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I loved doing this glitch to get pearlescent on my crew colors until Rockstar messed it up with the recent patch. I know i still have some modded crew colours though And i love those i have even made my own custom one. Nothing new about this whatsoever, it works when you buy any upgrade on your car after highlighting metallic respray. Aye I've done it a few times, when you take off get as high as possible asap otherwise missiles will get you.
We should get the regulars on here for a group photo online, obviously the PS3 side and the Xbox side will have to do it separately.
I got a fighter jet yesterday only cos some numbnuts decided to park his in the normal airport, one sniper rifle shot later and I was flying it about. Me and a few mates were racing and a few other lads joined, someone smashed into me a couple times, so at the start of the next few races I kept going into the side of him almost instantly, didn't care about the race just wanted to wipe him out, did it a few times and as I took off down the road he was about 10 seconds behind, I turned around, drove all the way back towards the start of the race and went head on into him blowing him up. SO if you've got a bounty on your head you can stop in and watch TV waiting for it to time out?
The bounty was put on me as I'd pulled some random person out their car and got the text.
I found the car I wanted so if anyone wants help you can invite me to your session and I will help you look. Made an account on here to see if anyone had any ideas on how to find those elusive Phoenixes and was gonna make a thread until I found this one!
If this technique works for me I may just have to name my first born child CheaterMcCheat haha!
So on my 4th play through I came across this thread and made my way to Paleto Bay after hours of driving around the city; its not as easy though.

If your username contains these characters, please register a temporary account and post in this topic. Only problem is most supers don't have a lot of customization compared to sports cars, low riders, etc. No variation, a lot of chrome, more crashing because idiots can't control their cars, hideous paint jobs and no cruising just racing everywhere. The Zentorno definitely breaks the mold when it comes to Supercar modifications, but the rest of them really don't. Rockstar warned everyone of this very moment: that there would be leaks and they would make you lose control over your bowels and other bodily functions.
Below are a series of videos courtesy of the kind folk over on Neogaf that Dualshockers and IBI Times spotted, where they have been posting all this stuff up for everyone like you to see, enjoy, salivate over and completely have your minds melt onto the keyboard in front of you.
The only thing I'm going to do is warn you that the very first video is Not Safe For Work; this means the obvious uncensored sex scene below.
Also, Rockstar if you're all pissed and stuff about the leaks, and if you're planning on unleashing your pet lawyers on us again, I'd just like to inform you that we've got stuff on the second page, too.
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I really hope it's just a bug like the license plate bug and they get it fixed in the next update. Put my cctv on and some fella is waiting at the door like I'm really going to step outside. The NPC's up there love muscle cars and they spawn in large groups in the car parks and along the highway leading up to Paleto Bay. If you see large groups of a car you don't want, back out of online and go back in and the groups of cars will change to something else.
It does work, but often times you'll have to hop onto different sessions to try and get the cars you want to spawn.

After driving around a bit, a group of muscle cars spawned and one of them happened to be a Bauntlet.
So with that warning set firmly in place, I implore you to turn away now lest you ruin the nascence of awesome for when you take on the seminal task of opening GTA V for the very first time after picking it up from your local retailer.
The first vid features a guy banging a chick from behind and there are some grade 'A' douche bags in the background laughing like coked up frat boys. Only a few of them are proven, while some were appropriately rejected by developer Rockstar Games, and the rest can not be proved nor disproved. Once an update hits the money will follow as the update will be putting in the ability to pay the players aswell as other fixes.
I think its really a bug in the game because often times even in the city you'll see a ton of the same model cars driving up and down the road. However, on my current play through (5th), it took me forever to find it even after spending 2 days in this town.
At least 10 minutes afterwards, somebody blew up a Chradder which started a firefight and made me stop the meet and leave.
You can allow Supers, but you should set limits and only allow the tasteful cars like the Lambos.
When you select it in LS Customs, the camera angle shifts to show the bonnet so I am very optimistic about this. When I actually arrived at the LS Customs in Downtown LS, I saw another row of Dominators and other muscle cars.

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