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I updated the iOS 5 on my Verizon iPhone 4 and now I have all of my contacts 5 times, plus my brother’s contacts. Every time I lose my iPhone contacts or they become semi-duplicated (or even triplicated!) this is where I come for the directions! Hey peter, my father, gave me an iphone 4 last year, and i registed itm in my itunes, with my old card, but then i gave the iphone to my father and he started to use his card, but today he asked me , to put some music in his iphone, i sync to itunes, and my iphone id, just took over the iphone, and my dad lost all his stuff, i could just save the contacts, he doesnt have any mobile me or icloud, or an apple ID, he just used the iphone wihtout sync, do you know any method to regain his stuff back? After that, when I started to put some names back to the contact list, suddenly, some pictures (that used to be on the old list) appeared associated with wrong names. After the release of  iOS 4 on June 21st, I noticed a big jump in traffic to my blog post. Before you begin the steps below, I suggest you go to your MobileMe account and confirm that your contact are there.

Im going to post this link on my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for anyone else who has the same problem. Like an idiot – i synced my boyfriends iphone 4 with my itunes accidently and lost all of his contacts. If you have been backing up to iCloud, you can use the same process in this post to get your contact back. Have you tried connecting the phone to the computer, selecting the phone in iTunes and forcing the contacts to be replaced on the phone in the Advanced settings (bottom) portion of the Info tab in iTunes? Assuming your contacts are on MobileMe, here’s the way to get them back to your iPhone.
My contact photos somehow all became muddled up so I followed your advice and restored all contacts from mobileme perfectly.

All look fine except that I couldn’t get my contacts back and I am afraid that I lost them.
I did not have an icloud, and my computer does not recognize my iphone, it ?s like a new iPhone to it. I went to settings and mail, contacts, etc… Then my iCloud then turned off my contacts and backed up my phone. Problems like yours and others who are loosing their speaker sound on iPhone (my wife is suffering this one).

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