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First off let me say I am not a tax expert and not telling you a course of action to follow. Having said that, there are many reasons someone may want to have an EIN or Employer Identification Number as a sole proprietor. I have also talked to my tax guy to ask if there are any risks to us, in our case my Lisa, getting one for banking reasons.
You do realize that you *may* trigger notification of you state taxing authority when you do this as well? The IRS self-serve process as you described was very easy – and you finish with the EIN generated instantly and printable as a PDF as you stated. Are you really "safe" saying NO to extra rental car insurance when paying with VISA?
He said no and in our situation and the only thing is if she worked and made money from her activities she could get a 1099 form detailing that.
You have now had an EIN assigned to you that you can use for whatever you need to use it for.

Now for me, if, and again a BIG if, I have to fill in a few ZEROS on a few more forms, maybe pay a $5 fee of some kind, to get say 1 million more points a year, uh, just maybe worth the effort ?? but that is just me!
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