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We’ve all been there and while most guys make mistakes in how they go about to get your girlfriend back, you’re going to know better by the end of this article. Even still, your success will depend on you, and “quickly” will always be a subjective term. The pain in your chest screams in agony and the only thing you want to do is call her up and beg for one more chance to prove that you can be the man she wanted all along. When you look for clues in everything, you miss the ones she smacked you over the head with! In the first days after the breakup, you absolutely must stop thinking about what went wrong. Try to think of other things, play some video games, watch a little TV, and do your best to not think about everything that happened between you two. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still love you, or that she doesn’t miss you, but things reached a point in your relationship that caused her to feel that it wasn’t going to work out.

Wait a couple of weeks for her to contact you, and if she doesn’t, it means she wants you to contact her. Spend it with friends, get out and go to the mall or the movies, and do things that you enjoy. Maybe you moved into her place and took it over, adding your video games and sci-fi figurines all over the place, making it your place. Individually, probably just pet peeves, but together, they’re a pretty good reason to dump a guy. Women are notorious for saying, ‘If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you,’ but when it comes to the things that they want out of a relationship, they give out more clues than you’d expect. If you really want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back quickly, then this is the moment of truth.
No, she won’t see this change right away, but if you don’t change, then you won’t be able to win her back ever.

Once you make the changes that she was looking for all along, then it’s time to let her know about them.
The more changes she sees, the more intrigued she’ll be, especially if you don’t flaunt it and make it obvious that you’re only showing off. Stop overthinking your problems, don’t be clingy, and try to make some changes to improve your station in life. Maybe when you two first started dating, you were outgoing or showed a lot of promise in life. Don’t grab for your phone, cue up her number and have your finger hover over the send button a hundred times.

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