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When you get a vague explanation, your impulse is to pick it apart and try to decipher the rejection message; maybe show it to your friends and see what they think it means.
Projection is an error in thinking, and it often leads you to form terribly inaccurate conclusions about where other people are coming from. If they agreed to go on a date with you, then they were at least somewhat attracted to you. Before you start damning yourself for all of the personal flaws that could have led to this rejection, take some time to think about how far you did get with them. But how do you determine their actual reasons if they won’t give you a straight answer? When you’re forced to be in the same vicinity as your rejector, your first impulse will be to completely avoid them, which will mesh well with their own desire to avoid you. If you were rejected after only a few dates, you’re probably not that banged up about it. Also, don’t neglect internal self-improvement, as it can help you not care as much about the flaws you see in your appearance.
Making tangible progress on goals that matter to you will help you define yourself by something other than your appearance  and others will pick up on that confidence. Waiting on your friend group to cough up new potential mates every once in a while is not the way to go. Grow from your last rejection, improve yourself, and pick a person that you have more in common with for your next first date — all of that will drastically increase your odds of success.
Thanks for the article Mike, It helps me understand what I’ve gone through in the past.
Credit Sesame is a site founded by former bankers that helps people manage their credit and save money on their loans. And based on the information you provide, they try to come up with ideas to reduce your interest cost for any and all debts and mortgages you have.
Since I do all my banking online anyway and I’ve never had a problem, I wasn’t too concerned about it.
They also tell you what your home is worth and the interest rate you’re paying on any debts. They go on to recommend ways for you to reduce your interest expense for any debt you carry.

The more I learned about this company, the more I felt like I died and went to credit heaven.
You will receive bi-weekly updates including helpful articles and exclusive invitations to live Webinars! Wealth Pilgrim is not responsible for and does not endorse any advertising, products or resource available from advertisements on this website. Read previous post:Getting a Mortgage with Bad CreditGetting a mortgage with bad credit isn't as impossible as it seems. If they list a specific reason for the rejection, then that gives you specific points that you might try to debate. This is a waste of time, because the rejection message they give you is often completely detached from their actual reasons. Projection keeps you stuck in a cycle of worry and rejection, and deepens your insecurities unnecessarily.
So if you get rejected after the second or third date, you can generally assume that your looks weren’t the primary reason.
This will make you feel better, and also help you factor-out things that didn’t contribute to the eventual rejection. Consequently, the most awkward part about getting rejected by somebody is that you have to see them again whenever your mutual friends throw a party.
This is a weird example, but about half way through writing my first book I suddenly realized that I had stopped flipping out when I got a pimple.
Go out and find groups of people amassed around activities that are close to your core values.
Thank you for the supportive words, practical suggestions, and most importantly, helping us to look at rejections from multiple perspectives.
They are very big on restructuring your debt – paying off high cost loans with low cost alternatives you may not be aware of.
For me, it wasn’t particularly useful because thankfully I have little debt and I pay off my credit card balance each month.
I feel very blessed and hope to share my personal financial experience and professional wisdom with readers of WealthPilgrim. Wealth Pilgrim receives compensation from Google for advertising space on this website, but does not control the advertising selection or content.

Sometimes I think that the more direct, explicit explanations are actually more considerate. After reading this I realized I did pretty much the opposite of what you suggest we do on steps 1 and 2! If you do use them, the loan doesn’t cost you any more than if you would go directly to the lending institution yourself. I can’t imagine how any company could provide your credit score without either a credit card number or your Social Security number. If you are comfortable using your credit card online, you should probably feel OK about using this service too. That’s the strongest encryption method available for the internet, used by banks and financial websites.
They don’t want to fight about each point endlessly or be forced to defend their emotional reasons logically. Your personality, values, and priorities will get you (or lose you) the second, third and all future dates. Rather than you making tons of calls all over the country looking for the cheapest credit card interest rate or home mortgage, this neat little company does the shopping for you. My romantic aspirations with this person are definitely out the window, but I would like to maybe make a comeback from all the damage I may have done on over-analizing the rejection and projecting my insecurities. Waiting till marriage can make you over-eager and quick to try and make any date work, whereas other people might be more realistic about not having anything in common. And regardless of what you do, you end up with some very valuable information – including a free credit score. If there will be friendship, it’ll have to be a new one, non-threatening in every way.
Go their looking for deep commonality, and the dating thing will probably happen by default if you go to enough of them.

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