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If you use multicon it will completely undo all of your customization and you'll have set it up all over again. After installing a major Windows 10 update, a lot of times your default apps are reset to Windows 10 defaults. I’ve heard from several readers that this type thing is happening to them even after installing minor cumulative updates.
For additional information on how to change your default programs, read our article: How to Set Default Programs in Windows 10. To make things easier, the next time Windows 10 gets a major update, your best bet is to back up your current file associations.
When it launches click on Create or restore a backup of registry settings link at the bottom.
When you want to restore your settings, just launch the app again, select the backup, and then Restore selected backup. Microsoft really wants you to use its new universal apps built into Windows 10, and I like most of them, but I have programs set to make my workflow as efficient as possible. If this does, or doesn’t work for your, leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts. In July, I also I have the ISO copy of the Media Creation tool which helps me reinstall after every upgrade! I think it’s time that Redwood realises that all this PC’s belong to their customers and are not owned by MS corporation! Did you know that you can get your money back for purchased Android apps even after the official 15-minute Google Play refund period? Most Android users probably already know that the Google Play Store allows you to test every app for 15 minutes. Google has what seems like an automated procedure to refund you for apps even after the first 15 minutes. I still think apps store provide better refund service than play store, i bought 1 song and asked for refund and apps store did refunded only in 1days compared to the experience i had in play store. The apple app store hate to admit it but is definitely more stable (app wise) and better organize than the google store. Drivers, real support, invested software, a million-strong catalog of apps and games, and don’t forget Office.
Also installing some basic programs like Skype gave me issues(not to mention the Skype interface for Linux is terrible) and i’m by no means a newbie when it comes to computers. I’m sure there will be hacks in a couple of weeks that bring back proper mouse-driven interface elements in Metro, right? In win 8 EE ,in order to open the charming bar(the one which can be found when the mouse pointer is moved to the right top of desktop), if u have enabled the scroll bar the just swipe the touch pad from the right(on the scrollbar mark) horizontally and with out removing your finger you can change the tab and continue the swipe to open. We have apple to thank for the dumbing down of our species when dragging some icon to the bottom of the screen has become a daunting task. I have a Windows 8.1 tablet and without hooking up a BT keyboard and mouse, the only way to shut them off is through the task manager and by killing them from the bottom of the desktop screen by long pressing and selecting close window. The reason this is a problem is that, like most tablets, it has 2 gigs of RAM and if something isn’t running a smoothly as it should (particularly games) then you can bet that you need to close some stuff out.

The lower buttons will illuminate but the screen stays black for almost 10 seconds after pressing the power button or the middle button to wake my S4 on AT&T. Not all the time, but when it happens I end up giving up because the phone will just not wake up. Mostly.During the initial update, it when through a loading bar where it was optimizing apps.
I've found that it can take a few reboots to get everything back, but yeah, kind of a bummer about the home screens. Goto Lockscreen settings under "Security" and check for the option that says "Camera Shortcut". I thought I lost my TouchPal keyboard app for tablets which I love for my GS4, but after I rebooted it was back.
Try turning your phone off, pulling the battery out and back in, then restarting.Sometimes a "hard" reset (battery pull) is enough to fix common issues. For example, if you change the default web browser from Microsoft Edge to Chrome of Firefox, after an update, it might be set back to Edge. You’ll probably want to do this anytime you make a lot of file association changes or create different backups for different PCs. I should mention that I used this on the current stable version of Windows 10 as well as Preview Build 11082 (Redstone), and needed to hit the Restore action twice for it to take. I am sure this is the case with most users and having to reset everything after an update is annoying (to say the least).
I have received the major updates and VLC is still in the default position I set it when I accepted the Windows 10 download from my original Windows 8.1. The day I signed up for your subscription and after my registration and confirmation, the moment i get a mail from groovypost, in fact always waiting for your mail only!
Ita€™s very easy to request a refund within that period - you just open the Play Store, and instead of the a€?Removea€™ app button, you have a a€?Refunda€™ option, tap it and youa€™re done.What about those times that you just missed that time window for a few minutes, though?
This is a change from earlier times when a refund request would open a dispute and get the app developer involved in this.
Ten years ago I almost gave up on Linux because of the frustration of dependency issues that would hose my system without warning, but that hasn’t happened to me in a LONG time.
Granted, the operation of Windows 8 OS does require the user to have a little more than just a pulse, but after you learn the basics and where everything is, you find yourself without wanting to go back to the traditional desktop.
The last post on this article was 1 years ago and you still haven’t done anything about it.
Held the Starbucks line up for like 5 mins today trying to get my Starbucks app to work right after this morning's update. When I restarted the phone, there was another loading bar screen where it optimized some additional apps. However some of my work apps are completely gone and I have I will have to reconfigure them.
The button itself does work for example to activate the voice by double clicking but single click will not take me to the home screen! Since I deal with a lot of screenshots every day, I set my default to Windows Photo Viewer, and after the November Update, it was switched back to the built-in Photos app.

For the Photo Viewer I have always used Fastone Image Viewer as default and Firefox remains default to, so I guess I must be one of the lucky ones. My last Edition .36, after sign in again with my mail it remembers my earlier sorry state system and slowly reverts everything back!!! Recently I lost five months of Outlook .pst files, and I had the Pro back to see if he could help me retrieve same from my external back-up.
Did you know that you can actually get your money back for an app even after those first 15 minutes have passed? Recent findings by Android Police, however, suggest that Google has now set an internal time window of 48 hours (requests after that period would still open disputes), within which you can follow the steps below and get an app refund with no questions asked.
In theory, because of the way Metro apps automatically suspend their CPU and RAM usage when they lose focus, Microsoft claimed that you simply didn’t have to close apps.
As a defense against malware, SmartScreen is actually rather effective — and, really, no other browser or OS offers the same kind of protection. I received tens of different types of errors and most people on the internet do not know what causes those errors. If only I had met you intelligent people then I wouldn’t have KILLDISKED both my laptops 3 times already, thinking that there is a virus in my system.
Long story short, he discovered 16 sectors were corrupted, and he could save anything from the drive.
Ita€™s reasonable - after all, some apps are just too complicated to get a good grasp of within just 15 minutes, and even those who try to do it in a rush might run out of time.
Chances are the developer wona€™t even get involved in the process if a refund is requested within 48 hours.Keep in mind that this is not a system for app abuse, and wea€™re sure Google has some safeguards for those who use this on a regular basis to cheat the system.
The time you waste learning how to use this OS you can spend constructively updating your status via your favorite Twitter and Facebook apps. I did have to go through and add any apps or widgets back to the screens, but that wasn't so bad. The simplest method is by hitting Alt-F4 on your keyboard, which, like with Desktop apps, immediately terminates the app.The other option is pushing your mouse all the way to the top of the screen until your pointer becomes a hand, clicking, and then dragging the Metro app to the bottom of your screen.
There must be some reason, however, why Linux is doing well among enterprise companies and government agencies, because from what I read they’re adding more Linux servers all the time. This is quite tiresome with a mouse, but it’s the easiest way of closing Metro apps on a touchscreen.
Anyways, kudos and thanks to you and your contributers and I hope to be a paid subscriber of your Publcations. Swipe in from the left (or use the hot corner), move your finger back towards the edge, and the task switcher pops up.

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