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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When you order your free FICO Score here, you will begin your 10-day trial membership in Score Watch®. The free score is only free when you sign up for a free trial, and if you fail to cancel that free trial within a short 10-days, you will be billed $14.95 monthly. What would they do if I applied, and then used a virtual credit card number with a limit of $1?
I think any approach that denies them payment after you are told they will be charging you puts you in the hot seat.
To be clear, it’s not a good idea to sign up with a virtual credit card number and then forget about it. If you're a new-car fan, you know that most 2015 models have either rolled into showrooms or will soon be on their way.
Loan marketplace LendingTree recently analyzed 20,000 auto loan offers generated via queries to its website. For example, borrowers with "good" FICO credit scores (ranging between 700 and 779) nabbed 60-month loans at around 5.14 percent. However, those with "fair" FICO scores (ranging from 620 to 699) were offered 60-month loans averaging 9.08 percent -- 77 percent higher than those in "good" territory.

And a new consumer law, the CARD Act requires better disclosure in ads promising free credit reports where you are really signing up for a trial of a continuing service. Whether you're in the market for a brand new ride or something slightly used, now could be a good time to act.
If you're a used-car fan or a bargain shopper, you know there's often an uptick in inventory around this time of year, as others trade in their old rides for the latest and greatest, and as dealers work to get rid of lingering 2014 stock. The offers were for 2014 model-year vehicles, and they were issued between July 2013 and July 2014. On a $20,000 loan, that would work out to be $2,722.60 in interest payments over the five years.
To those folks, a $20,000 loan would cost some $4,956.40 in interest payments -- over $2,200 more. Follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way to earning the best possible interest rate. Get your FICO score: There are a number of credit scoring systems out there, but FICO remains the most popular with lenders. Get your credit report: Your FICO score is really just a numerical summary of your credit history, which is itself summarized in credit reports.

What LendingTree found was that small changes in an applicant's credit score could result in big savings (or losings) on interest rates.
It takes into consideration your individual scores from America's three biggest credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. By federal law, you're entitled to a free, annual copy of credit reports on file at Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
Plenty of websites offer monthly subscriptions that allow you to keep tabs on your FICO score for a fee, but there are also an increasing number of ways to get your FICO score at no cost.
Meanwhile, the FICO people advertise that high FICO scores translate into low interest rates.
Some advisers even suggest that you contest legitimate marks against you, because by law, agencies have to respond to complaints within a certain number of days. If they don't -- either because the information is wrong or because they don't have the time to respond -- the negative mark is automatically erased from your record, even if it's accurate.

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