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I decided to make a thread where everyone will post the forms of the character so that if they make a new one we will know! She has two navy blue wolf ears and tail while her hood is sky blue with a black creeper on the hoodie part, and she has two bracelets on her arms which are budder and they have neon green gems in them. She loves wolves and endermen alot since she is part both, she can be easily tricked when already sad or rejected by someone also when mad. Her right eyes is a really light pink while her left eye is a really light purple, she wears black dress shoes and a hot pink flower in her hair.

She Is Unperdicable And Can Snap Into Her Insane Mode At Any Second, If You Hurt Her Twin Sister, Coolpup, She Will Turn Insane And Kill You In A Snap. He wears dark blue jeans that have a few rips on the knees, he has a necklace with a ruby sword pendant. He is the smartest out of his siblings and always knows when to either fight, or run away from something.
He wears blue jeans with a few rips in them from running and stuff, his right eye is amber coloured and his left eye is an emerald green.

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