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Though Franz Ferdinand and Sophie were blissfully happy with each other, their lives were marred by the petty humiliations heaped upon her, as an unroyal royal appendage. Visitors remarked on the notably homoerotic atmosphere at court, where the Kaiser greeted male intimates such as the Duke of Wurttemberg with a kiss on the lips.
Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From, has an easy solution for combating procrastination or feeling creatively stuck.
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Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. The night before their official visit to Sarajevo in June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie drove unannounced into the exotic, half-oriental Bosnian town to browse in a carpet shop. She was intelligent and assertive but not of royal blood, which rendered her in the eyes of the imperial court ineligible to become empress.
Nominally, it was Kaiser Wilhelm, pictured below, a man who displayed many of the characteristics of a uniformed version of Kenneth Grahamea€™s Mr Toad. He was known to be associated with a€?anti-state activitiesa€™ yet when he turned up in Sarajevo and registered as a new visitor, nothing was done to monitor his activities. In Paris, the leading newspaper of the day recorded a general view that a€?the crisis would soon recede into a purely Balkan affair without any of the great powers needing to become entangleda€™. Germanya€™s military strategy was based on a simple premise: to thrash the French army in the West quickly before turning to face the Tsara€™s Russian hordes slowly assembling in the East (much as Hitler would do a quarter of a century later). No, the Germans HAD to be stoppedThat the world entered into the mayhem and madness of World War I from such a seemingly trivial incident has added to a generally accepted conclusion that the whole shooting match between 1914 and 1919 was a pointless fiasco. You are invited to join our public Boat Repair Forum to seek assistance from other members. He keeps all of his hunches in a single document accessible from anywhere, and he reviews it, in its entirety, at least once a month. You see your past self groping for an idea that now seems completely obvious five years later.
Plus, having a single document for your Spark File (as opposed to maintaining a notebook) forces you to scan over past ideas, potentially sparking new insights as you work.
A small notebook that I can slip into my bag and I keep in my bag a pencil case with a pen, pencil and marker felt. It is nice to know that this service is here for people like myself, who need answers fast and are not sure who to consult. I liked that I could ask additional questions and get answered in a very short turn around. Not only did you answer my questions, you even took it a step further with replying with more pertinent information I needed to know.

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Everyone was so warm and friendly, simpered the Duchess.A sceptical local official knew better. The ageing Hapsburg monarch, Franz Joseph a€” 83 years old and Emperor for more than 60 of them a€” grudgingly consented to their marriage but insisted it should be morganatic, meaning that any children from it would not inherit.
Even if this was so, like many royal personages in modern times, he was corrupted by a position that empowered him to express opinions unchallenged. He had a taste for panoply and posturing and a craving for martial success, but no real thirst for blood.
In 1908, the chief of his military secretariat died of a heart attack at a shooting-lodge in the Black Forest while performing an after-dinner pas seul dressed in a ballet tutu before an audience that included the Emperor himself.He himself pursued enthusiasms with tireless lack of judgment, like a club bore who is forever droning on about his latest pet project. Even in Vienna, mourning for the much disliked heir to the imperial throne was perfunctory and patently insincere.
In Britain today, there is a widespread belief that the war was so horrendous that the merits of the rival belligerentsa€™ causes scarcely matter a€” the Blackadder take on history, if you like. I hadn’t thought about reading through it fully every now and then, or at least through journal entry titles.
But I do use my phone too, Evernote is the app of choice and I like to capture ideas with pictures, too; for that I use Instagram. Tomorrow I will get a tank of high octane, remove the top, go for a long long ride and enjoy my car. The site and services are provided "as is" with no warranty or representations by JustAnswer regarding the qualifications of Experts.
He had urged cancelling the visit because of the underlying violent tensions in this turbulent part of the Austrian empire. Most of his contemporaries, including the statesmen of Europe, thought him mildly unhinged, and this was probably clinically the case. The general responsible for security dismissed the Young Bosnians as harmless a€?childrena€™ and the route the Archduke would take round Sarajevo was published for all to see.On the morning of June 28, Franz Ferdinand dressed in his finery a€” the sky-blue uniform of a cavalry general and a helmet with green peacock feathers. The old Emperor made little pretence of sorrow about his nephewa€™s death.But he was full of rage about its manner. Through a nerve-racking July 1914, generals all over Europe were pushing governments towards the abyss. To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the "Verified" symbol in some Experts' profiles. Ironically, given how little love there was for the dead Archduke, the Hapsburg government scarcely hesitated before taking a decision to exploit the assassination as a justification for invading Serbia a€” even though this over-reaction risked provoking an armed collision with Russia.With Austriaa€™s invasion of Serbia, war began in the Balkans. They knew they would take the blame if their nation lost on the battlefield.Ultimately, it was the Kaisera€™s armies that marched, leading the way in the deadly game of grandmothera€™s footsteps that had now gripped Europe.

The fact is that the history of World War I was hijacked afterwards by those intent only on criticising it.
JustAnswer is not intended or designed for EMERGENCY questions which should be directed immediately by telephone or in-person to qualified professionals. Thus began a series of fast-escalating events that within six weeks would have Europe embroiled in a war its leaders had long been gunning for while fooling themselves that it would never actually break out.That war would last four-and-a-half agonising years, involve 70a€‰million soldiers and cost at least 15a€‰million lives. Troops crossed out of Germany and into Belgium and Luxembourg, destination (or so they thought) Paris.
Foremost among these was the influential British economist John Maynard Keynes.An impassioned German sympathiser, he castigated the supposed injustice and folly of the 1919 Versailles peace treaty, without offering a momenta€™s speculation about what sort of peace Europe would have had if a victorious Germany under its unpredictable Kaiser had been making it.
It would see the map of Europe redrawn, a violent revolution in Russia, the emergence of a new global power in the United States, social upheaval everywhere.From the cauldron, a new world emerged, closer to the one we have today than the pre-1914 model. The chance to kill the Archduke seemed to have gone a€” and would have if the man himself had not made a sudden change of plan. Soon, Russia and Germany would mobilise their armies and fan the conflagration, Russia taking Serbiaa€™s side and Germany Austriaa€™s, in the arrogant belief that together the Central Powers could win any wider conflict such action might unleash.
Then came the widely accepted view of war poets, such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon, that any merits in the Allied cause were meaningless amid the horrors of the struggle and the brutish incompetence ofA  many commanders. As the centenary of its start approaches next year, it is a moment to pause and reflect how this epoch-changing event began.The outbreak of world war in 1914 has been justly described as the most complex series of happenings in history, much more difficult to comprehend and explain than the Russian Revolution, the onset of World War II or the Cuban missile crisis. Exasperated by the dull speech of welcome hea€™d had to endure at the town hall, he demanded to be driven to see the officers injured by the bomb.Unfortunately, his driver set off in the wrong direction.
The car had no reverse gear, and had to stop to be pushed backwards a€” quite by chance, at the exact spot where Princip was standing. The royal couple were sitting just a few feet away from him when Princip drew and raised his pistol, then fired twice. But their sentiments should not be misread as indicating that they consequently wished to acquiesce in the triumph of their enemies.There is a popular notion that World War I belonged to a different moral order from that of World War II a€” that the enemies against whom Britain and its allies took up arms had not been worth fighting, as were the Nazis a generation later.
If Britain had stood aside while the Central Powers prevailed on the continent, its interests would have been directly threatened by a Germany whose appetite for dominance would assuredly have been enlarged by victory.To me, the case is over- whelmingly strong thatA  Germany bore the principal blame for war breaking out. Even if it did not conspire to bring the conflict about, it declined to restrain Austria and thus prevent the outbreak.
Then, when it mobilised its own armies, it made the widening of the conflict a certainty.Once the struggle had begun, it would be entirely mistaken to suppose, as do so many people today, that it did not matter which side won.
European freedom, justice and democracy would have paid a dreadful forfeit if the Kaiser and his cohorts had prevailed.Thus, those who fought and died in the ultimately successful struggle to prevent such an outcome did not perish for nothing, save insofar as all sacrifice in all wars is just cause for lamentation.

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