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Two whole years after Brenda Schmitz lost her battle to ovarian cancer, her husband David miraculously received a gift from her. And finally, Brenda wanted the staff at Mercy Medical (where she was treated) to have a night out full of laughter and fun.
ALL of Brenda’s wishes were granted by the station and local sponsors; they even sent the entire family on a trip to Disney World. Brenda was a pure soul that fought hard until the very end and always kept her family in her thoughts.
It must have taken Brenda so much strength to be able to write such a letter, knowing that she would die and her family would eventually move on.

Please share this amazing story so other people know of her strength, courage, generosity and love. A tel point qu'elle en est devenue le 22 fevrier le sujet le plus discute du reseau social Reddit. As she was dying, she knew she wanted to do this one thing for him once he was ready to have it.
Aux Etats-Unis, un homme a rendu hommage a son epouse defunte en se faisant tatouer son portrait sur l'epaule (voir les photos en bas d'article). Rien du tatouage ne fait hommage a la brune petillante qui arbore un large sourire sur la photo du mariage.Estomaque, l'homme retourne une nouvelle fois au salon de tatouage.
When you see what she gave him and the final letter she wrote to him, it’ll move you so much.

Ils etaient maries depuis moins de trois mois quand elle a peri dans un terrible incendie, le laissant seul avec leurs trois enfants.Le tatouage devait donc etre une maniere de sacraliser leur amour, au-dela des frontieres de la vie et de la mort.
Il se dit qu'il a probablement mal fait quelque chose pendant la convalescence qui suit la pose.
Touche par son histoire, l'artiste, Scott Versago, refait le tatouage entierement et gratuitement.

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