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If only getting an ex to chase you was as easy as clicking your fingers or casting some sort of magic spell on them. It is important to know where most people go wrong after a breakup if you are to learn what to avoid.
One of the most common mistakes that people make, although it is more often women than men, is to play the guilt card. The quicker you sit back and take stock of the situation, thinking clearly before you do anything, the faster your ex will start to chase you.
Never fear, you may have pushed your ex away from you with panic and emotional upset, desperate to keep them in your life. If you are anxious that you have said and done things that make you look desperate and foolish, at least you have the self awareness to recognise that your behaviour hasn’t been positive.
Immediately after your break up your instincts were to try to patch things up before you lost your ex for good. Another great aspect of stopping what you have been doing and cutting contact with your ex is that it will prevent you from making any more silly mistakes. You have basically given them the go ahead to do whatever they like because they see that you will put up with anything to have them back in their life.
Your ex will notice your disappearance very quickly, especially if you have been active in trying to keep in touch with them. You would be surprised how quickly the roles start to reverse when you start to ignore your ex and show no interest in them. Your ex will start to check their phone more regularly wondering if there is some kind of a problem. One of the most effective ways to get your ex to chase you is to be who you were when you first got together. It is easy to be down and depressed after a breakup, but no one wants to be around someone who is constantly down and negative. If, on the other hand, you don’t seem to be taking the breakup badly and are upbeat about the future, your ex will want to know why.
This doesn’t mean that you have to become a party animal or a clown trying to entertain everyone all the time. There are a few more strategies that you can start using today to make your ex chase you and want you back. Matt Huston, a qualified psychologist has developed a fool proof system to enable people in your situation to pull their ex back. A lot of people in your situation will panic after their breakup and try to get their ex to chase in them in all the wrong ways.
Some people think that they can threaten their ex’s into taking an interest in them again. If you start to try and play mind games with your ex, they will quickly discover what you are up to and stay clear of you. Let’s face it, you are the one that has been chasing your ex up until this point and they have not shown much interest, if any at all.

You went into panic mode doing and saying all the wrong things, rendering the situation even more hopeless. This may seem like an impossible feat when all that you want to do is call and communicate with the person that you love. You will have time on your own to deal with your emotions and think things through in a non-emotional way. This means that they will make you wait and pine for them because there is no rush or fear of losing you. All of a sudden you just don’t seem interested in them anymore, you must have moved on or lost interest in them. It is always better to be the one who moves on first so that you are not the one left pining for someone who has already moved on.
You were the one that was doing all of the chasing and they were reaping all of the benefits. They will start checking you out on Facebook to see if you have been active on there recently.
If you received no texts from your ex since the break up, don’t be surprised when they tentatively start to engage with you again and take an interest in your life. They will be questioning whether you were glad about the relationship ending or if you have gotten over them already.
If your ex sees that you are getting on with your life and busy, they will have much more respect for you. Hold your head up high and pretend that you are strong and balanced, even if you are feeling nothing like this. This system talks you through all of the mistakes that you have been making and why certain behaviours will never work. This can put a lot of pressure on your ex and make them feel that they have to stay in the relationship so that you don’t do anything silly. You have been texting, emailing, phoning and posting stuff on Facebook, none of which have gotten any reaction from your ex. You need to assert your willpower here and stick to it if you are to see the results that you want. In situations like this your ex can behave whatever way they like and think that there are no consequences to their actions. This will not go down too well with your ex who has been enjoying the attention from you post break up. They may even reach out to your friends and family to test the waters before they contact you personally. They thought that your relationship was dead in the water and that they had moved on, but now that you have completely dropped out of their life they begin to realise that they are not happy without you. It just means that you have to rediscover the person that you were when you first got together. Like it or not, your ex will be paying close attention to you after the breakup and how you are taking it.

Get back in touch with who your ex fell for and you will not only feel much better about yourself, but you will be attracting your ex all over again and encouraging them to make the effort to chase you again. You want your ex’s respect and admiration as it is the first step in making them want you in a romantic way again.
Take up a new hobby that you have always been interested in or throw yourself into work to take your mind off things. When you implement all of the techniques you will have a much higher success rate and it will speed things up considerably. You have to use reverse psychology (you will learn more about this later on) to re-attract your ex and pull them towards you again. When you tell your ex that you will never speak to them or see them again if they do not go back out with you, it is never going to work.
When they know that you will be waiting in the wings, desperate to see them, or will reply to their texts eagerly, they don’t have to make the effort and will treat you badly as a consequence. Their imagination will start to run wild and they will be conjuring up all sorts of scenarios in their heads.
Sometimes it takes a little shove or a wake up call for your ex to realise what you mean to them. Immediately after a breakup you don’t remember the good times that you shared together, only the bad to try and convince yourself that the breakup was a good idea.
The more that you act like your life is fine, the more you will start to believe it and it will become your reality.
If your ex has any feelings left for you at all, showing your ex that you are fickle, mean and uncaring will only make them resolute that the breakup was a good idea. The only way for them to find out what has sparked this sudden change in your behaviour is to approach you directly. Of course, if your ex shows no interest in you when you cut complete contact, you will know once and for all that your chances of getting them back are very slim.
Your job is to make your ex remember the fun times that you shared before everything went sour. Instead of pulling your ex towards you, you will push them further away by making them hurt, angry or confused at your callous behaviour.
You will come across looking like a complete control freak who cannot accept the end of your relationship.
If your ex contacts you within a couple of weeks of stopping contact, it is a really big sign that they still have feelings for you and that you have a chance of getting them back.
If you appear to be more like the old you that your ex fell for, your ex will be drawn to you again. If you want your ex to chase you remember that you have to give them something to chase – INTERESTING, CHARMING, BUSY, FUN YOU!

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