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How to Get Your Driving License in Ontario highlights how complicated the process really is to get a driving license in Ontario, Canada. This infographic provides a clear visual step-by-step process of obtaining your driver’s licence in Ontario, Canada. Please note that this is a 2011 version and it was created based on the latest Ontario requirements so use it safely! For those of you living in other countries this should still be fun to compare whether you country’s licencing system is simpler or more complicated than that of Ontario’s!
A photo is required for your licence and the DVLA can use your passport photo if you have one.
Although you may already be taking lessons or even be ready to take your practical test, you can not apply for your practical test until you have passed the theory test. The theory test is made up of two parts; a multiple choice questionnaire and a hazard perception video test.
The actual theory test questions are no longer published which means that those found in revision materials of any kind will give you an idea of the questions and answers to expect but will NOT be exactly the same as those you will face during the test itself. This change was introduced to ensure you gain a better understanding of driving theory rather than simply memorising questions and answers. Before you start the hazard perception part of the test, you'll be shown a short video clip about how it works before being shown a series of video clips on a computer screen.
A developing hazard is something that may result in you having to take some action, such as changing speed or direction and what you need to do is identify these as early as possible to get as high a score as possible (max 5 per clip). Once your driving has reached a suitable level, you will want to get your driving test booked. Go to the official Gov site for more information on the practical driving test and many other aspects involved in learning to drive. This series of four videos will tell you everything you need to know about the NDLS, applying for your licence, filling out the application form and what you need to bring with you to your local NDLS centre.
The final step in getting your full driving licence is of course to take the practical test.

It was created as an attempt to help young Ontario drivers who would otherwise need to struggle through the dry pages of the official Ministry of Transportation website. You can apply for your licence up to 3 months before your 17th Birthday but it is only valid when you turn 17 and you will not be able to take lessons on a public road or take your theory test until then. If you don't, or you want to use a different one, this will need to be sent to the DVLA separately.
The clips feature everyday road scenes and contain at least one developing hazard - but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards. The timescale for bookings can vary one month to the next depending on the number of other learners applying around the same time. You can select which video you need to watch using the playlist button or simply watch them all. That's exactly the reason why a lot of people decide to stick to their G2 licence until it expires (after five years), even though technically they could schedule their G exam after only 12 months. You should not just go ahead and book the test before checking that a car will be available first!
The local NDLS centre in Limerick is located in Unit 29, Parkway Shopping Centre, Dublin Road. If you need any more information about the process, please feel free to call and we will help you in any way we can.
If you have special needs please contact the Driver Theory Service and explain your requirements.You can view more information and book your test online on the official Theory test site. You can get an application form for a learner permit from your motor tax office, garda station or local library.. Get the Most Out of Your Auto Premium.Views: 2030 Are you a young woman new to driving and looking for affordable insurance?
If you are a parent adding your teen daughter to the policy there are a few tips you can do to lower your auto insurance.It is funny since many people joke about woman’s driving habits when the opposite is true. At the same you want to be sure a new driver is going to learn how to drive properly through defensive or safety driver course.License – If you daughter isn’t licensed she likely isn’t going to be on the policy.

Once she gets her license then she is.Named Exclusion – If you want you can get an endorsement on the policy where the new driver is not considered part of the policy. However, any damage or accidents caused by the driver is not covered either.Multiple Vehicles – If you have more than one car the best option for a female driver is to let her drive the cheapest vehicle. The automobile with lower auto insurance losses will cost less to insure and help keep more money in your wallet.Defensive Driving – Take a defensive driving course even if you have completed the GDL course mandated by the state. This will let the insurer know you are being more responsible plus you can show the certificate to possibly lower your rates.Car Repair – As a woman you may be less likely to repair your own vehicle. Additional coverage for towing and labor may be helpful just realize this will increase your rates.Cool Add-ons – Be careful of the components you add to the car which could increase your rates. Since women who are new drivers are less likely to do it you may not have to worry about it. If your boyfriend wants to add cool gadgets to the vehicle remember a rate hike could come your way.If you are a female just learning to drive once you understand why insurers are going to put you into a high risk category the process of getting affordable insurance is possible.
You will have ways to mitigate or lower your auto insurance by following a few easy steps.There are programs for younger drivers such as Pay-As-You-Go and Drive Monitoring. Drive monitoring programs will help you save a bundle on insurance and drivers around the country are warming up to the idea since the savings are good.Another benefit of drive monitoring is you are less likely to take chances since the insurer is “watching” your driving habits. GMAC was the first company to offer it to help drivers save with good driving habits.There are many options available to help you lower your rates as a new female driver if you keep your record clean then in the years to come you have a reason to celebrate!
Greg Fowler is CEO of AutoInsureSavings, a firm designed to help drivers save as much money as possible.

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