telling her what I was doing, who I was with, where we were, how it felt and what happened next.

Just thinking about different parts of it makes me smile, makes me remember what’s important to me and makes me feel incredibly human.
These 3 things have a massive influence on your experience of life, so think about it – where are you on a scale from 1 to 10 against each of The Three F’s? By themselves each of the Three F’s are a powerful thing and can really help to enjoy where you are and feel alive.
Grouchy, fed-up and bored are all words you could use to describe what it’s like when you’re feeling in a rut or like you’ve lost that spark you used to have. Of course, the flipside is that if you have everything tightly coordinated and run according to that routine you leave little space for anything else. Make one or two simple changes to your day – whether it’s your breakfast routine, your radio station, workout schedule, route to work, lunch routine, etc.
Stepping out of your routine puts you in a position where you’re able to make different choices, see things differently and get a different result. Your values are the building blocks, foundations and cornerstones for who you are, they’re the things that are ten thousand feet down inside you that make you you. You’re walking home from the market with a couple of bags of groceries, but the bags have holes in them.

Bit by bit and without even thinking about it, I’d put together a rich, colorful, exciting and comforting day, which still holds true as my Perfect Day.
My Perfect Day has now become like a good friend of mine, a friend that I can call on whenever I want to. Today, Steve is still feeling the effects of some extravagant spending but remains remarkably upbeat and positive.
They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. Times like those are part of the deal with being human (sorry to break it to you), but you’ll run the risk of losing an important piece of yourself forever if those grouchy days and off-times merge together and last weeks, months or even years.
It doesn’t matter what the changes are or whether they’re right or wrong, just make a couple of simple choices that will add some variety to your day.
Chances are it would feel pretty darn good, so what one thing can you do right now to help you climb the Three F’s scale?

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