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You can buy your boyfriend an expensive, age-appropriate Christmas present, like a shirt and tie set or a designer leather wallet or a book by his favourite author, but if you're dating a guy who is as active as a 10-year-old on a sugar high you might need to get creative this Christmas. It's the ultimate boys toy, with features he'll love, this smart phone will have his undivided attention all Summer and beyond.
It's rugged, durable, water-proof and guaranteed to make your boyfriend love you even more. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. This is the perfect list for the hard-to-buy-for sporty guy in your life with gifts ranging from $4.99 to $899 you might even find something fun for yourself. Why settle for an average, dull “Happy Birthday” wish when you can stand out from the crowd with something utterly sweet and romantic? We’ve got a list of 50 awesome birthday wishes for your boyfriend- some sweet, some simple and cute, some a bit naughty but classy.1.
There’s nothing in this world better than cozying up with my man on a cold night- except when it’s his birthday! If you don’t, feel free to replace it with something you absolutely adore and send him this cute birthday wish.4. My love for you grows with each passing birthday, so let’s make this an extra special day where our love gets even stronger. Advertisement Definitely one for the super romantic couple that has already spent at least one or more birthdays together.5.
To my prince who protects me and loves me through it all- your princess is here to wish you a very special birthday!Send this to your guy to let him know that he’s your ever-powerful prince and you’re the lovely princess by his side through every day, especially his special day!6.
Happy Birthday to the man who makes me feel beautiful and loved, the one who listens to me and holds my hand every step of the way. This day is for you, my love.Why not combine a wonderful compliment in with a birthday wish?
Wishing a Happy Birthday to the man who is not only the perfect boyfriend, but a best friend as well.Trust me- your boyfriend wants to hear that he’s not just your lover, but a friend you can confide in and be comfortable with. For your Birthday I bought balloons, a big cake, and a gift- but there’s one thing you will get that’s absolutely for free: my love!Don’t be afraid to throw in “a kiss” with this Happy Birthday wish, too!10. But today is an extra special day because it’s your birthday, and I’m glad to share the day with you. Whether it’s your birthday or not, I am always going to be right by your side through it all. Happy Birthday!Because he should always know you’re not just coming around for the cake and ice cream ??12. Just remember: your birthday isn’t the only day where I will give you everything that you want. Wait- I know you will ??Do I really need to explain why your man will be happy to read something like this?

Happy Birthday my love.On the other hand, sometimes it’s best to be short, sweet, and super romantic.
I just want to take the time to wish a very special and Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in the world. It’s always a treat to wish a Happy Birthday to someone so sweet.A cute little rhyme is sure to get him in the spirit of things.
I can’t wait to share this birthday and many, many more birthdays with you.That is the goal- right? This adorable Birthday wish not only gets the Happy Birthday point across, but also lets him know you’re in it for the long haul. Happy Birthday to the sweetest man I know.Oh, that super sweet and oh-so-sugary birthday cake. The first thing that popped up into my head this morning was that it’s your birthday, and I HOPE I was the first one to say it to you because you’re so special to me. I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are.Another adorable Birthday wish that’s always a hit!24.
I hope your birthday is filled with nothing but love, happiness, and joy- just like our relationship. I love you, have a Happy Birthday!If the two of you share that picture perfect romance, than this is certainly a Happy Birthday wish that fits!25.
Here’s to wishing all of your dreams come true on your Happy Birthday!Just as simple and sweet as it could get, right? Happy Birthday baby!Because letting your man know how special he is and how special HIS birthday is to you is always a crowd pleaser.
No one quite knows what the future will hold, but I know my love for you will be strong until the end.
Happy Birthday and glad I get to share this special moment with you!We can’t get over how amazingly sweet this Happy Birthday wish is. Let’s celebrate like there’s no tomorrow and have the time of our lives tonight!If the two of you have something extra special, wild, and crazy planned, you will definitely want to use a Happy Birthday wish much like this one.
Today is the absolute perfect day to tell you how much I love you and how special you are to me. Happy Birthday my love!One of those super lovey-dovey Birthday wishes that always hit the heart. Don’t let it go to waste!He will more than likely have X-rated thoughts involved with this one, so just be ready for some naughty thoughts!32. On your special day, I want to send you a thousand words, but I will try to sum it up in three: Where’s the party?
No birthday gift would ever be enough to make up for the gift you have given me: unconditional love. Happy Birthday handsome!A fun and flirty Birthday wish- something any man would always enjoy.

Happy Birthday hot stuff!I think we can all agree that any man would love to receive a Birthday wish like this one.37. Celebrating your Birthday is just a reminder that being your special woman makes every day a celebration. While you are busy reading all of your Birthday wishes, I will be busy giving covering your face with Birthday kisses. On your birthday I want to make you a promise- I will always be the cherry on top of your birthday cake. If a genie came and asked me what I wanted for the next 24 hours, I would ask to be your birthday cake so you could devour me ?? Happy Birthday babe.A little bit naughtier- and definitely something he will enjoy reading. There’s really nothing more I can give you when you already have the most precious and beautiful gift in the world- me. And if he won’t know you’re totally (kind of) joking, then don’t send it or you’ll sound stuck up. If he knows you well enough to get a kick out of this Birthday wish, go ahead and send it!43. You may be older by a year today but you are sexier than ever!What guy doesn’t want a compliment like this?47. To make your birthday sweeter, coat it with me!Sometimes silly Birthday wishes are the way to go!48.
I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are!Short, yet still powerful in a cute and clever way. You’re the best, and you deserve the best Birthday possible.Sincerity is always a winner, especially when it comes to relationships. Personally, I prefer to get birthday gifts that are events instead of things–like a night out on the town, a stay in a hotel room, go-karting, pottery painting, a mini-vacation or a really nice dinner. What does she like to do?Reply Janet September 29, 2015 at 2:45 amMy boyfriend is a gamer , he likes playing pokemon and plays soccer . I really dont know what to get himReply web admin September 29, 2015 at 9:44 pmYou could ask him about what type of Pokemon cards that he likes, or you could get him a gift card. It is a type of performance art where you spin a light, fire or a practice ball in different patterns. I think that he would love to have one of these sets as a present if he does not already have one.

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