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Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and it is the reason why dogs are the most common pet people have. Instead of feeding your dog two times a day, break the portions apart into four feedings day. Another good resource is which reviews all the different brands and choices of dog food out there. If you have both a cat and dog then probably already know that it’s hard to keep your away from the food!
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Now that you’ve met our fur babies, check out our 5 tips how to get your dogs to eat dry dog food.
Hubby and I joke all the time that our fur babies are our kids since we don’t have biological children together. Now that you know how to get your dog to eat dry dog food, we really recommend giving Purina® Pro Plan® a try.

Though it is fun when they are around, but they can be challenging when it comes to their food habits.
Even as a puppy, he wouldn’t eat anything but wet dog food, and even then he was quite finicky. These tips really helped us when we were trying to get Happy and Karma to eat the same dog food.
Leave food bowls down for 15 minutes at meal time and then put them away: Picky eaters tend to try and train you. Until we had him eating dry dog food on a regular basis, we fed Happy and Karma in separate places.  This let us see what food he was actually eating. Keep at it: Keeping a routine, and letting your dog know what is offered for dinner, will help convert even the pickiest of dogs.
Right now there is a special offer where you can try Purina® Pro Plan® with a special rebate.
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It is not as easy to feed them nutritious food as it would be to feed your 3 year old baby, which itself is quite tough a task. One is a garbage disposal, aka Karma, and the other is such a picky eater when it comes to his dog food, aka Happy.

He definitely gave us a trial by fire when it came to learning how to get your dog to eat dry food. Another reason we love it is because all Pro Plan® products are free from artificial colors and flavors. We hardly ever give our dogs treats and since then our dogs are ready for dinner time when we put the food bowls down. Half the battle to get picky dogs to eat dry dog food is to be persistent and show your fur babies lots of love!
Certain vegetables and fruits are good for dog-health but since they would not have them raw, you can make simple dishes out of them so that they enjoy having them.
Personally, I’ve always hated the smell of wet dog food so we were going to have to learn how to get this picky puppy to eat what we offered him.
Unless there is something medically wrong with your dog, most dogs won’t starve themselves. It’s been through a lot of trial and error that we were able to figure out how to get your dog to eat dry dog food.

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