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There are quite a few flaws with Apple's mobile products, and one that drives me crazy is their reliance upon iTunes for all your music syncing needs. Google Play MusicSomewhat new to the scene of online music stores is Google Play Music, which allows users to upload up to 20,000 of their own songs for free.
Amazon Cloud PlayerIf you're not a Google person, Amazon also has a cloud music service that works with your iPhone called Amazon Cloud Player.
DropboxIf you store your music collection on Dropbox, you don't need any other apps to play the files. BridgeBridge is an awesome Cydia application that allows you to import music and videos to your media library right from your phone.
What sets this app apart from the others is its ability to add downloaded songs to the internal music library. Using the mobile apps requires a premium subscription, so this is another option that will set you back $11.99 a month. If you want to save yourself $11.99 a month, Google Play Music will do the job for you (whether or not you pay for the unlimited streaming part of the service). From inside the web app, choose Settings then Add a folder from under the Music from this computer heading.
Alternatively you can paste the tracks into a folder synced to your Android device (see below). The likes of Dropbox and Google Drive will sync files from your iTunes folder to your Android device and you can even play individual songs from within the apps.
I create Playlists in iTunes, sync them with iSyncr and play my music using Poweramp or Rocket. The iPod_Control folder houses all your music, but its in a cryptic and hard-to-understand file structure. We've singled out a handful of methods in particular to look at, and we'll take you through them step by step.
With your Android device plugged in you should be OK to just drag and drop music files between it and your computer. If you'd like a wireless upgrade to your drag-and-drop, you'll find one of the fastest ways to get there is AirDroid. Just select your files in AirDroid and wait for the app to tell you the file has finished uploading, then open AirDroid on your phone and tap each file to download on your phone. DoubleTwist has been around for many a year now and is arguably one of the finest ways to interface between iTunes and Android. Speaking of Playlists, you can use the DoubleTwist desktop app to import your existing iTunes playlists as well as setting up some new ones. The exact same functionality is available wirelessly through the purchase of the AirSync application. DoubleTwist is perfect for folks with smaller libraries and those who like to chop and change what they're storing on their devices frequently.
If you're looking for the fastest way to get from iTunes to your Android device, without any real considerations toward user interface and extra features that may or may not be useful, the folks behind iSyncr have exactly what you want.
The iSyncr Android app comes in Lite and Pro versions, and the $4.99 upgrade gives you access to things like multiple iTunes account support and more feedback on your phone abut what is actually happening during the sync process.
As with DoubleTwist, Google Play Music has a desktop companion application for Mac and Windows to help you along with the process. Google Play Music is perfect for everyone since it requires no extra apps and no extra cost for full functionality. The Indian government is working on a new mapping bill that will have serious consequences for companies providing mapping services in the country.
These days workouts just aren't the same without a smartphone pumping tunes to keep you motivated. In a series of new leaked renders of the purported 2016 Moto X and Droid refreshes, a fingerprint sensor, potential dock connector, and redesigned camera module mean big changes for this year's devices. Cloud ServicesThere are some free, big-name cloud services that will let you upload your music collection to play on your iPhone, on or offline, and I'll be covering three of them below before we get to other options. With the standard Google Play membership, you can upload your music into the cloud, listen to it on any device, and purchase new music from the Google Play store.
If you're not much for streaming songs and making custom radio stations, the free version should suffice.

However, unlike Google's offer for 20,000 songs, Amazon only allows a measly 250 songs from your own music collection to be uploaded to the cloud. The freeware allows for on-the-go edits, drag-and-drop additions to your library, and can be copied to a flash drive for management on multiple PCs. This is great for people who already have a bunch of music on iTunes and are afraid of losing those songs by using another service. Once installed, Media Monkey will scan your computer for audio files and automatically add them to the library. No need to plug into a computer or sync with iTunes.Any media file that you have on your iPhone can be imported into your media library. We’ll go through the various options so you can choose the one that works best for you. Choose your iTunes folder and all of the relevant tracks will be available in the desktop app and through the mobile apps (including the Android one).
The downside is you can’t move playlists over directly, but tracks can be transferred easily enough, even those purchased directly from iTunes.
While it lacks the comprehensiveness of some of the other solutions here, it’s a quick and easy way of getting a selection of tracks from iTunes to an Android device without jumping through too many hoops.
But people were obsessed with figuring out how to use powered flight for any number of applications.
If you're moving on to pastures new with an Android device in your hand you're going to want to be able to listen to your music. There are a ton of features contained within this Desktop app for managing your mobile device without actually picking it up, and one of those feature is wireless file transfer.
Once the files reach your phone, your music app of choice should be able to play them right away. The basic Android app is free to download and comes with a free Mac or Windows companion app to help you move your music about. The sidebar on the left lists the content – photos and videos included – on both your Android device and your computer. This hooks into DoubleTwist on your Android device and lets your computer see it over your WiFi network.
The Android app is a superb music player and the desktop client gives you just enough options to make it easy to carry on using iTunes and not worry about keeping things in sync. The setup is incredibly simple, supports USB sync or transfer over your local wireless network, and is the closest to a one-click solution out there. Just as the name suggests, it's for users who have a music setup that is a little more complicated than most and is absolutely worth the upgrade in those situations. The biggest downside to Google Play Music is that it relies on the cloud, but if you're OK with that then you can't go far wrong. Unlike DoubleTwist it only uploads music to the cloud and doesn't directly put it on your device. Once installed and logged in, you're able to point the app at your iTunes library and tell it to automatically upload any new tracks that get put in there. However, if you're not into streaming or don't want to keep having to download your music to listen to offline, you'd be better served looking at one of the other options up top.
If you've got any handy hints or tricks to pass on to those in need of help with this topic be sure to drop them into the comments below! The Galaxy J5 is available in the country for ?13,990, with the Galaxy J7 debuting at ?15,990. The ruling aims to regulate mapping vendors like Google by forcing them to seek out a license from the newly-created Security Vetting Authority.
Either that or buy it directly from the iTunes app on your device.Now, don't get me wrong, iTunes is a good way to buy and organize your music library, but sometimes you just don't want to be locked down like that. But on Amazon's website, you can browse the ample library of over 20 million songs and albums.Once imported or downloaded, your songs are immediately uploaded to the Amazon cloud, where they can then be played via the Amazon Cloud Player app, and they work offline as well. Here are a few programs you can use in place of iTunes to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone.
If friends send you songs via email or if you download some music from Dropbox, you can use Bridge to add them to your iPhone's music library in seconds. Assuming your iTunes library is in the default place, choose File, Import Playlists and then iTunes from the desktop client.

Up to 50,000 tracks can be stored online for free and synced to your Android devices as and when required. The May 5, 1894 issue of Scientific American featured one such idea -- an aero-train that could zip across the country at 241km per hour. While there is no iTunes for Android, there are actually a few different ways for you to get your groove on. All you need is the microUSB cable for your device, and if you're using a Mac you'll need to have the Android File Transfer app installed.
AirDroid lets you select your music files for upload and then pull them back down using the app on your phone. With a physical connection your device needs to be able to support USB Mass Storage mode, MTP isn't going to cut it with DoubleTwist. If you want to keep them in sync, tick the check box and every time you make a new playlist in iTunes you'll find it in DoubleTwist.
Better still, if you've an Apple TV or set of AirPlay enabled speakers, DoubleTwist can hook into that and broadcast your music from your Android device. All you need to do is install the Android app, grab the desktop companion, and either connect the USB cable or enter your IP address.
It comes pre-loaded on all new Android devices and is a seamless way to keep your iTunes library synced.
The bonus is you get access to your music on all enabled devices – including any iPhones you might keep lying around now – with the drawback that you have to then download it from the cloud for offline access. Just leave the app open and it'll take care of business in the background without you ever knowing. This does not include MP3s purchased from Amazon, though, which are free to keep in the cloud player. But imagine her excitement if instead of flowers, someone delivered a life-size 3D-printed replica of you to her door? Click the Advanced tab and make sure both boxes are checked on this page—both to Keep the iTunes Media Folder Organized and to Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder.
You'll need to locate the directory on your Mac or Windows PC that houses the actual physical files. While this method can get a little unwieldy if you have a large music library, it's plenty fast enough for those who are only moving a few albums. Once the Android app and the desktop companion communicate, a scan of your iTunes library begins automatically. Everyone gets a locker for free big enough for 20,000 songs, and you're able to use it on up to ten different devices at any one time.
There are also options to control what you want uploading, and even to send specific playlists to the cloud. You'll probably be surprised, but there's actually more than one way to put music on your iPhone without using iTunes! The Gold edition includes a few extras like the automatic library organizer and faster CD burning speeds.
This will ensure that iTunes copies all that music to your computer and renames all your songs for you.
Additionally, if you're transferring large music files from entire album rips or large podcasts you may reach the individual file size limit for the free version of AirDroid. You're prompted with a list of things to transfer once the scan is complete, and the transfer begins immediately after.
If you don't want to buy Gold outright, you can also get a free copy by completing an offer with one of Media Monkey's partners (Apple, Gamefly, GAP).Media Monkey only recently added compatibility with Apple products, but it's got all the features of iTunes and more. It's a little on the messy side because of the clumsy user interface, but there's no arguing with the results. You should see a folder called iPod_Control show up, in which you’ll find all your music. Dropbox is a super easy way to get new songs onto your iPhone and play them anywhere, anytime.

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