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After a GREAT night at Ignite Phoenix #4, many participants went to La Bocca for some after hours networking. Several of us parked in a vacant lot at the southeast corner of 7th & Mill, only to walk out to find our cars had been towed. Here’s the [sarcasm on] big giant warning sign [sarcasm off] that parking there will result in towing. Yep, it’s stuck on the back of an electrical box at the far end of the vacant lot at 701 S.
The lot is owned by “Tempe Mill LLC”?, deeded on Nov 7, 1996 (per the Maricopa County Assessors public site). According to the Nevada Secretary of State public site, Tempe Mill LLC is a Limited Liability Company registered in Nevada to a Dean Y.
When I parked there, there were 5 or 6 other cars parked along the northern edge of the lot. The taxpayers in Tempe now get to pay for some police-arranged service to come pick up this family and get them some car seats. I called the number listed on the sign to try to recover my car tonight and was treated to one of the nastiest, rudest “ladies”? I’ve ever encountered.
Guess who the last car left in the lot belonged to?  I can’t say for sure who owned the car, but I can state unequivocally that one of the tow truck drivers unlocked the drivers door, got in, started the car and drove off.
So Monster apparently parks a car in the lot, baiting people to park there, then hauls them away.
One car owner told me he’d been parked there less than 30 minutes when his car was towed.
And all this after the Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman, gives an impassioned plea at the opening of Ignite Phoenix to change the name to Ignite Tempe. Good luck getting your vehicles tomorrow morning and be sure to raise a query with the mayor.
Lastly, there's the point of the city issuing a business license, which it might renew every year or every 3 or 5 years. I'll mention some or all of these points in my letter to the mayor, as when you first tweeted about this that juxtaposition of the mayor wanting Ignite Tempe instead of Ignite Phoenix came to mind and I mentioned it then.
When I look at the closeup pic of the sign, I see Glendale, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Peoria, Gilbert and Chandler. I have seen news reports on bad towing practices in Tempe before, but this one takes the cake. Maybe you and Steve should volunteer a couple of hours of your time and stand on the public sidewalk to warn people. So unfortunate that the new laws (or are they just rules, not sure) in Tempe don't go into effect until the end of the month.

I understand the right of a property owner to have cars towed ( if done properly) but this appears to be a HUGE bait and switch scam that should be stopped. I am sure the City of Tempe will hear from many people concerning this questionable prictice.
I tell you, walking out of La Bocca and seeing my car up on the tow truck's life was certainly not a pleasant sight at 11pm at night. I thought Tempe had a law that if you are towed, you only have to show proper ID and ownership papers to the tow company, and they then have to release your car.
It shall be unlawful for a private towing carrier to tow or transport a motor vehicle from private property without the permission of the owner or operator of the vehicle unless such private towing carrier receives a request from a law enforcement agency or the express written permission from the owner of the property or the agent of the owner, who has complied with requirements of this section. This is beyond ridiculous, and I can see why Mill Ave is struggling with stuff like this going on. After all, can you be held liable for being towed when they are not within city guidelines as to being able to tow cars?
According to Tempe PD, they have no information on any incidents last night at this parking lot.
Ironically, it went back into the impound lot after Kaizo was accused of illegally tampering with the MSO plates.
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Brown County Public Works is asking drivers with cars on side streets to move them Tuesday evening so they can get the roads cleared of the snow that accumulated during the day.
Lender Notes: This is a loan request that makes you scratch your head, and we get allot of loan request sort of like this.
So in the end, they killed a 25 year old record, and did it with one of the most beautifully built cars you’ll ever find. I just got off the phone with my cousin Danny and heard the great news about his 300+ mph run.
Vintage TorqueFest 2014 — Dubuque, Iowa Fairgrounds May 2 – 4 Hot Rods Driven Hard… The Way It Was Intended!! Several cabs were also there, idling with the drivers in their cabs ”“ I assume waiting for fares. One guy said one of the tow truck drivers has sprayed mace or pepper spray on him when he attempted to take a picture of the tow truck.
I tend to drive too fast and scream at the University of Texas and Denver Broncos football teams. If so, that would reasonably (a key word) require more than one sign, according to the code. Having someone associated with a towing company park a car there is something that I have a real problem with.

Alison, 45, of San Clemente is accused of illegally importing disassembled Nissan Skyline vehicles and then would reassemble the parts into cars at his now-defunct Costa Mesa business, Kaizo Industries, according to U.S. If the owner was too lazy to clean the cigarette butts out of the car since he'd bought it, or never bothered to fix the brakes, then they probably don't look after their cars and don't deserve to have a 'good' one. Whether it be a car breakdown, car accident or just moving for restoration work or repairs, we have the vehicle that can help you. Obviously, this applicant wants a PDL approved for at least eight hundred dollars, but the weird part is the amount she says she needs to get her car out of the impound lot – have you ever paid $800 bucks to get your car out of an impound lot? Congratulations to the team from Rad Rides, George Poteet and Danny Bourrows for multiple 300+ mph runs at Speed Week and your new record. They had two small children with them and asked (quite politely I might add) if there was any way they could recover their car seats. Anyway, all kidding aside, you better go back to that lot and take a video with a date stamp. We will help you take the stress out of your situation and assist with recovery of your vehicle to our secure holding yard or a repairer, we can even help you with information on lodging your claim.
We find that when an applicant makes a request for more funds needed then the actual loan request, they just don’t want to tell anyone the reason they want the loan, or PDL. You should remember that when you run faster than a record, the car goes to impound, then the next morning you back up the record or start over. Blowfish ran 303 and change, so a new record, and a coveted blue hat (300 mph club) are within reach. The owner will have the appropriate signs up with pictures in hand if it ever goes to court – at least that been my experience. Since this has not been done, the only logical conclusion that can be made is the owner wants people to park there and get towed. Our broad base of country contractors will be able to assist with remote recoveries or back-loading of your vehicle if you break down out of Metro. It all depends on where you get it towed to and what kind of work has to be done to get it there. However, if an applicant is comfortable about disclosing WHY they want the loan, we are happy to publish it here. Because digging your car out from the plows heap, or wenching a vehicle out of an embankment takes time and manpower.
If your car has been on the road for sometime you will likely be one of the first to get the tow treatment.

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