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The Vibrancy Path » Blog Archive Get Your Brain Back Online with the Power of Concentration! Your brain just crashes like a frozen computer when you try to tackle your checkbook or you have to work with numbers.
You’re anxious because your memory seems to be getting worse every month – you wonder if you’ll even remember your own name and address by the time you hit 70! You easily use technology to process all the information you don’t want to, so you have room in your brain to process what you do. That sharp mind of yours comes up with a system for quickly and efficiently managing your emails, plus all the data and the information that flies across your desk every day. Cue Mechanics Pool School - Some league players and students ask me this question: How do you aim? The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
As she tried to find the book on the shelf, she couldn’t remember exactly where the section was.
You used to know a lot of those answers, but are sure you won’t be able to recall any of them now. How does one accept this said “injury,” if even aware of it at some level, when all he or she wants to do is go back to the life that was, when life seemed more clear and somewhat predictable, when the daily treadmill seemed at a reasonable and doable speed?
We’re born with it and use it for years without ever thinking about it or studying it. A I didn't put this together using a CAD or ray-tracing software package (the fractional aiming diagrams at the end ARE very accurate but again, weren't done with a CAD program). A Your experiences might vary, especially if the balls you use look like they've been rolling around in the street.If you gain anything by reading this and applying the concepts, great. A It's why I put the time and effort into it.A  At my risk, I might add, of making some of the people I play against EVEN better. My large (nearly baseball-sized) intraventricular meningioma reared its ugly head when our first-born child was 3 years old. A In this case, the two lines are one, through the center of both cue and object balls.A Do we need a ghost ball visualization to help aim this shot? Except when I returned to the piano I had studied and played for 30 years (with some measure of success), I couldn’t put 8 notes in a row together with my left hand.

A If you really want to torture yourself,A  look up Jack Dunbar (last seen in Seattle, I think) and ask him to teach you the 37-or-so aiming systems he knows. Except, when I tried to help our daughter put on clothes, I put them on backwards (doesn’t every mom, anyway? Except that for the next 17 years, all kinds of quirky things have developed which no one warned me about, and few doctors have ever taken the time to explain, much less have any empathy to offer in the process. What does one do with the 24-hour reality that they have a big change at Ground Zero of their body, the Brain? A If you do, you will likely become very good at aiming shots.A  Even if you don't, knowing about it will still help you gauge your thick or thin hits. Unless, over time, you begin to realize you really aren’t the same, even if you can do much more now than feed yourself or go to the bathroom unaided. I performed at the piano 5 weeks after the craniotomy (that surgery where they open up your head, maybe remove some bones, dig out the unwanted guest, maybe wire some bones back in place, and zip up the back of your head).
I taught piano for twelve more years and had my one and only big seizure three years after surgery--while teaching a lesson. I ingested anti-seizure meds for 11 years until their toxicity caused me a year of dizziness, imbalance, falling down, brain fog, and a 4 day video EEG at the hospital which determined I wasn’t having seizures, nor did I need this medicine which was drastically affecting and slowing down my brain. And then, wonder of wonders, I gave birth to our son, 4 years to the day after I was told I had a brain tumor, and one miscarriage following his birth.
How does one walk or crawl or exist in daily life with a “mild” brain injury, in a world which views most of us functioning (and talking) fairly normally, looking fairly much like everyone else on the planet? I think you may have become a candidate for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) without realizing it.
These seismic changes, like earthquakes, come about with shifts in our heads, sometimes quite dramatically. They occur with the excavation of the intruder, or while it hangs out in their brain because it is to dangerous to remove, or with the sudden bang on the head, or the burst of blood vessels, altering the road map of our lives forever. The post-brain injury life is filled with evolving symptoms and shifts in attitude, perspective, behaviors, feelings, and discovering new ways to live and interact in daily life.
If I could not identify these things happening in me, how could I even explain them to family, friends, doctors, others? And if you know or feel that you are now inescapably altered, and it’s impacting your daily life, THEN WHAT?

Writing or journaling, or somehow recording your thoughts, feelings, symptoms as they arise. And learning patience with yourself, others, the medical community (and as you anticipate those two-month-wait appointments), and patience with time as it slowly but surely can make things clearer.
For me, all of the above, with prayer and meditation with the God who knows me and my brain intimately and gently heals me in so many ways.
This process of brain injury and afterward affects those closest to us without them often realizing it as well.
They, and we, are experiencing a 9.0 emotional earthquake, while to us and to the world, the ground may appear barely cracked. We need to identify it, the brain injury and aftermath, for the life-changing event and reality for which it is in every way, and eventually learn to accept and embrace it. For in this reality, one learns to slow down and discover things not meant to be learned in a hurry.
One can learn more about the value of life and taking it all in, savoring events, people, and faith in ways never experienced when the brain was rapid-firing.
Blessings arrive in unforeseen packages, as you and the people around you work, and I mean really work, at communicating and helping each other in new and critical ways. The time spent connecting might only be for five minutes, but oh, what a glorious five minutes, compared to the hour you used to spend together before the injury. The injury can begin to chisel away at the rough edges of our lives and soften them, or it can sharpen every angry attitude to deadly consequences. We must decide what’s important and get whatever help we need to make new and healthy pathways of recovery. And the exciting possibilities in healing will begin to present themselves, one moment at a time.

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