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Spotify has gone from strength to strength since it launched in 2008, and last year its deep Facebook integration and US launch helped take the music-streaming service to the next level. The Play Button will let you embed any Spotify song, album or playlist directly through your website.
It’s probably also worth highlighting that the Spotify Play Button is now integrated into the Tumblr dashboard, and you can just type in the song or album you want and Tumblr makes the widget for you to fit with your blog’s theme.
To get the Spotify Play Button for your website, you just grab any song, album or playlist URI from within Spotify and head to its developer website to get the embed link.
Spotify is still only available in thirteen countries – the USA, UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands and Spain – and as such, the embeddable Spotify tracks will only be playable in these countries.
It’s also worth noting that you will also need the Spotify desktop app to use the button, as this is what powers it in the background.
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At that rate, a song would need to be played 166 times for the artist to earn $1 in royalties (100 cents divided by 0.6 = 166). The info comes from a fascinating a€” and hugely welcome a€” article Spotify published on its revenue model. But before you get angry at the fantastically tiny amount of cash that bands get for each song, remember that those fractions of pennies add up. Transfer all the tracks from your favourite albums to Spotify, even if you only have one track.
From today, however, Spotify takes a pretty big step towards really establishing itself in the mainstream, as it rolls out a new embeddable button for bloggers and Web editors.
This essentially lets you tap 16 million tracks and let your readers play legal music directly on your website, much in the same way as you can do with YouTube videos.
In a single post, Spotify has done more to demystify artist royalties in streaming music than Pandora and Apple have ever done, combined.

Listen to the right music, wherever you are.With Spotify, you have access to a world of music. Cole, Drake, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, TI, Diplo, Future and many others.Behind the Lyrics songs display a mixture of lyrics, their meaning, and trivial facts about the artists who contributed to the song. For now the feature is only available on iPhone with no details yet on when Android might come aboard.

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