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Then Will Confirm Your Username ID then they will ask you about your Secret Questions answer & you have to answer that correctly. If you have not created iCloud ID associated with your Apple ID then it’s time to do that just to unable them to delete you ID from their database. Then they will tell you that deleting Your ID is irreversible, You will loos all of your data associated with it.
Now, you can go ahead and enter your old password once, and your new password of choice twice.
According to an Apple Store employee who will not give up his name, there are things you can do next time you visit one of Apple's brick and mortar locations that will help you get what you need, while obtaining the best customer service that Apple has to offer. This Apple Store employee also suggests that an appointment be made, even if you are coming in to have a device serviced. Yes there is, they're usually near the entrance and will greet u if they're not busy with another person. Seriously, if you need to be coached on how to behave in a retail store, chances are they don't want your business.
Actually, I see this as advice for every single retail shop on the planet, except for the appointment part. I make up questions sometimes just to stop by at the Apple Store next time I'm at the mall - having someone serve u with such diligence is rare.
Well not exactly random, I have a list of "what to ask at Apple store" things that I find interesting while using Apple products.
Nope, that is a part of the whole "customer experience" Apple talks about, the employees are trained to make customers really special like that.
That final bit about "keeping your cool" should go without saying for any retail environment.
The employees at Apple stores have always been very helpful and accommodating to me if I go there with a problem, and have hooked me up on multiple times.

Anyone who would suggest that these tips are just basic human decency and common sense is crazy.
I thumbed you up because it was fairly obvious sarcasm, but to be fair to the other guy, some cultures do not understand it - my wife is French and doesn't understand my New Zealand sarcasm. Also, sarcasm on the internet is like winking to someone on a phone, or elbowing someone through a brickwall. Most of this is common sense, the thing about looking for the ipad guy is actually pretty good advice, some people rush like bulls inside a place once they have a small issue with their product and they bash the common employee about this.
They will ask you to generate pin & submit or tell them over the phone for validate account holder that you are the same person talking over the phone. Is it getting harder to remember it when you want to sign into your iTunes, or your other Mac services? This form will also ask you if you want to change your security question, which you may want to do if the question is out of date or you simply no longer remember the answer you selected.
The employee gives us some inside tips, which we are passing along to you.When you first walk in the store, look for the person holding an iPad. In other words, if your iPhone hasn't turned on for a couple of weeks, call for an appointment first.
Here's an example next time I stop by: what is the difference between "my photo stream" and "photo sharing" options in settings.
The CEO isn't there, blowing up at a lowly rep for something they can't control will definitely make you look like a jerk.
Articles like these actually help make the world a more understanding place, you should behave like this for every single retailer. If, like a growing number of users, you signed up for your Apple ID using a student mailbox from your now Alma Matter, and you are now more than ready to move it over to another inbox, then you have come to the right place because today we are going to look at how you can change your Apple ID. Just be aware that they may email you the information so if you don’t have access to the old box, you may just want to take an educated guess or two.

If a change to a more memorable (or more secure) password is also in order, then let’s move on. If it just stopped working right now, yes, that would call for a visit to the Apple Store without making an appointment.And the final words of wisdom from our anonymous Apple Store employee is that you need to keep a cool head if there is a dispute in the store. If I'm bored in the mall, I go to any cell carrier or maybe the Apple store and ask random questions. Making an appointment and not being rude are just things you should try to do (When possible).
I was very impressed with the product but not with their lack of commitment to keep old tech up to date. Don’t worry, this is really easy to do and you can do it from any computer with web access, unlike some changes to iTunes that can only be made from an authorized machine. By making a beeline from the door to the person holding the tablet, you are bound to save time.
He says that you need to keep in mind that the employee that you feel like putting an NYPD chokehold on, does not have the final say when it comes to an issue involving merchandise. So why waste your energy trying to force an Apple Store employee to do something that he can't do anyway?
If you are buying in bulk for a business, ask to speak to the employee who handles corporate sales. You end up looking like a jerk, which only hurts your standing with the other employees.Perhaps by following these suggestions, you will end up with an enjoyable stress free trip to the Apple Store.

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