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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you were at the National Space Symposium in COS recently, you probably:  Saw our brand new booth that features a huge screen playing some AGI videos and demos and Are still recovering? Here you will meet the heroes of the series, you will see special video materials, and learn more about the products of Agi Bagi brand. Each episode tells a story about the environment and ecology, owing to that the little ones learn the most important things about our planet by playing.
Curious and always full of ideas resident of one of the shells in the village of Agingas. Charming pair of helpers who, while flying their vehicle graceful named "Air Beetroot", help the people of the Agi Bagi planet. The obvious first step to being hired by your dream company is to gain the right qualifications.

To determine the qualifications that you need for your dream job, there are a few steps you can take.
It is the first game opening the series of three adventure games based on the "Agi Bagi" brand.
Thanks to the application, your child will get to know Agi Bagi planet, meet cheerful heroes of the series and play with them.
Despite his small brain – he tries to be helpful and is easily persuaded by Bodjo and Zeebee to restore order on the planet.
If you know exactly where you want to work or what job you want to hold, the only way to reach your goal is to make sure that it happens. While having the correct education, training, and skills is not the only way to attain your dream job, it is the core foundation that you will need. First, check out current jobs listings from your dream company that appeal to you, and see what their requirements are.

The main axis of the action are the adventures of flying Zeebee, who at each level will have to complete some simple, but surprising tasks. The application includes five games, that teach and amuse your child: planting plants on Agi together with Bodjo, dances with Bagingas, dressing up Mr.
Moon, feeding and playing with Bumbly, fun with sounds along with Bodjo and Zeebee’s team.

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