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The next way to get your ex boyfriend back is to ignore your impulses.  When you first learn that your ex boyfriend is seeing someone else, your initial feelings will be frustration and disappointment. The next way to get your ex boyfriend back is to drop out of sight.  Among the most common mistakes women make when trying to get back an ex boyfriend, always being around is the primary one.
CLICK HERE to download the bestselling book that has helped over 6100 couples get back together. In just a moment, I’m going to show you how to get your ex girlfriend back… so buckle up, because there’s a lot to cover.
If you recently split up with your girlfriend then you’re probably hurting REAL bad right now. I know the pain you’re going through right now and I know that it won’t stop for a LOOOOONG time. Sure you can carry on with your life… bang a few new girls at a party, go out with your friends and try to forget about the girl you lost.
OR you can use proven techniques that thousands of guys are using right now to get their girlfriend back fast.
There are a few areas of “getting your ex girlfriend back” which I want to cover, so by all means skip to the section that makes most sense to your current situation.
It’s been a few days, weeks, maybe even a month and the wound is still raw… now what do you do? Understand why she left you – The first step is to understand why she dumped you in the first place dude!
Leave it at least 2 weeks – Don’t be needy or act desperate, it’s not going to help you.
Get back in touch – After a couple of weeks, get in touch either with a text or a Facebook message. Keep it casual – Always meet up with her in the day for lunch or coffee so it’s casual, like you’re meeting a friend.
Go in for the kill – After several casual meetups, invite her along on a night out with your friends or say to her that you’re going to be somewhere and she should come along. The key to remember here is that you’re laying down the important groundwork with the casual meetups.
Pimp up your Facebook profile – Your Facebook page is a constant message that your closest friends and acquaintances are reading. Get in touch – Go back to “situation 1” and follow all the steps from “Get back in touch”.
Right then, you haven’t spoken to her in months, you know that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and you’re still kicking yourself about the breakup. Write to her – The very first thing you need to do is write to her, Facebook, email even a freakin hand written letter dude. Rinse and repeat – Follow everything from the first and second situation, until she takes you back. There are a few ground rules you MUST follow that I haven’t mentioned yet, they are solid mindset tips that will help you get her back (trust me they work).
Be persistent – Think alpha male who knows what he wants, not a pathetic needy loser who’s begging for attention. Embrace change – Show her that you’re willing to be a better you by changing your ways.
Don’t sulk – The moment you accept your defeat, is the moment you will never get her back, so stay positive and know that you’re going to get her back in time. So as I said earlier, I used Text Your Ex Back which really helped me get my girlfriend back. But I did try a another product that I think is seriously worth mentioning because I picked up some killer tips from it. I got some really great tips from this guide, if I hadn’t have gone through the other two then I would have just used this one but it would have taken me a while longer to get her back. Then you’re not doing the steps correctly or you’re still portraying the same crappy qualities that she dumped you for in the first place. So there you have it, this is without a doubt the best advice you will get on understanding how to get your ex girlfriend back in the fastest way possible.
My girlfriend and I broke up a month and a half ago, we were talking frequently until 3 weeks ago when she moved to Portland, OR (we lived in California together).
Hay, I broke up with my girl like for 2 years now, but it’s all coming back to me, it was my fault, I physically assaulted her. Im a lesbian and was with this girl for four years going 5 on july.she ask space for 3months no communication,no seeing each other so I gave her space but i broke my promise not to call,text and see her.
I had already been arguing with my girlfriend for awhile, I had been sick and on alot of medication one night when she called and tho has got heated. I have been in a releshp wth my ex grlfrend for 4yrs she was my school sweethert we came from far she loved meh soo much we did everythng toghet na untll she had a crush on some guybt she found out the guy is in arelshp wth anther person she came back to meh cryng i accpted her back bt then after a mnth se change start sayng we break up bt then she apologies back for her word iknw ehe was up2 smthng i broke up wth her she didnt even say why or sory she said alryt naw its been 3weeksi tryed callng her bt she nat intrested shes is sayng she want to be single an forcus… so do you think she is a relshp wth smeone else i need advice shoild i just move on? I recently lost, my girl it was my fault I got hooked up in internet adiction, porn sites and dating sites, she read my corespondance to the other women and even contacted them to see if we had met up.
Recently I was talking with someone who was like a broken woman consumed with thoughts of her ex morning, noon, and night. No Contact is initially about not making or accepting contact, but it also provides the space to not only grieve the loss of the relationship, but to focus your energy elsewhere and begin rebuilding your life.
Experience has taught me that the more you try not to think about something, is the more likely you are to, and then you’ll stress yourself further about the fact that you are in fact thinking about it and what you think thinking about it means, and then often react off the back of it.
Back in October 2010, when I was told to cut out wheat in an effort to reduce tinnitus and vertigo, after initially thinking it was going to be fine and then discovering that wheat is in many things, I went on a serious moan-a-thon. After a while, mostly because I was wearing down my own last nerve and probably those of the boyf, I began putting effort into finding alternatives, discovering places to eat with varied menus, and making myself food that I enjoy. Yes I had to avoid wheat, but I was making my life about avoiding wheat instead of focusing on improving my health.
To go to the trouble of devoting your energies and attention to not thinking about someone and then obsessing about the fact that you’re thinking about them, is actually just another convoluted way of giving them more attention and remaining invested. 3) If you have thoughts but you’re still active in the conscious, life will happen to gradually replace them.
One other thing that has helped me was to sit and make a list of any one who hurt me through my life.
Yep that was me at one time, he was my only thought every waking moment of my life and it WAS exhausting, my head felt like a bee buzzing in it all the time. Yes I still think of him every so often but now a days the anxiety producing thoughts have been replaced with remembering the better years we had. I remember in the early weeks of him disappearing on me when I could not sleep until I became so exhausted I couldn’t get up on time for work, I had headaches due to over thinking and lack of sleep. On a positive note each day I think less and I think about different things in different ways. With me, the amount of time appears to be inversely proportional to the time spent getting over them. We replay and replay the relationship, looking for clues that we meant something to him, that he really is a nice guy under it all, he didn’t know what he was doing etc etc.
I get it, it took me decades to accept that the way I was treated by my mother was cruel and abusive. When you are stuck, sometimes the only way forward is to accept what you really don’t want to accept. He was a very subtle person, with perfect manners, and there wasnt any obvious outrageous behaviour.
All this to say, one year later I RARELY think of him and when I do, I feel a great sense of relief that it is over. Sympathy, though, dreams are the worst ever – they are the unkindest and most unhelpful thing that my body has ever done to me and I seriously fell out with my subconscious at various points because I couldn’t believe it could be so MEAN!!! Natalie, this is amazing that this came in just today when I had such a bad day after feeling that I had been doing better than expected.I wondered why suddenly today I felt so bad and it was so reassuring to read in your article that that does not mean I am going backwards but is a way the brain is processing. What does help me is to plan out things to do in my free time., and I like to remind myself at end of day the things that I accomplished during the day and that makes me feel good because I am assuring myself that I did not have a lonely depressed do-nothing day. In the mornings when I drive to work I like to say aloud the many things that I am thankful for… makes me feel good. It came to a point where it was almost impossible to focus on doing anything, which was sapping all my energy. I eventually bought an iPod music player and started listening to music all day to override my thoughts and squeeze out the silence which facilitated this mega-over-thinking and analysing the crapola out of everything. I’ve been involved with unavailables before, but this was my first assclown and hopefully my last! The common misconception among women who have been dumped is that there is a special, specific process involved to getting an ex-boyfriend back that differs from attracting him initially. The best way to get an ex-boyfriend back is to bring back that initial spark that allowed him to notice you in a crowd to begin with.
It’s imperative to get your mind wrapped around the reality of the situation as it currently stands as well as focusing on your long-term goals.
Try to remember the way it felt the first time you kissed or what little quirks used to make you laugh.
Once the initial starts have been firmly implanted, take yourself in the opposite direction and remember the time leading up to your breakup. It’s often easy to get wrapped up in your own needs, emotions and thoughts after a breakup. Can you take yourself back in time to when you and your ex-boyfriend first started seeing each other?

If you continually try to fight him on his decision and force him to change his mind, you’re working against your end goals in a big way. No one starts seriously reconsidering a breakup that’s already happened unless they can be made to miss their ex. Every guy in the world is drawn to a woman who clearly demonstrates that she knows what she wants. You need to figure out how to pick yourself back up and put that spring back into your step and you need to do it soon. Guys may claim to want a girl they can take care of but surprisingly enough, autonomy or independence often are more likely to draw a guy’s attention.
Your ex probably has a pretty clear picture of you in his mind – or at least a picture of what he hopes to be the case.
Sadness and the feeling of being alone are natural for both parties after a relationship ends and your ex is hardly immune. It may be a knee-jerk reaction to fall into the pattern of mind games or a hot, dramatic mess. Designed by Michael Fiore, this system is specially created to not only teach you what to say and when to say it but also what should be avoided. This system is based on 5 foundational ideas that need to be comprehended completely before the rest can be put into play.
You feel sick to your stomach, with no energy, you can’t be bothered to see anyone and you just want to be left alone. Let’s say that you broke up, it’s been a few months, maybe even a year and you’ve heard through friends that she’s got a boyfriend (perhaps you even saw it on Facebook which would really suck).
Get some new threads, workout at the gym (get the body most women want), eat right and drum some positive thoughts into your head. It’s crucial that they see the guy you want to be seen as… which is a confident, independent, happy and outgoing guy. It’s vital that you find out why she hates you… because this will help you to build a solid action plan.
Apologise for what you did wrong and say to her that you respect her wishes, also that you truly wish that she finds a guy that will make her happy. If you did, then that’s awesome, keep the communication flowing and suggest meeting up for a coffee because you want to stay friends with her. It took me exactly 4 weeks, but I have a friend who used the same techniques and it took him 7 months. He started stalking and harrassing me, and would harrass any guy I dated.I told him never to speak to me again, but he still tried to get me back, was watching and following me in person and on line ,so I called the police and filed a report, and later filed a no contact order. We broke up because she got jealous about other women who were giving me attention, and i lied about one of these girls at a party and i just got too comfortable and didn’t show interest. My gf mentioned to break up due to another man and no more feeling with me, I’ve stopped this action taken as I can’t take it! In the mean time go and get your self together work out hang with friends and make your self happy. You are her comfort zone you know each other so she is just there with you after what she thinks is good is not. The next day I saw she had took us off of a relationship on Facebook and I lost it, I gave her my password and she out of current mistrust searched through my emails. Express your self about what was the underlying problem with the situation between you both. What it isn’t, is cutting contact and then sitting around trying to not have anymore thoughts about them. As I’d felt the health benefits after a week (seriously), tempting as it was to, for example, snaffle down a mince pie, I accepted that uncomfortable as it had been, overall I felt happier and better. It’s also part of the grieving and healing process to feel your feelings and process your thoughts so that you can draw conclusions, accept and move on.
Equally, I found that I made great strides in being happy when I stopped making my life about maintaining NC and instead made it about having a better life…while keeping my ex at bay. If a thought pops into your head, for all you know, it’s just your unconscious processing away and throwing something out. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.
I may have a moment here and there due to something I read, or a song I hear, but its only now moments out of my day.
This helped me take responsibility for my actions and not fall into victim mode, I was also grieving the loss as you (Natalie) talk about and was doing pretty well but not as well as I thought as the AC managed to worm his way back into my life and affections after about 3 months only to drop me from a great height and move on swiftly to another er victim, I mean lady! For many months serious brain wattage was being burned up, and I thought it would never end. I had a bonafide LTR, title and everything that was just fantastic to be in, and our breakup was the best break up ever! So much damage was done, my sense of self and self esteem was reduced to ashes and I needed to start again from scratch.
Its hard to lose the one you love, for me it was like a death and I needed to grieve as I would the death of any loved one. No matter how much it hurts, you need to take yourself on a journey back to your relationship’s initial stages.
Focusing only on your side of the coin is counterproductive to changing your current situation. Does he see someone who is acting irrationally or impulsively by sending him text after text or calling him 20 times in a row when he doesn’t pick up the phone? You’re expecting to reverse the process of your breakup without becoming something of value that would make him stop and reconsider. You used to spend all your time together, but now your ex is ignoring your calls, not responding to your messages and avoiding you altogether in person. If he catches on that you’re still into him and that your feelings are still as strong as ever he will never have a reason to reconsider the breakup. He’s starting to second-guess everything he was once sure of and starting to doubt his basic decision to let you go at all. A woman that can display self-confidence without coming off as conceited or arrogant will typically draw every head in the room wherever she goes. Women are plagued with self-doubt throughout their lives much more frequently than men are. The faster you can return to the happy-go-lucky, self-assured woman that your ex first fell for, the sooner you can repeat the process. It’s easy to fall into the role of a nagging or emotionally clingy girlfriend especially if you experience uncertainty within your relationship.
You were enjoying everything that life had to offer when your ex-boyfriend entered the scene. He’s going to be missing a lot of the positive aspects of your relationship and is going to be finding himself in a vulnerable place. If you poll guys across the board, their biggest turn-off is always a girl that fosters a lot of unnecessary drama. No one wants to put up with that potential headache – especially with all the other options available.
It maximizes your success and can help you avoid mistakes that could prove counterproductive to your goals.
Until you rationalize these things in your own mind, your ex is going to run in the other direction every time he sees or hears from you.
Winning back your ex requires you to become completely invisible, as much as it hurts, for a pretty long while. Something like “Hey, so I got the job… (yay for me) starting in a week” fancy a celebratory coffee? This means you need to upload pictures of you partying with other pretty girls, smiling, traveling, doing things that you NEVER did whilst in your relationship with your ex. Well then after we broke up i made out with one of the girls and i told her about it and it devestated her. She she leave it becaue she thinks she found the one to replace you then she finds out the grass is not greener on the other side so she comes back. She took a light hearted conversation to be factual and believes that I am a cheater and our relationship was over a long time ago. What positives can you say to yourself to affirm the decisions and actions you’re undertaking? It would be better to focus on returning to what you were being and doing before the panic arrived. Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you. It didn’t work out but that is no reason to deny its exsistance or not to remember the good times. This evening I was feeling fed up because even though I will never try and make contact with him I still think about him everyday. It saddens me sometimes because we only dated for 2 months but I was caught up in such a whirlwind of extreme highs to an almighty low and to be still thinking about someone for this length of time considering the actual time we spent together is too long in my opinion. Then I had to get over the fact that before, during and after me they were sleeping around!
I’m so glad I found BR because it would have taken 10x longer to get over it without BR. It helps to read this because often all of the combined thoughts of saddness, anger, confusion, frusteration, longing, (longing for answers, for comfort, for revenge) it all gets so hard to deal with at once.

I have been doing better during the day, and working on not talking about him to friends (to bring down the power I give him). If you employ the same methods you used at the beginning before you two became an item, your chances are high that they will again be successful. He’s interested in something new and different from the way your relationship ended up.
Remember how good it felt to get a text message from your ex, or your first big day together. It’s easy during the beginning stages of a relationship to focus on only the positive aspects of your potential partner rather than fixating on flaws that later drive you apart. It’s how you grow together despite your imperfections that define you as a couple and what pushes you together through hardship instead of ripping you apart. You need to regain control of yourself completely and not allow your thoughts or feelings to dictate your mood or your actions. How can your ex-boyfriend possibly realize that he misses you if you’re still there nagging him all the time? That independence was likely a big reason that he was initially drawn to you to begin with and right now, it’s imperative that you get it back.
He never in a million years is picturing you moving on faster than he is, out there enjoying the world and even possibly dating someone else.
Anything that they perceive to be out of reach is something they will practically fall over themselves in the attempt to catch. While it may be fun to play along with a drama queen for a while, it gets old quickly and no guy is going to want to deal with that for an extended period of time. That’s what makes the Text Your Ex Back System so valuable to women who find themselves in a situation similar to yours. With seemingly endless examples and specific instructions, this system can give you exactly what you need to make your ex-boyfriend miss you, need you and want you back – and it can be put into action immediately. This intricate and detailed guide will have you quickly on the path to success and is in plain language that is easily understood. Such moves are tricky, but if you pull them off correctly, you’ll get your ex boyfriend back before you know it. You may push her limits till she is afraid of you or hates the very thought of you.If you are a good man, she will miss you and call you. I made a lot of mistakes after the breakup, begging to come back to her, argued a couple times, freaked about her dating. She is blaming you for cheating because she is not being 100% with you about what she is doing.
I just started the no contact phase and am giving her time it’s been 3 days no contact. It’s still fresh, I have sent her a very brief letter trying to keep an image that I have calmed down now, and apologized once again for how cruel I was, and for even saying the things I had. It has been nearly three months since he disappeared without any explanation and I just keep thinking about him and the whole situation. You can change the entire way he sees you by bringing your old self (and your old connection) back to life. If your ex was exhibiting those behaviors if the situation were reversed, would you find it attractive? Before you can be someone that your ex sees as attractive, you have to let go of the hurt and pain caused by the breakup and find a way to focus on self-improvement. That doesn’t mean, however, that it cannot be brought back by employing specific methods to rekindle all those old feelings. Now is not the time to be all up in your ex’s business trying to give him the third degree about every aspect of his life. In order to get your ex-boyfriend back, you need to set your inner insecurities aside and focus on the positive aspects of yourself instead.
This is your biggest asset in this whole process, and it’s one that you have every bit of control over, regardless of what he does, says, thinks or feels. If you’re anxious to get started, check out the video for the free introduction to get you on your way fast. Your best advice is to keep busy with your own interests, see your friends, and try to have a great time without your exboyfriend. We’ve hung out like 7 times since the break up and things got pretty affectionate 4 out of the 7 times. I was leaving the state around half year and she had ask me to stay but, I insist to leave due to good opportunity. I sent her mother a 4 pg front and back letter explaining in order of occurrence everything, assuring I am not a cheater and just everything, I was completely honest, and mature in every way.
I thought thst i could not get over my ex but I am living and making the best of the situation everyday. Unless you’re living in on another planet, even after a few minutes, you should become aware of the passage of time. I keep asking myself why is it that in the past I have dated and had relationships and have been able to get over them easily in a short space of time and move on? The more specific you can get within your memory, the better chance you have to take a good hard look at what’s changed. Chances are good that one or both of you lost sight of that reality somewhere along the way.
You need to let go of your feelings of anger or betrayal and become more positively oriented. Then (and only then) are you in a position to act, and you have a much higher chance at success than you would have before.
All of those things that are within your control can be used to your advantage if you know how to use them correctly.
He’s not obligated to give you answers anymore and if you push him, you may push your chances right out of the door along with him. Take the battery out of your phone if you have to, but do it for your own benefit as well as his. Instead, take action to implement a new and lasting change that can change those old behaviors for good.
The sooner you can not only realize that it’s true but put it into action the sooner you can reverse the situation completely and get back to where you want to be. It’s just been a rough past summer for me in general with my grandpa passing away and adjusting to all this change. One is a love letter and the other is an apology letting her know I accept the breakup and wish her the best.
When we were together I was a jerk and didn’t make a big deal about it and it hurt her. Whether you recognise that you’re going off on a thinking track after one or twenty thoughts, pull yourself back to reality instead of saying “Ah shag it! I will try not to use it as an excuse to dwell longer, because I’m just oh so good at that uncomfortable comfort zone, but again, thanks for being able to put it down on paper so well. If you can push past the recent negativity and focus on the beginning again, you can put yourself into a mindset that will foster reconciliation. You need to escape the cliche of an ex-girlfriend and get back to the way you used to be and there is no better time than the present to get started.
The best scenario for both of you is to give him the time and space that he asked for in the first place. I do love the girl and I’m attempting to get her back by going to her school which is an hour away and serenading her wih a guitar right on campus haha.
So now what Idk is should I text her the night before and say something about it like goodluck don’t be nervo use it’ll be okay, just good luck or nothing at all?
This makes him nervous, because every guy who breaks up with a girl always likes to leave the door to the relationship secretly open, even just a crack, just in case he wants to get back together with her. We’ve broken up before about 2 years ago and I did the same thing just outside of her house. When you do that, your change in demeanor will be evident to everyone – including your ex.
She keep saying no more feeling with girl, what can I do to get her back again coz I too love her.
She has me blocked on facebook and snapchat, yet we still keep in touch through text and phone calls and shes friends with my mom on facebook still haha. Atleas give a consideration that i was a faithful dude down to be in it for the long hall . I know if i pull at her more while she still mad and bitter shes just going to pul away more. On top of that ahe has the type of girlfriends who like bashing dudes cause thwy dont have one or not satisfied qjth the ones they have. She would always tell her friends about me and how much she loved me and even tod them all about our sexual life.

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