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I wonder if you are like me and sometimes wish you had a chance to put your knowledge and training to a test. Ia€™ve been a person who has attempted to do crossword puzzles most of my life, but truthfully have never been very good at it. Well I can tell you that now I suddenly feel like a very competent and skilled crossword puzzle completer. The first observation was that doing the puzzle online completely removed the tediousness of paper-based puzzles. The interesting thing about doing crossword puzzles on an iPad is that the answers are EVERYWHERE. When I started getting bored with that, I imposed on myself a ban on asking for the answer directly. At least for awhilea€”soon, I was finding it tedious to waste so much time on what was little more than a stenographic task. I was completing puzzles like a pro (with help) and then realized that I was actually searching (or a€?cheatinga€?) far less frequently.
The task could operate with very little difficulty (ask for answers) to extreme challenge (figure out on your own). My entries were never a€?judgeda€? as correct or incorrect until the puzzle was completed or until I specifically requested judgment.
The format and the task lured me into practicing and rehearsing this skill many, many times. The app is particularly well designed in that virtually zero time is spent on the mechanics of navigation or operation. On top of all of this and quite remarkable to me is the absolute satisfaction, pleasure, and confidence I now feel in recognizing how much I have learned.
Click to Tweet: Learn how to solve the e-learning puzzle and create effective #training solutions that will affect change! Click to Tweet: Ethan Edwards shares 6 ways that crossword puzzles share really important characteristics of great #elearning. Graphic 45 Sneak Peeks Day 3: Hallowe'en in Wonderland, our newest Deluxe Collector's Edition!

As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. The open master courses offers you the basics about CowSignals to help you understand all five fields mentioned above. Dutch vets can find more information about continuing education on the website of the KNMvD. Besides Dutch veterinarians, British farmers and dairy associates can also get acredited via Dairy Pro. Ia€™ve spent almost 30 years designing e-learning experiences and have rarely actually needed to take e-learning as a student.
Sure, I could complete the easier ones, but I rarely had success in attempting the progressively more difficult puzzles that appear in the New York Times toward the end of each week. I didna€™t need a pen or a sharp pencil, an eraser that didna€™t smear, nor did I have to engage in the subsequent hand washing to remove ink. In my Googling of clues, I began to note the actual content sites that would be listed about the search terms. In this gradation of practice, I had, without necessarily trying, learned the particular vocabulary of crossword puzzle writers, the underlying puns and plays-on-words that had previously seemed so impenetrable, and several strategies for working around problem areas.
I worked at the simple level until I decided for myself that I really was ready to move to the next level. Note, though, that I was using and interpreting immediate feedback all the timea€¦when my answer turned out to be too long for a set of squares, or when a letter at a word intersection clashed with another.
If I can feel this way about something as insignificant as solving crossword puzzles, think of the potential change we can create in our organizations and our colleagues if we can create similar assurance of success in our professional e-learning efforts. Ladies and Gentleman, we are proud to introduce “Curtain Call,” an elegant paper collection that harkens back to the golden age of entertainment.
Love the paper, Give a reason for a night out on the town, get all dolled up and everything, just to use these papers!!!
Also, the focus is 50% on PeopleSignals to help you become a better coach and have more impact. We can give dairy producers a better understanding of all factors involved in cow management.

Ia€™m convinced by observation and research that the ideas we preach are correct, but I realized recently how gratifying it is to have onea€™s convictions validated. To help pass the time during a recent brief hospital stay, I downloaded the New York Times crossword puzzle app.
Also, the appa€™s features allowed for easy corrections, changes of letters without inconvenient scratching out of previous entries, etc. As silly as it was, it was an important step in my learning to be able to reliably complete a puzzle, even with lots of help.
It turns out there are innumerable online sites that catalog verbatim clues and answers to crossword entries. So I began to be less accurate about typing exact clues and instead extracted the key terms of the clue and searched actual primary source sites, reading articles to figure out answers.
Furthermore, I could work the puzzle in any sequence, from any direction that appealed to me. But I was actively involved in a concrete behavior of extracting content and physically entering it into the puzzle. That feedback forced me to realize that something was wrong and that I needed to rethink my solution. We welcome you to the world premier of this gorgeous new collection that is sure to inspire and captivate.
Inspired by the birth of jazz, lavish stage shows, and the silent film era, this razzle-dazzle paper collection will have you swinging! This actually wasna€™t that far off from using the app to get the answer directly, but I had to exert effort in typing clues precisely and was truly reading the clues in ways that encouraged me to think more carefully about the answer. Soft creams and striking black colors give this collection an authenticity of old Hollywood. I know I have picked up some knowledge along the way that was revealed in previous puzzlesa€”although most of that is largely forgotten quickly.

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